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Tennoji station guide. How to transfer JR, Kintetsu Railway and Subway lines

JR Tennoji station building

Tennoji is one of Osaka’s downtown cores. This station is located on JR Osaka Kanjo line (Osaka loop line). This station is also connected with Kansai airport, Nara and Wakayama directly. It is one of very convenient places to stay and some of you think about staying around this station.

You can take two Osaka Subway lines, Midousuji line and Tanimachi line at Tennoji. You can get central part of Osaka, such as Namba, Shinsaibashi, Umeda, Temmabashi, Tanimachi 9-chome (Uehonmachi) by subway lines.

There is Kintetsu Railway’s Osaka-Abenobashi station. The name of station is different but Tennoji and Osaka-Abenobashi are same location. You can change JR and Kintetsu Railway at Tennoji/Abenobashi.

In this post, I would like to show you the structure of Tennoji and Osaka-Abenobashi stations. You will find the information about how to change trains. Continue reading