Trip to Shikoku in 2015 spring – Part 5, visiting Ryugado from Kochi.

2015 spring Shikoku

This post is continued from Trip to Shikoku in 2015 spring – Part 4, travelling along Shimanto river to Kochi.

When I planned, I supposed to include Naruto whirlpool. But my daughter wanted to visit the cave more. Ryugado is very well known limestone cave.

We took streetcar again.

I love the old type of streetcar.

I took express trains to Tosa-Yamada where is the nearest station to Ryugado. It was only 10 minutes ride.

There are bus service from Kochi to Ryugado via Tosa-Yamada. But the trips are very limited. It was not a good connections with trains at Tosa-Yamada. I had no choice and took taxi. Taxi fare was 2,000 yen for one way.

After we got off taxi at the parking of Ryugado, there were very short shopping arcade.

It was shoulder season and it was morning. Most of shops were closed. Number of shops are very limited anyway, and it was not an issue for us. And also there was a restaurant. But it was not very special and not recommended in my opinion.

After we went through the arcade, there was a long escalator to the entrance of Ryugado.

It was same as Morinokuni Hotel. There was not any tourists other than us.

The trail in the cave are very well maintained. But there are lots of narrow areas, steep steps and hills. I had a back pain because I am too tall!

Ryugado is known as one of three best limestone caves with Ryusendo (Iwate) and Akiyoshido (Yamaguchi). There are many shapes of limestones

At the middle of steep hills, benches and fan were prepared.

Ancient people lived in this cave. There are some sites near the exit of this cave. One of pottery ware stuck on limestone and it is now part of limestone cave.

We exited the cave. There is a route to the parking.

We spent about 45 minutes to see this cave. I expected to spend two hours for transfer to/from Tosa-Yamada station and seeing the cave. It took 30 minutes for taxi ride. Two hours was perfect for this visit.

We headed back to Tosa-Yamada station and went to Oboke gorge. I would like to tell you about Oboke at next post.

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