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Access to Narita airport and Kamakura from Tokyo. Rapid Train on Yokosuka-Sobu line (Airport Narita)

Ivory and blue are Yokosuka-Sobu train's color.
Ivory and blue are Yokosuka-Sobu train’s color.

Sobu-Yokosuka line (=横須賀総武線) means the operation route of one of the Rapid train network in Greater Tokyo. This train is operated on Sobu line, Tokaido line and Yokosuka line. Most of trains are operated between Chiba (=千葉) and Kurihama (=久里浜)/Yokosuka (=横須賀) via Tokyo (=東京) and Yokohama (=横浜). Some trains are extended to operate to Narita airport (=成田空港) and other stations in Chiba Pref. This train is a sort of commute train. But all trains have two double decker Green cars in the formation. Especially Rapid train to Narita airport may be replacement of Narita Express if you want to save the fare. These trains are fully covered by Japan Rail Pass. Of course if you use Japan Rail Pass Green, you can take Green cars with no extra cost. Continue reading

Which JR Pass is better, Green or Ordinary? Worthwhile buying Japan Rail Pass Green Pass?

Panoramic view green car on Ocean Arrow 287 series. Green seat is like business class seat. (C) w0746203-1

I was asked many times that Japan Rail Pass Green Pass is worthwhile? Of course Green seat is better than ordinary seat. As long as you have enough budget, you can buy Green pass. But JR Groups have so many kinds of trains. They operate more than 100 limited express trains on only regular track and more trains on Shinkansen. And some limited express trains do not have Green seat. But some local trains have Green seat. And also they have many kinds of Green seat. For example, some limited express train give you 2+1 seat configuration. But the other trains give you same 2+2 seat configuration as Ordinary class. So if you have some more ideas about Green seat before you buy Japan Rail Pass, you can make a better decision which pass you buy, Green or Ordinary.

In this post, I show you some example that help you to understand more about Green seat. Continue reading

JP Rail.com gives you more images!

Overnight express train Hamanasu
Overnight express train Hamanasu

I have a great news for you!
I got an approval to use the images from Sonic Rail Garden. This Japanese website has tons of images. Especially this site has the images of interior. So you can find the details about the accommodations.
I am upgrading my old posts. I did Overnight express train Akebono, Hamanasu, one of the most popular post Sunrise Seto and Surise Izumo. Please see these page and find the details about the trains. I hope you will be satisfied with this upgrade.

I’m going to upgrade one by one and write new post too. Stick around!