No extra charge with Japan Rail Pass to take this overnight train! Passenger’s review of "Sunrise Seto"

Sunrise Seto / Sunrise IzumoKobe, Himeji

Sunrise Seto / Sunrise Izumo

I took “Sunrise Seto” from Tokyo to Takamatsu on April 23, 2010.

I reserved “Nobi Nobi seat”. This is one of the reserved seat. But I could lie down to sleep. It seemed to be a berth.

Nobi Nobi seat. This photo was taken from the aisle.

Aisle on the car of Nobi Nobi seat.

We did not have any announcement between Yokohama and Okayama because of avoid disturbing. And we did not have any English announcement on board.

Vending machine

This train has only the drink vending machine. It does not have any meal service. So grab some food and drink before boarding.

This seat does not provide any blanket. I was worry about the temperature on board. But it was too hot. You don’t need any sleeping bag. If you take some jacket, it’s fine.

Nobi Nobi seat car is non smoking car. But smoking is permitted next car. So I smelled smoke. If you really don’t like smoking smell at all, I don’t recommend to take this train.

I saw a beautiful sea shore line on the left side around 5:00 am. It was Suma beach. We cannot see that in winter time because it is still very dark. But from spring to autumn you can see this scenery. Don’t miss it!

Soon after the train left Kojima station at 6:52 am, the train went in Washuyama tunnel. Right after train went through the tunnel, the train took Seto Ohashi bridge. This is one of the longest bridge in the world. you have the spectacular scenery of Seto-Naikai sea.

I could get the lower seat. But if you can take upper seat, you will have a better view. Especially this train go through Seto Ohashi bridge. You will see the breathtaking view of Seto-Naikai Sea.

After taking Seto Ohashi, the train stops at Sakaide at 7:08 and arrive at Takamatsu at 7:26. This train connect several limited express bound for some cities in Shikoku island. But if you don’t stop by Takamatsu, you should change the train at Okayama. It’s much faster in most of cases.

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  1. Mhai says:


    I planned to travel in Japan this New year and I would like to take Sunrise seto train from Osaka to Hakodate at 30th Dec night.

    I will arrive Japan in 27th Dec and I bought JR Pass already.
    Is it possible to book nobinobi seat at that day? I have heard that the train will be almost full on holiday.

    If it’s almost impossible to book the seat on New year period, is there any suggestion night train to Hakodate that unpopular among Japanese?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of
      Takeshi / JPRail says:

      Hi Mhai,

      First of all, Sunrise train does not go to Hokkaido. It runs between Takamatsu and Tokyo. You can take this train to Tokyo and then transfer to Tohoku Shinkansen to Aomori.
      But Dec 30 is one of the busiest days. Most of trains will be sold out. The chance to book for this train will be very very slim. So don’t make a plan to take overnight train option. Even daytime train will be hard to book in this period.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

  2. year says:

    We would like to get this night train from Tokyo to Takamatsu on the 26th or 25th of december. We will arrive on the 22nd in Japan. Do you think their could be twins available at that time ? Do the Japanese use a lot the night trains during their holidays ?

    • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of
      Takeshi / JPRail says:

      Hi year,

      Twin room is always difficult. There are only several compartments in the train. It’s usually sold out right after on sale. You may be able to find other compartments. But it is very very slim chance to get Twin.

      Christmas is not a peak season and not holidays in Japan. The busiest day is Dec 27, 28, 29 and Jan 3,4 in this year. New Year days are holidays in Japan.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

  3. Bimbolera says:


    We’ll be arriving in Japan via Kansai Airport this coming March 31. Will there be any chances for us to book a Nobi Nobi seat on April 2 12midnight?


    • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of
      JPRail says:

      Hi Bimbolera,

      It will be very tiny chance. If it’s sold out, no surprise.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

      • bimbolera says:

        Kindly disregard my last message and thanks for the immediate response. If I’ll be booking on the date of my arrival, will there be any chances or it would till be difficult?

        Also, if there are no Nobi Nobi seats left, how about a Single Twin? Will there be any chances to book on March 31 for a seat on April 1?

        Hope to hear from you! Arigatou gozaimasu 😀

        • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of
          JPRail says:

          Hi bimbolera,

          All seats and compartments may be full booked. It will be in spring break. It will be busier than usual. If you are okay to revise your itinerary and book your hotel on arrival day, you can go ahead. Otherwise I don’t recommend it.


          Takeshi / JP Rail

  4. Manue says:


    I will arrive on 27/03/2014 and want take the sunriseseto for Takamatsu on 07/04/2014. Have any chance for nobinobi seat or they are no hope 12 days before ?

    Thank you

    • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of
      JPRail says:

      Hi Manue,

      It’s not hopeless. You will have a small chance to book. But as you probably know, it’s very hard to guess. I hope you will have a good luck.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

  5. Sirinya says:

    Hi, I’m going to take this train from Osaka to Tokyo on 28th 00.34. The JR pass will effect on 27th at the time I buy the pass or start to work from 28th 00.01? and another question, which pass can be used with this train apart from main JR pass?

    • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of
      JPRail says:

      Hi Sirinya,

      You can start to use your pass on 28th if you want. The validity of a rail pass starts from 12am.
      There is no pass available that cover the whole trip of this train.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

  6. Vera says:

    I plan to use this train from Osaka to Narita to catch my flight back from Japan.
    My question is :
    Is it possible to buy the ticket separately without using JR Pass? We stay in Japan for 12 days but we only plan to buy the 7 days JR Pass.

    If yes, how can we buy it and of course to reserve the seat at the same time? Can we buy it overseas or we have to be in Japan to do it? If it is the second, do you think it is still possible to get the ticket (+reservation) 11 days before we want to use the train (i.e. as soon as we arrive in Japan)?

    • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of
      JPRail says:

      Hi Vera,

      You cannot reserve your seat basically. When you exchange your JR pass, you can make a booking at same time. If you take a Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo, usually you can get a seat easily. There are lots of trains. Don’t worry.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

  7. Emmy
    Emmy says:

    Hi ,

    May I know how much is the fare from Osaka to Tokyo( one way) please? Also, are there any xchange of trains required throughout the jounrey?

  8. igor says:

    it’s possible to take overnight train with seishun 18 kippu?

    • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of
      JPRail says:

      Hi Igor,
      No, you cannot take this. There is no scheduled overnight train that can be taken by Seisyun 18 kippu. Only Moonlight Nagara, Moonlight Shinshu and Moonlight Echigo can be taken by Seisyun 18. But these trains are seasonal trains and usually it is operated when Seisyun 18 is selling. All seats are reserved. It is always hard to book.

      Takeshi / JP Rail

  9. Harummi says:

    Hi Takeshi/JP Rail,

    My friends and I are going to Japan on March 23 up to 30. We will arrive at KIX at 21.30 and plan to rush to Tokyo with JR Highway Bus or Sunrise Seto. Do we have time to turn the JRP XO into the ticket in KIX and directly catch the bus/train? If we take the Sunrise Seto and want to have the Nobi Nobi Seat, when should we reserve the seat? Is it possible to get seats if we reserve them less than 2 hours before departure?


    • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of
      JPRail says:

      Hi Harumi san,
      Technically you can do. But I don’t recommend to do it because it will be very tight schedule.
      And also, both Sunrise and Overnight bus are very popular. You have to expect that you won’t be able to make it.
      Unfortunately Japan Railway do not have any online reservation system for overseas tourists. So you need to make a reservation when you turn in the pass.
      As long as the seat is available, you can make a reservation even in 15 minutes.
      It is your choice. But you need to think about a back up plan when you cannot make it.
      Takeshi / JP Rail

  10. S K says:

    Hi, I am going to Japan in end of Nov to mid Dec 2011 and thinking of taking the Sunrise Seto.
    Will like to confirm the following,
    1. With JR pass, do I have to pay for the ride for this train from OSAKA to Tokyo
    2. How can I book it.



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