Sapporo and Otaru 2-day sample trip plan

Odori Park
Odori Park is located in the center of Sapporo.

I will show you 2-day trip plan of Sapporo and Otaru. But this trip plan consists of Sapporo day trip plan and Otaru day trip plan from Sapporo. You may use one of these two days.

This 2-day trip plan covers these following highlights in Sapporo and Otaru:

☑Odori Park
☑Clock Tower
☑Former Hokkaido Government Office
☑Shiroi Koibito Park
☑Hokkaido Jingu Shrine
☑Nijo Market

☑Moiwayama (Mt. Moiwa)
☑Otaru Canal
☑Kitaichi Glass
☑Sankaku Market
☑Sakaimachi Street
☑Orgel Doh

If you use JR Pass or Hokkaido Rail Pass, you may use it for the round trip to Otaru. But the one way fare for Otaru is 750 yen. In Sapporo, you will make the trips by a tram, a subway and a bus. But these are not covered by both JR Pass and Hokkaido Rail Pass. These pass are not essential for this 2-day trip.

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