Sunrise Seto

2016 winter Tohoku, Chubu and Chugoku

Trip to Tohoku, Chubu and Chugoku in 2016 winter – Part 10, Trip from Nagano to Tokyo and taking Sunrise Seto

Sunrise Izumo and Sunrise Seto are only scheduled overnight trains in Japan. This post is continued from Trip to Toh...

The limited express Super Inaba train guide. The fastest train access to Tottori from Okayama

If you go to Tottori from Okayama, this train is the fastest way. You can find the information about the limited express Super Inaba in this post.
Kobe, Himeji

No extra charge with Japan Rail Pass to take this overnight train! Passenger’s review of "Sunrise Seto"

I took "Sunrise Seto" from Tokyo to Takamatsu on April 23, 2010. I reserved "Nobi Nobi seat". This is one of the ...
Limited Express

Save time and money! Learn more about Overnight Trains. Which overnight train can we take with no extra charge by JR Pass?

Japan Railways have operated many overnight trains before. But in these days, many of those overnight train services...
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