Take the A train

Seasonal trains schedule

Schedule of 2012-13 winter seasonal trains of Japan Railways

Some part of winter season is the busiest period. Especially in Japan, New Years holidays are crazy busy. In this se...
Kumamoto, Misumi, Hitoyoshi, Aso, Miyaji

Access to Amakusa from Kumamoto. Limited Express A Ressha de Iko (Take the ‘A’ train)

Limited Express "A Ressha de Iko (Take the 'A' train)" was introduced in October 2011. This is the first express tra...
Seasonal trains schedule

Schedule of 2011 fall seasonal trains of Japan Railway

Fall is good season to travel in Japan. JR Group operate lots of seasonal trains during this season. But it is too m...

JR Kyushu will introduce the newest train to Amakusa and Kumamoto area, A ressha de Iko (Take the ‘A’ train)

JR Kyushu announce that they will introduce the newest limited express train, "A Ressha de Iko" (A列車で行こう=Take the 'A...
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