Kyushu Shinkansen 1 year anniversary 1 day unlimited ride ticket.

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Kyushu Shinkansen Tsubasa

This coming March 17 will be one year anniversary day of Kyushu Shikansen completion. JR Kyushu have just started to sell one day unlimited ride pass of Kyushu Shikansen between Hakata and Kagoshima-Chuo.


Adult : 10,000 yen
Child (6-12yrs) : only 2,000 yen!
*Child pass can be bought with adult pass. Three child passes are maximum for one adult pass. Infant (under 5 yrs) is basically free as long as you share a seat with infant. Two infants are maximum for one adult


This pass gives you unlimited ride of Kyushu Shikansen NON RESERVED ORDINARY seat. You can pick any one day from March 17, 2012 to March 20, 2012. You cannot take Green and even reserved ordinary seat. You cannot take any trains on conventional lines either. So you cannot take even any local trains.

How to buy

This pass has just started to sell. This pass will be selling until March 19, 2012. You can buy this pass at most of stations in Kyushu. But you need to buy a pass one day prior the day of use. You cannot buy the pass on the day of use. So if you fly from Tokyo or other cities to Fukuoka and stay overnight there, you can buy the pass at Hakata station. Unfortunately JR Kyushu have any branch in other than Kyushu. (JR Kyushu have a branch in Tokyo. But they don’t do any retail.)


If you travel to Kyushu in mid March, this pass may be considerable. But you need to expect that it is crowded.
I understand this pass is not quite attractive for the tourist from outside of Japan. But I have received many accesses from Japan. I would like to thank you for visiting my site from Japan! You may not be able to use Japan Rail Pass. Because you are already in Japan and your status is not visitor stay. Unfortunately there is no pass or ticket that gives you same value of Japan Rail Pass in Japan. I hope this kind of information may help you for travel in Japan.

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