How to access to Ryusendo (Limestone cave) by Japan Rail Pass

JR Local Buses
Ryusendo - You can explore the lon cave without any special equipment.
Ryusendo - You can explore the lon cave without any special equipment.

Ryusendo – You can explore the lon cave without any special equipment.

Ryusendo (=龍泉洞) is one of three biggest limestone caves in Japan. It has some crystal clear blue lakes in the cave. You can see three lakes during viewing the cave and third lake is 98m deep. Ryusendo has very well maintained path in the cave. So you don’t worry about any special equipments.


You can access Ryusendo by JR Tohoku Bus. They have four round trips from Morioka to Ryusendo. You can take this bus with NO additional charge by Japan Rail Pass.

If you go to Ryusendo from Tokyo, take Tohoku Shinkansen and exchange JR Tohoku Bus at Morioka statoin.


Seat reservation is not required. It is first come first serve.

Bus bay at Morioka Station

Exit at East entrance. You will see the bus bay in front of station. You can catch the bus at Bay#1. Zoom in around Morioka station on the map below. You will find the exact location.

View Bus stop at Morioka Station for Ryusendo in a larger map

Time Table (as of April 1, 2018)

From Morioka station to Ryusendo
Morioka Station09:4012:4014:4017:40
From Ryusendo to Morioka station
Morioka Station08:15(*1)09:12(*2)11:0915:4418:13

*1 Weekday only
*2 Weekend and holiday only


  1. Nan says:

    Good Afternoon Takashiさん。

    I’d like to visit Ryusendo on April, 14th.
    I read at Japan-Guide going there from Morioka Station is with JR Iwaizumi Line, however, service along the line was discontinued after a landslide 🙁

    But I search and find
    means we can use the train, but no service on Saturday (my plan visit) :((

    So my last chance using bus? Or your timetable still ok to follow?

    Also Japan-Guide said, the bus fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass, which one bus? any bus at Iwate is covering by JR Pass??
    To be honest I rarely using bus during at Japan.

    Waiting for your advice and Thank you!

  2. Dear Takeshi,

    Is it possible to do this trip as a day trip from Tokyo?

    Sincerely, Sandy

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