Trip to Tohoku and Nagano in 2013 winter – Part 7, from Tokyo to Bessho Onsen by Ueda Railway

Bessho Onsen station of Ueda Electric Railway. (C) JP Rail
Bessho Onsen station of Ueda Electric Railway. (C) JP Rail

This post is continued from Trip to Tohoku and Nagano in 2013 winter – Part 6, round trip to Kawaguchiko from Shinjuku by Azusa and Fuji Kyuko

Right after finished a business appointment in Tokyo, I took Nagano Shinkansen to Ueda station. I stayed in Ryokan at Bessho hot springs.

Since I wrote about Nagano Shinkansen before, I don’t write anything about Nagano Shinkansen in this post. If you are looking for information about Nagano Shinkasnen, please see the post, Nagano Shinkansen, direct access to Nagano and Karuizawa from Tokyo.

Actually I did not take any pictures of Nagano Shinkansen. 🙂

Tonkatsu dinner at Ueda station

I got off Nagano Shinkansen at Ueda station. Ueda station is one station away from Nagano by Shinkansen. I would take Ueda Railway train to Bessho Onsen. But Bessho Onsen is very small and quiet. I checked some restaurants in Bessho onsen before departure. I could not find any restaurants that was open late. And then I found Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) restaurant in Ueda having very good reputation. I made one hour transfer time at Ueda station and went to this restaurant.

Rosu Katsu Teishoku (Pork loin cutlet) dinner set at 1470 yen. (C) JP Rail
Tonkatsu Rikitei (とんかつ力亭)

This restaurant is only a few minutes away from the station. Taste was just what I expected or more. It was very thick cut loin meat. But it was very juicy and tender. It includes rice and miso soup. Staff offered extra fresh shredded cabbage and I got some more.

Price is not very affordable. There is no English menu. But if you go to Ueda, I strongly recommend to try this pork cutlet.

From Ueda to Bessho Onsen by Ueda Electric Railway

Train is basically two cars set. At Ueda station (C) JP Rail

One of reason why I chose Bessho Onsen to stay, I wanted to try this railway.

This railway is very small company. It is only 30 minutes ride from Ueda to Bessho Onsen. I wanted to get on remodeled “Marumado Dream train” (movie). But I could not find the timetable and could not make it.

Interior of most of trains are very normal. It looks like commute train in Tokyo. Since there is no station staff at most of station, we have to get off the train at the frond end door. And also door is not opened automatically.

When train arrived at Bessho Onsen station, I was only passenger in that train. This rail company is facing serious financial issue too.

Bessho Onsen

I had not slept on Japanese Futon for the last 3 years.

When I was planning, I supposed to stay in Nagano. But I wanted to stay in something different, not Business hotel. I found “Onsen Ryokan” (Japanese style accommodation with hot springs bath) at very affordable price in Bessho Onsen. I stayed in Uematsuya Ryokan in Bessho Onsen. Usually dinner and breakfast are mandatory to stay in Ryokan. But Uematsuya Ryokan offers very affordable price without meal. I would check in late, so that was perfect plan for me. If you are interested in this Ryokan, please check the price in the link below:

Bessho Onsen Uematsuya Ryokan

My trip was super busy. I really need to take a bath. I really enjoyed hot springs!

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    What happened next, after Bessho Onsen? Did you continue the trip’s story? It is interesting!

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