Sightseeing in Takayama for 2 hours, Trip to Tohoku, Chubu and Chugoku in 2016 winter – Part 7

2016 winter Tohoku, Chubu and Chugoku
Nakabashi bridge is one of Takayama's icon.
Preserved path in Takayama. It is very popular tourist district in Takayama.
Preserved path in Takayama. It is very popular tourist district in Takayama.

This post is continued from Trip to Tohoku, Chubu and Chugoku in 2016 winter – Part 6, Takaoka to Shirakawago via Himi line, Johana line and Shirakawago.

My trip report is still on 5th day. After visiting Shirakawago, I went to Takayama and then travel to Kanazawa.

Shirakawago to Takayama

Shirakawago 12:15 (Nohi bus) 13:05 Takayama

Overview of Shirakawago bus parking

I left Shirakawago for visiting Takayama. It was about one hour bus trip. There were many buses at Shirakawago bus parking. I had to be careful to take the right bus.

When I was on the bus before departure, I heard the announcement that said “This bus goes to Kanazawa”. Myself and other Japanese passengers were wondering why we were supposed to be on the right bus. I asked the driver and he said that announcement from other bus. Anyway there were always busy place and many buses there. Please be careful to take the right one.

Nohi Bus is major bus company in this region. When you get Shirakawago from either Kanazawa or Takayama, you will take Nohi Bus.

Exterior of Nohi bus
Luggage space of Nohi Bus
Interior of Nohi Bus. It is very common highway motorcoach. It does not equip washroom.

The bus arrived Takayama bus terminal almost on time. Takayama bus terminal is located next to JR Takayama station. Those are located at almost same place. So if you transfer between bus and train at Takayama, you will never lose the way.

Takayama bus terminal
Ticket counter of Takayama bus terminal.
Takayama bus terminal (right) and JR Takayama station (left). Takayama station was under construction and it was a temporary building.

Sightseeing in Takayama

Staying in Takayama from 13:05 to 15:19

It was lunch time when I arrived in Takayama. I wanted to try Center 4 Hamburgers. You may have heard this restaurant. This restaurant is actually very popular among oversea tourists. Especially Hida Beef Burger is very popular even though this is sold at 2,650 yen! I did not intend to eat this burger but I wanted to try regular burger and wanted to see this restaurant. I went straight to this restaurant right after I arrived in Takayama. When I was the restaurant, it was around 13:30. But all burgers were sold out and it was closed already! I should have reserved a seat! They take a reservation other than lunch time on weekend and holidays. If you really want to try this restaurant, you should book your seat in advance.

Center 4 Burger is located behind this shop. It is very very hard to find this restaurant.

I gave up hamburger anyway. But I had Hida Beef for lunch in different style. That was beef on the rice. It was more Japanese and not bad.

After lunch, I walked through most popular district in Takayama.

Nakabashi bridge is one of Takayama’s icon.
Old city hall is now the museum.
Kokubun-ji temple

Actually I supposed to take 17:00 departure Hida to Toyama. But I had a busy plan in Kanazawa and wanted to get Kanazawa as soon as possible. So I took two hours earlier Limited Express Wide View Hida for Toyama.

Takayama to Kanazawa

Takayama 15:10 (Hida 11) 16:42 Toyama 17:09 (Tsurugi 723) 17:31 Kanazawa

I got the front row seat on Wide View Hida and enjoyed the view along Takayama line.

I changed the trains at Toyama and took Hokuriku Shinkansen again to Kanazawa.

Even ordinary seat equip a power outlet on Hokuriku Shinkansen.

I arrived at Kanazawa.

It was a long day but it was not over yet. I visited several places in Kanazawa before going to the bed.

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  1. Penny lim says:


    following is my itinerary ( I brought 7day jr pass)
    My trips on
    9/12. Day 3 from toyama to Nanto (kaimukura) &
    *You should get train from Toyama sta. to Takaoka sta. And then change Kaetsuno world heritage bus at Takaoka sta. You should get off at Kaimukura bus stop. About 1 hour and 30min from Takaoka sta. to Kaimukura bus stop. 1 min. from Kaimukura bus stop to YAMASHITA-YA.*
    入住: Guest House YAMASHITA-YA

    1)富山縣南礪市 – 童话世界《五箇山合掌村(相倉,菅沼)》

    10/12. Day 4 from kaimukura, Nanto to Shirakawa-go (for 2-3 hours)

    To takayama

    入住: Country Hotel Takayama (カントリーホテル高山)

    11/12. Day 5 takayama
    入住: Country Hotel Takayama (カントリーホテル高山)

    1)宫川朝市miyagawa morning market (6am-12pm)
    2)陣屋前朝市,高山陣屋,高山古街道 – 三町路,飛驒高山祭之森 @高山祭博物館,高山屋台会馆,飞驒国分寺,東山寺町•東山遊步道,飛驒民俗村(飛驒之里)

    12/12. Day 6 to nagoya to Tokyo

    do I need to make booking for nohi bus at shirakawa-go to takayama?
    Is my jr 7 day pass coverage nohi bus fares ?

    • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of
      Takeshi / says:

      Hi Penny,

      Reservation is recommended for Nohi bus. This bus is always busy.

      All bus trips are not covered. You have to pay for both Kaetsuno bus and Nohi bus.


      Takeshi /

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