2019 spring trip to Kinugawa, Osaka and Shirahama

Trip to Universal Studio Japan Osaka in the spring break

My daughter and my wife are the big fan of Harry Potter. And they wanted to visit Universal Studio Japan in Osaka to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This trip report is not related to the train travel and there are many resources of Universal Studio Japan. However my trip report may help you for your visit to USJ.
Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara

Osaka train route guide. How much can we use JR Pass in Osaka? How to choose the best route by train to get the major spots in Osaka?

There are lots of the train lines and subway lines in Osaka. This post shows you the train network in Osaka. You can learn how to get the major places in Osaka.
Network of JR trains

How to use JR Pass in downtown Osaka. Find how much you can use Japan Rail Pass in Osaka.

If you use JR Pass or other JR deals, such as Kansai Area Pass, do you know how much you can use the pass? Do you know where you can go without any extra charge? This post tells you everything about JR pass coverage in downtown Osaka.
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