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  1. Hi Takeshi
    I am nearly at the end planning my 3 week visit. Will have 21 day JR Pass & will see travel heaps.
    The last part of journey is from Kanazawa to Niigata to Akita to Aomori
    Following the coast March 28 from Akita-Higashi-Noshiro-Fukaura-Kawabe -Aomori is confusing, using HyperDia the Resort Shirakami 1 does not appear in service yet if date changed to a Saturday in Jan/Feb it appears. I can get around the route changing a few times but if it’s schedule will be released later I will wait to plan, I also presume my JR Wide Pass will cover the Resort Shirakami.
    Thank you

          1. Hi again Takeshi
            We are also travelling down to Kyushu
            Plan to take this route, March 21, HIROSHIMA to KUMAMOTO to HITOYOSHI to YOSHIMATSU to KAGOSHIMA-CHUO.
            I have worked out all connections which works however would like to take the SL Hitoyoshi train. I have searched & searched but can’t actually find if this is running, certainly does not appear on HyperDia
            Thanks again

            1. Hi Michael,

              SL Hitoyoshi will run on March 21st. Actually even JR Kyushu official website has not been revised yet. But JR Kyushu has released the date of operation in PDF. It will run on this date. The schedule has not been finalized yet but it seems to be same as last year.
              Kumamoto 9:45 – Hitoyoshi 12:09


              Takeshi /

  2. Hi Takeshi

    I am planning to go to Japan in February and I am planning to go to many places via train using multiple train lines and companies..starting point is Shinjuku and these are the places I am visiting…

    Metropolitan government tower
    Meiji shrine
    Tokyo Tower

    I am spending 3 days in Tokyo including Nikko for a day trip and on the fourth day heading to hainada airport
    What can you suggest as a cheaper train trip to explore all the mentioned locations above.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      I recommend you to use Tokyo Wide Pass 3-day:

      You have to pay a fare for taking subway to get Sensoji (Asakusa). But all other places can be accessed by Toyo Wide Pass.

      And pay a regular fare to get Haneda on 4th day.


      Takeshi /

  3. Hi,

    I will travel to Hakone from Osaka

    but I already book some JR East reserve ticket with JR East website

    and my station window is Shinagawa

    Can I pick my reserve ticket at Odawara or Shin Yokohama?

      1. Hi, Takeshi

        Thank you for answer

        I might to ask Odawara Ticket window first, if not I will need to go to Shinagawa Station

        I change the reservation and change the location to pick up, I would like to do it but there’s none option left near Odawara

  4. Hello Mr. Takeshi,

    Me and my family are planning to visit Japan in early May (2-8) with the following cities:

    1.) Osaka (2-6 May)
    2.) Kyoto (6-8 May)

    Since our travel date is the same day as Golden Week, especially in Osaka, I would like yo know if transportation in Osaka will be busy on my travel date?


      1. Hi Takeshi,

        Thank you for your valuable answer on the previous question. I have some more question regarding the coverage pass for these following place:

        1. Shintakaoka ropeway
        2. Tonami Tulip Park
        3. Fugan Canal Kansui Park
        4. Tojinbo

        Are they accessible by Takayama – Hokuriku Pass?

        Thank you

  5. I want to ask a friend (or a travel agency) to buy a ticket for me for Sunrise Seto train. I would like to take it with a single cabin if possible (or any cabin really). Can he buy only the limited express and cabin surcharges? I will have the JR pass so the base fare would be covered by the JR pass is my understanding, but I don’t want to wait until I’m in Japan to make this reservation.

      1. Hello Mr. Takeshi and thank you for your reply. I asked a travel agency to do this (because of your positive reply), and they said it is not possible to buy the ticket without the base fare. Can you recommend a travel agency who can do this for sure?

        Thank you!

        1. Hi Marie,

          I think it is very hard to find the travel agent who book a train ticket only. I thought you have a friend in Japan to book a ticket for you. If you do so, it is no problem. But if you look for a travel agent, it’s very challenging. I have no idea who do it for you.


          Takeshi /

  6. Hi, I will be using a 7-day JR Rail Pass to go to Matsusaka from Nagoya. Can JR pass be used throughout or I have to pay additional? Also can I use this pass to go to Tottori without incurring extra? Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Theresia,

      You have to pay an extra. The extra cost is 520 yen for a base fare. If you take the limited express Nanki, you have to pay another 320 yen.

      For the trip to Tottori, you can get there without any extra but you have to change trains a few times and the trip time is longer than the fastest one. If you take the fastest train, you have to pay extra.


      Takeshi /

  7. Hello Takeshi-san,
    I bought the JR Kansai-Hiroshima 5-day Pass for use in March 2020. My itinerary incl one day visit to Arima Onsen from my base hotel in OSAKA. My questions:
    1. What is the fastest/easiest way to go from my base in Osaka to Arima Onsen since I hold the JR Pass?
    2. After the day trip spending in the hot spring, how to come back to my base in Osaka in the late afternoon or early evening?

    1. Hi Wong san,

      The fastest and easiest way is an express bus but this is not covered by Kansai Hiroshima area pass. Please see the link below:

      If you want to maximize Kansai Hiroshima area pass, get Sannomiya or Shin-Kobe station by the pass. And you will take the bus to Arima onsen but this bus is not covered either. You still have to pay 710 yen to take this local bus and the trip time is 1.5 hours. It is 30 minutes longer than express bus.

      Please see the link below to find the timetable of local bus if you like. Just put “Sannomiya” and “Arima onsen” and you can find the timetable.


      Takeshi /

  8. Dear Takeshi
    I going Japan 7 days, using 2 JR Pass – Kansai-Hokuriku Area Pass and San’in Okayama Area Pas
    Day 1 – KIX to Okayama – go Korakuen Gardan and Castle, Kurashiki Bikan
    Day 2 – Tottori – go Sand Dunes and Museum , Uradome Coast or Conan Town
    Day 3 – Toyama – go Takaoka
    Day 4 – Tateyama Kurobe Alpine
    Day 5 – Nara
    Day 6 – Morning Kyoto, afternoon go to Umeda and Dotonbori
    Day 7 – Namba and go back KIX.

    Please advise for below”
    1) 2 JR Pass it is cover all the places i going without paying extra fees except Tateyama
    Kurobe Alpine.
    2) My 7 day Itinerary it is possible cover all places I want visit ?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    1. Hi Tan,

      Basically you can visit all places by this pass. But you may have to add the fare in Kyoto because these passes do not cover city bus and subway in Kyoto. JR train network covers Arashiyama, Nijo, Fushimi and Kyoto station area only. Many places, such as Gion, Kinkakuji, Kiyomizudera are not covered.

      Regarding Alpine route, if you have return trip to somewhere on Alpine route, that is okay. But if complete whole part of Alpine route, you will reach Shinano-Omachi or Nagano. These places are outisde coverage area. If you do so, you have to take the Shinkansen from Nagano. You have to add the fare for Nagano to Joetsumyoko. You have to add around 3,000 yen for a base fare and a non reserved seat fee.


      Takeshi /

      1. Dear Takeshi
        Thank you for your reply.
        I just go Arashima only then back to shin-osaka.
        For Alpine route i just go up to Murodo then back to Tateyama
        So this mean 2 JR Pass cover all the places i visit except Alpine Route and Subway? Do you think my Itinerary will too rush for cover all the trip?
        Thank you.

  9. Hi Takeshi san,

    Thank you for your response and recommendations! I have a few more questions:
    If I switch Day 3 & 4 around, would the Kansai One Pass still be more worth it than getting an Osaka 2-Day Pass & a 5-Day Kintetsu Rail Pass?

    Also, does the Kansai One Pass allow for travel into Nara for Day 3 as well? I can’t seem to find information about it online.

    Thank you so much again! Happy new year by the way!

    1. Hi Eri san,

      I don’t know which osaka 2-day pass you meant. But Cup Noodle Museum is outside the coverage area of any Osaka pass. So it is not a good idea to use the pass to get Cup Noodle Museum. It doesn’t matter that you switch day 3 and 4.

      But if you meant Osaka amazing pass 2-day and you intend to visit 3 or 4 places on the list of Osaka amazing pass in this 2 days, it will work. But again, cup noodle museum is not covered and aquarium is not on the list either. You just can get a discount to enter aquarium.

      If you stay in Mukaijima, you will take Kintetsu railway train lots. But I don’t think you can get the worth of 5 day pass. In my rough culculation, your total fare of Kintetsu railway is just less than 3,000 yen. I think Kansai one pass is better choice.

      Kansai one pass does not offers unlimited ride. The cost is same as a regular fare ticket. But if you use this card, you don’t need to buy a ticket one by one. You can tap your card at the ticket gate. It gives you just convenience. Please read the link to clearfy about IC card. Kansai one pass is a sort of IC card.


      Takeshi /

      1. Hi Takeshi san,

        Sorry for the late response but thank you for your reply! I will do as you advised and purchase the Kansai One Pass. Thank you very much for all your help!

        Have a great year ahead! 🙂

  10. Hi. I will be traveling from CTS into Sapporo next week, and then back to CTS. I will have a relatively large roller snow ski bag with me. Is this allowed on the JR train from/to the airport?

    Thanks, Jennifer

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