Kyushu Shinkansen 2 days unlimited ride ticket for summer vacation. Kid price is only 1000 yen for 2 days!

Kyushu Shinkansen Tsubasa
Kyushu Shinkansen Tsubasa

JR Kyushu is trying to get more tourist in the last stretch of summer vacation. They will start to sell Kyushu Shinkansen 2 days unlimited ride ticket on August 20, 2012. You can ride non reserved ordinary seat of Kyushu Shinkansen and any trains on conventional lines run parallel with Kyushu Shinkansen. This is very similar to unlimited ride ticket that was sold in this past March. But it was only one day ticket and kid price is 2000 yen. This ticket gives you much better deal.


Adult : 19,800 yen
Child (6-12yrs) : only 1,000 yen!
*Child ticket can be bought with adult pass. Three child passes are maximum for one adult pass. Infant (under 5 yrs) is basically free as long as you share a seat with infant. Two infants are maximum for one adult

If you travel by Kyushu Shikansen non reserved ordinary seat from Hakata to Kagoshima-Chuo, one way single fare is 9960 yen. This round trip fare is not enough for this unlimited ride ticket. But if you travel with your kid for round trip on same section, total fare is 28,980 yen. If you buy this ticket (1 adult + 1 child), total price is only 20,800 yen. You can save 8,000 yen


Limited Express Aso Boy run as seasonal operation due to closure on regular route. (C) Sonic Rail Garden

This pass gives you unlimited ride of Kyushu Shikansen NON RESERVED ORDINARY seat. You also can take non reserved seat of any trains on conventional lines that run parallel with Kyushu Shinkansen.

  • Kyushu line (Hakata-Tosu-Kurume-Kumamoto-Shin Yatsushiro)
  • Kyushu line (Sendai-Kagoshima Chuo)

So you can take any local trains, rapid trains, non reserved ordinary seat on limited express, such as Kamome, Midori, Aso-Boy! on the section where the ticket cover.

You can pick one of the 2 days, August 25-26, 2012 or September 1-2, 2012. You cannot take any Green and even reserved ordinary seat.

How to buy

This pass will be started to sell on August 20, 2012 at most of stations in Kyushu. But you need to buy a pass one day prior the day of use. You cannot buy the pass on the day of use. So if you fly from Tokyo or other cities to Fukuoka and stay overnight there, you can buy the pass at Hakata station. Unfortunately JR Kyushu have any branch in other than Kyushu. (JR Kyushu have a branch in Tokyo. But they don’t handle any retail service.)

This pass can be purchased by anybody. Of course resident who cannot buy Japan Rail Pass can purchase this ticket.


If you travel to Kyushu with kids, this pass might give you a great deal. But you need to expect crowded in the train.

6 thoughts on “Kyushu Shinkansen 2 days unlimited ride ticket for summer vacation. Kid price is only 1000 yen for 2 days!”

  1. I am very impressed. I live in Trento (Italy) our train (Trenitalia) are far behind compared to your site .. I saw this (I’m colezionista of small trains table) on a scale much I dislike trains and trvo your page very interesting because in the next few months with my partner we will make a trip to your country and the information that I find here will help me a lot … thanks

  2. Good value for a large family or Japanese Residents, but for a tourist the 5 day all Kyushu pass seems better value.

    I am planning a northern Kyushu trip in November using the new 5 day northern Kyushu pass for 9000 yen, seems a great deal.

    Just a question, does this pass allow us to go to by local train from Kumamoto Station to Misumi station in Kumamoto ken, the JR Kyushu map is not clear if the most southern station is Kumamoto or Whether the whole ken is covered by the pass?

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