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JR East Kanto Area Pass. Perfect choice for tourist who want to go to Fuji, Izu, Nikko from Tokyo.

Kawaguchiko (Lake Kawaguchi) can be accessed bvy this pass ©Akira Okada/©JNTO
Kawaguchiko (Lake Kawaguchi) can be accessed bvy this pass ©Akira Okada/©JNTO

Are you going to stay in Tokyo for several days? Do you have any plans to go outside of Tokyo, like Mt. Fuji, Izu peninsula, or Nikko when you stay in Tokyo? If so, this newest rail pass, Kanto Area Pass should be suitable for you!
This brand new pass has been started to sell from JR East in December, 2011. The price is only 8,000 yen for unlimited train trip in 3 consecutive days. I will show where you can go by this pass and compare this Kanto Area Pass, JR Pass and JR East Pass. Continue reading

Access to Izu and Atami from Tokyo/Yokohama. Limited Express Odoriko / Super View Odoriko

Super View Odoriko is serviced by newer car 251 series.
Super View Odoriko connects Tokyo and Izu. But you may use this train to get Odawara.

Odoriko and Super View Odoriko are limited express trains to Izukyu-Shimoda (伊豆急下田) or Shuzenji (修善寺) in Izu peninsula (伊豆半島) from Tokyo. As probably you know, Izu peninsula is one of most famous hot springs resort area in Japan. These express trains take you to many places, such as Atami (熱海), Ito (伊東) and Atagawa (熱川), in Izu hot springs resort from Greater Tokyo area.

Super View Odoriko is serviced by newer cars 251 series. This series has three double-deck cars and even other cars have higher passenger’s deck with the huge panoramic windows. If you pay the single regular fare, the limited express surcharge for Odoriko is cheaper than Super View Odoriko. But it is same for Japan Rail Pass user. Why don’t you take Super View Odoriko? Continue reading