Guide to plan your trip. Fare Calculation


This website shows you how to use Japan Rail Pass. But some of visitors have a plan to buy a single ticket. Even Japan Rail Pass user need to pay a single fare when they want to save the pass. So I would like to share the useful links and the information with you.

JR’s rule on passenger’s ticket

JR fare rule is so difficult to understand for the tourists from overseas. Even some travel agents in Japan do not understand this rule completely.

I show you other simple fare tables below. But these fare tables show you a simple round trip or one way trip only. If you need to calculate for multi-city itinerary, you need to understand JR rules. I wrote about fare rule very simply at the post, For non JR pass travellers. Guide to use JR single ticket, basic rules, validity and stopover. You can get an information about purchasing and using single ticket.


You can get a fare very easily. (click to view larger image)
You can get a fare very easily. (click to view larger image)

This is the easiest way to get the fare. I show you how to use this website at other post. Please refer Japan Railways’s timetables

Fare and Charges at JR East English website

You can find a single fare and surcharge for the following trains:

Fare and Surcharges at JR Central English website

This website offer you the fare table of Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen.

755 thoughts on “Guide to plan your trip. Fare Calculation”

  1. Hi,

    Im glad that i came across your site as i have been having confusions on which pass i should get, the 7 days pass or the 14 days pass. 
    Here’s my itinerary:

    Day 1 –     arrive in Tokyo
    Day 2        Tokyo
    Day 3 – 5  Sapporo
    Day 6–       Tokyo
    Day 7 –      Kyoto
    Day  8-       Osaka
    Day 9 –       Tokyo
    Day 10 –     Mt Fuji
    Day 11.  –   Yokohama
    Day 12-      Tokyo
    Day 13-      Tokyo

    Can i use JR pass in Sapporo?
    Need for your advise,thanks


    1. Hi Ayus,

      Yes. You can use the pass in Sapporo. I think 7 days pass is for Day 3 to Day 9 is the best way to save your budget.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

  2. Hi,
    Next month I will spending 2 weeks in Tokyo except to travel to Kanazawa and return 4 days later. I may take another short trip to Kamakura but it will be outside the 7 day time limit. I will get a Suica card on arrival at Narita and for all my other travel within Tokyo. I’ve checked the fares on Hyperdia and would like to know if I am correct in saying a 7 day JR Rail Pass would be around the same price as buying a return ticket to Kanazawa when I arrive? Am I right or should I get a the 7 day pass?
    Many thanks, Colin

    1. Hi Colin,

      If you use JR Pass 7 days for just return trip to Kanazawa from Tokyo, single fare is about 2000 yen cheaper. Especially the fastest route to get Kanazawa is Joetsu Shinkansen and Limited Express Hakutaka combination. But Hakutata goes through non JR line partly. You need to pay extra. Please see the following post to get details:

      If you pay single fare, this extra charge for Hakutaka is included. So if you use JR pass for other than trip to Kanazawa, JR pass may be cheaper than your total cost. It depends on how much you use the pass other than Kanazawa trip.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

  3. Hello … I will be taking golf clubs with me, so I can take them on ANY trains ?

    Hyperdia – they OK with golf clubs on trains ?

    Will be traveling from Osaka to Omitsu …



  4. Hi jprail,

    Im glad that i came across your site as i have been having confusions on which pass i should get. Its gonna be my first time in japan and im planning to go there with my bf for my birthday. Ive been thinking about the passes for two weeks already and i still cant decide. I also want to ask for advise on where to stay based on my itinerary. Osaka or kyoto? Heres my itinerary:

    Day 1 – arrive in osaka, go straight to kyoto (visit 5 temples and shrines) gion, fushimi inari
    Day 2 – go to nara (am), explore osaka (pm), flight to tokyo
    Day 3 – mt fuji
    Day 4 – disneysea
    Day 5 – explore tokyo

    Thanks and more power to your site!

    1. Hi Kat,

      For first 2 days, use JR West Kansai Area Pass 2 days. You can go Kyoto, Nara and Osaka by this pass. You still may need to purchase Kyoto city pass for excursion in Kyoto because JR West Kansai area pass do not cover subway and city bus.

      For the last 3 days, I think JR East Kanto Area Pass is the best choice.

      OR If you arrive/depart at Narita, you may use Mt. Fuji round trip ticket.
      You have to pay for the fare to Disney sea. But it cost less than 1000 yen from Tokyo.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

  5. If we purchase a 14 day JR pass, what does it mean? Does the 14 days begin from the first time I use it, or does it mean I can use it any time for example in a month for 14 days on and off?

  6. Hello,

    I am Heraa and I live in Beppu but I am a foreigner and cannot speak Japanese..

    I want to go to t.Fuji so I am thinking to go to the Kawaguchiko Base. Can you please help me how reach the station from Beppu? By the way if you dont know Beppu is in Oita prefecture 🙂

    I am planning to travel on 24th August. It would be awesome if you could email me the answer

    Thank You.

    1. Hi Heraa,

      Don’t worry. I know Beppu. It is one of the most famous hot springs resort!

      If you take a train, your route is the following:

      Beppu -> (Limited Express Sonic) -> Kokura -> (Shinkansen) -> Tokyo -> (Local train or Limited Express Kaiji/Azusa) -> Otsuki -> (Fuji Kyuko railway) -> Kawaguchiko

      It is going to be long long trip. I estimate it takes more than 8 hours. If you are traveller and have Japan Rail Pass, train trip may be your choice. But you live in Japan. I think you should fly to Haneda from Oita. And then trip to Kawaguchiko. This is much faster and may be cheaper.

      Check the timetable at Hyperdia. You may be able to compare several routes.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

  7. Hi Just wanted to say thanks for your comments. I priced up an 8 day trip while over for Fuji rock using your technique but found a JR Pass was not worth it for me holiday.

    Appreciate you trying to help foreign visitors spend wisely!

  8. Hi,

    We are heading to Japan and want to know how if it will be cheaper to buy train tickets as we go or get the JR pass?

    Our itinerary is Tokyo 2 days-Kyoto 4 days- Matsue 4 days- Osaka 3days-Koch i4 days-Osaka 1 day. We are there for 24 days with 4 of this days in china. the 3week JR pass is very expensive.

    Many thanks

  9. Hi 🙂
    My boyfriend and I have booked an unplanned holiday to Japan.
    we have booked it spontaneously so a lot of it has not been planned and neither
    of us know japan.

    We arrive at narita on the 20th of June… so in a few days…
    So far all we really want to do is go to tokyo then kyoto and Osaka and then back to tokyo.

    We aren’t sure if we should just pay normal rates for maybe over night bus or a night train
    or even just a normal train fare to these places or buy a JR pass… although we are in Japan for 3 weeks…

    Would it just be cheaper to pay for the ticket on the spot?

    1. Hi Sonja,
      If you stay in Osaka and Kyoto in 7 days and trip to Kyoto/Osaka by Shikansen, you can use Japan Rail Pass 7 days for this trip.
      As I mentioned in the following post, Japan Rail Pass is not perfect choice in Tokyo.
      So you don’t need to use JR pass in Tokyo anyway. You can use subway line for exploring Tokyo.

      If you want to take Overnight train/bus to Tokyo/Osaka, just simply pay regular fare. It is cheaper than Japan Rail Pass.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

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