ICOCA and Haruka, Kansai One Pass and Haruka, and Haruka discount ticket. Very flexible and good deal for tourist who stay in Kansai.

hello kitty harukaOsaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara
Limited Express Haruka at Kansai Airport station
The Limited Express Haruka at Kansai Airport station

You may travel in Kansai area only and not travel throughout Japan. You may have one way trip from Osaka to Tokyo. For these travelers, Kansai One Pass/ICOCA and Haruka gives you a good deal for the transfer from Kansai airport to Osaka or Kyoto, and the local sightseeing in Kansai region.

This deal gives you access to Osaka or Kyoto by the limited express Haruka and some preloaded e-money in ICOCA or Kansai One Pass.

I will tell you what this deal is and how to use it in this post.

What is Haruka?

Limited Express Haruka operation route map

Haruka is the limited express train which offers you a direct transfer from Kansai International Airport (KIX) to Tennoji, Shin-Osaka and Kyoto. This train does not stop at Osaka station (Umeda). But it is only one station away from Shin-Osaka. This is only direct train service to Kyoto from KIX. If you go to Kyoto, I highly recommend to take this train because this is the fastest, most convenient and most reliable choice. Please see the post, Limited Express Haruka to get more details.

How to use ICOCA and Kansai One Pass

These are e-money IC card. This deals included 1500 yen e-money in ICOCA or 2,500 yen e-money if you choose Kansai One Pass.

You can use this e-money not only JR trains but also Osaka subway, Kyoto subway, most of private train companies (Hankyu, Keihan, Kintetsu and many more) and even city bus in major cities, like Kyoto. You can use it to shop in the kiosk in the station, the nationwide convenience store (Lawson, Family Mart, Seven Eleven) and even some of major electronics retail store.

If you go to other major cities, like Tokyo, Nagoya, Sapporo, Hakata, Hiroshima after staying in Kansai area, you still can use ICOCA. So you can take most of trains in the other areas by ICOCA, such as subway in Tokyo, JR train in Sapporo and many more.

What is the difference between ICOCA and Kansai One Pass

Kansai One Pass is basically same type card as ICOCA. But Kansai One Pass is available for an overseas tourist only. And the preload amount is 1,000 yen more than ICOCA.

You can take any trains and most of bus services in Kansai area by this card. The way of using Kansai One Pass is exactly same as ICOCA. The biggest feature of this card is offering a discount at many attractions in Kansai area. ICOCA does not offer any discount at the attraction. If you intend to purchase ICOCA, you should purchase Kansai One Pass instead.

You might think that 2,500 yen e-money is too much for your trip. But as I mentioned, you can use this e-money to buy something eat and/or drink in the major convenience store. It is not hard to spend 2,500 yen. You can include Kansai One Pass in ICOCA and Haruka package instead of ICOCA.

Please see the link below to find the detailed information of Kansai One Pass:

Kansai One Pass official site


Actually you can get only Haruka discount ticket which is Haruka riding ticket portion of ICOCA and Haruka if you have already got ICOCA card or Kansai One Pass.

ICOCA and Haruka price table

DestinationHaruka service sectionOne wayRound trip
Osaka, Shin-OsakaKIX – Shin-Osaka3,2004,400
Tennoji, JR-NambaKIX – Tennoji3,6005,200
Kyoto, Saga-ArashiyamaKIX – Kyoto3,8005,600
NaraKIX – Tennoji3,7005,400
Kobe, SannomiyaKIX – Shin-Osaka3,6005,200

Haruka ticket only price table

DestinationHaruka service sectionOne wayRound trip
Osaka, Shin-OsakaKIX – Shin-Osaka1,2002,400
Tennoji, JR-NambaKIX – Tennoji1,6002,200
Kyoto, Saga-ArashiyamaKIX – Kyoto1,8003,600
NaraKIX – Tennoji1,7002,400
Kobe, SannomiyaKIX – Shin-Osaka1,6003,200
  • One way type ticket is only available both direction, such as KIX to Osaka and Osaka to KIX. But only the deal from KIX is available online. You cannot purchase the ticket to KIX online. You have to purchase it at the station after arrival.
  • One way type ticket must be used on the day of purchase. Round trip ticket is valid for 14 days.
  • ICOCA and Kansai One Pass can be used whenever you want. ICOCA and Kansai One Pass will be expires in case that you will not use these cards in 10 years at all. If you intend to come back to Japan in next 10 years, you still will be able to use same ICOCA or Kansai One Pass in next trip
  • Haruka riding portion of this deal can allow you to use non reserved seat of Haruka or the other local and rapid train. You cannot take a reserved seat or the Green seat of Haruka and other limited express trains, such as the Shinkansen.

If your child is 5 years or younger, it is free of charge.

If you want to get only Haruka ticket without purchasing ICOCA or Kansai One Pass, you can buy a ticket at Klook:


I will explain a price comparison later.

How about child deal

ICOCA and Haruka is not available for child. But if you travel between Kansai airport and Shin-Osaka or Kyoto, Kansai Area Pass child rate is cheaper than a single fare.

If you want to compare the exact fare and the price of this pass, the single fare table can be found below. The child rate is applied to 6 years to 11 years old. 5 years old or younger child is free if you share your seat with your child. But when you take a train and there are lots of empty seat, you can give a seat to your child.

ICOCA can be purchased itself beside Kansai area pass. You cannot share your ICOCA Card with your child. Child ICOCA is available. But Please see the next chapter.

How to use ICOCA and Kansai One Pass

Most of you use ICOCA or Kansai One Pass to take a train. The biggest advantage of this card is that you do not have to purchase a ticket when you enter the station and take a train. All you have to do is touch your ICOCA or Kansai One Pass at a ticket gate when you enter/exit station. It is automatically calculated and subtract a fare from your ICOCA or Kansai One Pass. You can save your time when you take a train.

Even if you do not have enough fund in your ICOCA, you can still enter the station and take the trains. (But you must have minimum fares plus 500 yen deposit in this card.) You can add more fund before you enter/exit the station. You can add more fund in your ICOCA or Kansai One Pass at other major cities where other IC cards are available, such as Tokyo, Yokohama, Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Hiroshima and Hakata.

Actually 2,000 yen e-money in ICOCA (2,500 yen in Kansai One Pass) that is included in this deal also includes 500 yen deposit. Therefore your fund in your ICOCA is 1,500 yen and 2,500 yen in Kansai One Pass. If you empty this card and do not use it any more, you can get this 500 yen deposit refund at the station. But if you want to keep ICOCA card itself for your souvenir, you cannot get refund. Especially ICOCA card for this deal is designed for the overseas tourist. It looks different from common ICOCA card. There are two versions available, Wind or Thunder God on the screen (National treasure) or No.1 world famous Japanese character ‘Hello Kitty!’.

If you go to other than Kansai area and want to get refund, complete to use this ICOCA when you stay in Kansai area and get refund. You cannot get any refund in the other cities, like Tokyo.

Child ICOCA is sold at 2,000 yen that is 1,500 yen e-money and 500 yen deposit. It has same value as adult ICOCA card. But if your child use Child ICOCA, child fare is deducted to take a train. Child fare is half amount of adult fare. So it takes longer to spend 1,500 yen e-money than using adult ICOCA.

Please see the following link to get some more information about other IC cards:

How to use this deal

This deal includes 1,500 yen ICOCA e-money or 2,500 yen e-money in the card if you choose Kansai One Pass, and one way/round trip to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara or Kobe. You cannot use this deal to Himeji, Wakayama and other than Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe.

If you go to Sannomiya, Kobe and other stations between Kobe and Shin-Osaka, you have to take Haruka to Shin-Osaka and transfer local, rapid or Special Rapid Service at Shin-Osaka. Of course this ticket covers all part of this trip. However the airport limousine bus runs between Kansai airport and Kobe directly. If you go to Kobe, the airport limousine bus is better way. You can find limousine bus information at the link below:

Kansai airport limousine bus between Kansai airport and Kobe

If you go to Nara, Haruka takes you Tennoji. And then you have to change to Yamatoji Rapid Service to get Nara. There is no direct train services to Nara either. This is same as access to Kobe. The airport limousine bus takes you to Nara directly. You can find limousine bus information at the link below:

Kansai airport limousine bus between Kansai airport and Nara

Price comparison to basic fare

Upper rate is basic fare and lower rate is non reserved seat limited express surcharge.

 Adult (12 yrs and up)Child (6-11 yrs)
KIX – Tennoji1060 yen
650 yen
530 yen
330 yen
KIX – JR Namba1060 yen
650 yen
530 yen
330 yen
KIX – Shin-Osaka1360 yen
970 yen
680 yen
480 yen
KIX – Osaka (Umeda)1190 yen
970 yen
590 yen
480 yen
KIX – Kyoto1880 yen
970 yen
940 yen
480 yen
KIX – Sannomiya1710 yen
970 yen
860 yen
480 yen

This deal is cheaper for all destinations than the regular fares.

Compare to other deals, Nankai Railway deals, JR West Kansai Area Pass and Kansai Thru Pass

If you travel to Shin-Imamiya or Namba, you can take Nankai Railway. The basic fare is only 930 yen if you take the airport express train. Nankai Namba station is located at central of Namba and it is much better location than JR Namba. Even if you want ICOCA, you can purchase only ICOCA or Kansai One Pass. You can buy one of these cards and start using to take the train from KIX right away.

If you go to somewhere in Osaka, like Shinsaibashi, Nihonbashi, Uehonmachi, by subway, Nankai Namba is much easier location to transfer to subway Namba station. If you have very tight budget, Osaka Subway to Kansai int’l Airport ticket is sold at 1,020 yen. This includes Nankai Railway one way basic fare between Kansai airport and Namba and one way trip to/from any Osaka Metro stations. As I mentioned, basic fare from KIX to Namba by Nankai Railway is 930 yen. Osaka Metro fare is starting at 180 yen. If you have the shortest trip, like from Namba to Shinsaibashi, the total fare (Nankai plus Subway) is 1,110 yen. You can use this deal, Osaka Subway to Kansai int’l Airport ticket for the trip to Umeda where is same location as JR Osaka station. Osaka Metro Midosuji line can take you from Namba to Umeda. This is cheaper than JR basic fare 1,210 yen. If you want to get more information about Osaka Subway to Kansai int’l Airport ticket, please see Nankai Railways website.

If you go to Nara by the train after you arrive in KIX, you may consider to use Nara Access Ticket or Kansai Thru Pass. Kintetsu Railway is better to access to Nara because Kintetsu Nara station is better location than JR Nara station. So I recommend you to use Nara Access Ticket or Kansai Thru Pass to get Nara. Please see the post, How to access to Nara.

If you go to Himeji, JR West Kansai Area Pass is the best and the fastest. Kansai Thru Pass can be used to get Himeji. But it is too many transfers and spend many hours. JR trains, Haruka and Special Rapid Service, are much faster.

I explained all deals for airport access at the link below. Please refer this post too.

How to choose the deals for access to/from Kansai Airport


  1. MamaWawa – - All Original -
    Yvonne says:

    1) Can I use ICOCA card for KIX Nankai Express to Namba without any reservations?
    2) Are they any difference in price using ICOCA card as compared to using single trip tickets when travelling in OSAKA & NARA town?
    3) Are there always available stock for Kansai One Pass at KIX Airport ready to be purchased?
    4) Can ICOCA be used for travelling to NARA & in within NARA?
    5) Can ICOCA be used in Tokyo too?

  2. taking Haruka train from Kyoto to kansai airport, do I need to pay for additional fares on reserved seat or I can just but the haruka discount ticket and board non reserved seat fron Kyoto to kansai airport

  3. Nicky says:

    Hi Mr Takeshi,

    Will it be better if I take the Nankai Railway from Kansai Airport to Namba station rather than using the Haruka/ICOCA combo? Nankai Railway cost Y1840 roundtrip compared to Haruka/ICOCA which costs Y2600 roundtrip, right?

    I am planning to use ICOCA/ Kansai One pass to travel around Osaka, Kyoto and Nara. Is this advisable?

  4. sudadila
    Ros says:

    Hi..Mr Takashi,
    My family of 5 adult plan to visit Kyoto and Kanazawa in early dec. We have 9 days. Like to have your advice on what pass we should buy which will be more saving. Kanazawa 2days to visit Shirakagawago Kyoto as far to Amnoshashidate.
    Thank you

  5. Jean says:

    Hi, am trying to plan a trip from Osaka to mayajima island. Looking for 10 days or so. Appreciate if you can advise on the routes that I should go and what types of passes I should buy. Thanks in advance.

  6. Anna says:

    I need clarification about purchasing the Hello Kitty Icoca card and Haruka ticket.
    I plan to use Nankai limited rapid KIX—> Shin-Imamiya station when I arrive (my hotel is pretty much next to it).
    I will be in Osaka ~ Kansai area for 3 weeks , before I leave Japan I am staying at a different hotel and the Haruka train ticket (one way to KIX) will be more convenient.
    Now…. I want the Hello Kitty icoca card as a souvenir. I understand that the hello kitty card is only available at the KIX airport. Can it be purchased on its own for tourist at the airport? or does it have to be combined with a Haruka ticket? Can I purchase my return ticket at the airport?????? It says one way tickets can only be purchased and used on the day. Does this mean I can never get my hands on the hello kitty card unless I buy a haruka ticket from the airport?


  7. lynnelow
    Lynne says:

    Dear Takeshi,
    Thank you for all your advices/ suggestions and your patient answers to our never-ending questions!

    I would like to double check with you on a couple of matters. My itinerary are as follows:
    Day 1 KIX to Kyoto (train)
    Day 2. Kyoto
    Day 3 – 8. Driving outside, ending at Kobe.
    Day 9. Kobe to Nara to Osaka (Namba) (all by train)
    Day 10 – 11. Osaka
    Day 12。 Osaka (Namba) to KIX

    I intend to buy KansaiOnePass with Haruka on Day 1.
    1. How does the return ticket work if I travel from Namba to KIX?
    2. Also, how much would the KansaiOnePass with Haruka tickets come up to?

    When I travel from Kobe to Nara and then to Osaka,
    1. Do I just use the KansaiOnePass to buy tickets?
    2. Which train line would be most convenient?

    Thank you for help.

  8. Geradine says:

    Hello Mr Takeshi,

    I have been reading about the ICOCA and Haruka bundle deal. My last stop for our Japan trip is in Kyoto and we have a 7pm flight. We are not sure what time we will depart Kyoto to the airport as we would like to spend as much time as possible in Kyoto. If I were to purchase the ICOCA and Haruka deal at the airport, do I need to choose the Haruka departure time (from Kyoto) at that time?

    Thank you.

    • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of JPRail.com
      Takeshi / JPRail.com says:

      Hi Geradine,

      You don’t need to decide the departure time. Because this deal covers only non reserved seat. You can take non reserved seat on any departure of Haruka.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  9. tricia says:

    kindly help to reccomend the pass for my itenary as below :

    Day 1-3 arrive KIX – Kyoto
    Day 3-7 kyoto – osaka
    Day 7 osaka to kyoto

  10. Hi Mr Takeshi,

    I will be traveling with my husband and a baby on the dates below-
    Day 1 to Day 2 – Osaka
    Day 3 to Day 7 – Kyoto – Arashiyama etc and Nara – Nara Park etc
    Day 8 – Osaka

    May i know which passes do you recommend to get?
    Is it Kansai One Pass for Kyoto and Nara?
    Do you recommend getting Amazing Osaka Pass or Kintetsu rail pass or shld we just get Icoca?

    Appreciate your comment as i am really confused with all the different passes.

    Thank You So Much.,

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