What to do when a train delay and suspension

I had a trip to Japan in this past October. I had lots of train troubles in this trip. The train operation is usually very stable and reliable in Japan. But a train suspension and/or a train delay may happen on your trip. I will explain how to deal with these problems, with my experience. Contents1 Train delay2 Suspension of train operation2.1 Train breakdown2.1.1 Transfer to other railway companies2.1.2 Transfer transport outside the railway2.1.3 Change of boarding route2.1.4 Free ride to the original departure place2.2 Natural disasters such as heavy snowfall, heavy rain, high wind2.2.1 Scheduled suspension2.2.2 Train Hotel3 Advance Preparation4 Fare refund Train delay A train may be delayed … Continue reading What to do when a train delay and suspension