Shin Osaka station guide. How to change Shinkansen, Haruka, Thunderbird and local train access to Osaka, Umeda and Namba

Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara
Conventional lines platform (front), Shinkansen terminal (back) (C) Outside view of the Shin Osaka station/Ariake

Shin-Osaka station is the place where you change to/from Shinkansen. If you travel in Osaka, you may use this station at least once. All Shikansen trains stop at this station and many limited express trains on conventional lines stop or depart from this station, Shin-Osaka.

In this post, I would like to show you some images and explain about this station. You will get the information about transfer among trains.


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Shin-Osaka station is composed of four levels, Shinkansen tracks on 4th floor, fare gate and concourse on 3rd floor and conventional line’s tracks on ground floor. On 2nd floor, there are some shops and restaurants. But as long as you transfer the trains in this station, you don’t see 2nd floor.

Shin-Osaka station is one station and three minutes away from Osaka station (Umeda area). But the atmosphere in Shin-Osaka is totally different from Osaka station, Umeda area. Shin-Osaka station has lots of restaurants and shops but it is much fewer than Osaka and Umeda stations.

On the other hand, the average hotel rate is cheaper than Umeda area. It takes only 3 minutes by a local train. If your budget is tight, Shin-Osaka may suit your trip plan.

You can find everything you need about Shin-Osaka station in the movie below too:

Ticket gate/Exit

Shinkansen ticket window is located beside Shinkansen ticket gate. If you use non reserved seat by Japan Rail Pass, you don’t need anything. But if you want to book reserved seat in last minutes, you can do it here. (C) JR Shin-Osaka Station / Hyougushi

There are three ticket gates, East, South and Central on 3rd floor.

If you want to exit from conventional line’s platform, you can use East exit only. Other two exit, South and Central are located in Shinkansen concourse. You cannot access to these two exits without Shinkansen ticket. If you use Japan Rail Pass, you can go through Shinkansen concourse without any extra charge. You don’t need to exchange any Shinkansen ticket. All you have to do is showing your Japan Rail Pass at Shinkansen

There is Shinkansen ticket gate in the concourse. When you transfer to/from Shinkansen, you need to go through this gate. You must have Shinkansen ticket, Japan Rail Pass, JR West Sanyo Area Pass, JR West Sanyo-Shikoku-Kyushu Pass or JR West Kansai WIDE Area Pass to access to Shinkansen platform/concourse. JR West Kansai Area Pass do NOT cover Shinkansen trains.

Tracks and platforms

There are 10 tracks / 5 platforms for conventional lines on ground floor and 7 tracks / 4 platforms for Shinkansen on 4th floor.

Shinkansen on 4th floor

There are seven tracks, #20-#27.

Track#Name of line / Destination
20-22The Sanyo Shinkansen and the Kyushu Shinkansen for Okayama, Hiroshima, Hakata, Kumamoto, Kagoshima-Chuo
23-27The Tokaido Shinkansen for Kyoto, Nagoya, Tokyo

Conventional lines on Ground floor

Conventional lines platforms (C) JP Rail

You can get on a local commute train, a rapid service train and a limited express train on the conventional lines at track #1-10.

Track#Name of line / Destination
1,2■ Osaka Higashi line local train for Hanaten, Kuhoji
The limited express Haruka and The limited express Kuroshio for Kyoto
3The limited express Haruka for Kansai Airport
The limited express Kuroshio for Wakayama, Shirahama, Shingu
4The limited Express Thunderbird for Fukui, Kanazawa, Wakura-Onsen
The limited express Wide View Hida for Gero, Takayama
Special Rapid / Rapid train for Takatsuki, Kyoto (during peak hour only)
5,6■ Kyoto line local train, rapid and Special Rapid for Takatsuki, Kyoto, Maibara, Tsuruga
7,8■ Kobe line local train, rapid and Special Rapid for Sannomiya, Kobe, Himeji
■ Takarazuka line for Takarazuka, Shin-Sanda, Sasayamaguchi
9,10The limited express Konotori for Fukuchiyama, Kinosaki-Onsen
■ The limited express Super Hakuto for Himeji, Tottori, Kurayoshi
Special Rapid / Rapid train for Sannomiya, Kobe, Himeji (during peak hour only)

Access to/from Osaka station and minimum connecting time at Shin-Osaka station

If you access to/from Osaka station (Umeda area), you can take any trains on conventional lines, the limited express, special rapid, rapid or local. All trains stop at Shin-Osaka and takes only 3 minutes to get Osaka station. Special rapid, rapid and local trains run very frequently. You can hop on the train to get Osaka.

In regards to transfer, the minimum transfer time is 10 minutes according to JR West. But if you will plan to purchase the Shinkansen ticket on the spot, you may spend another 10 minutes. If you really worry to miss the train, expect to spend another 5 minutes, total 15 minutes. However you can purchase the Shinkansen ticket at any major JR stations in advance.

Access to/from Namba station by Osaka Subway Midosuji line

Midosuji line can be seen from Shinkansen platform. It is subway line but it does not run underground in Shin-Osaka. Midosuji line station is located just under Shinkansen platforms.

If you go to another downtown core, Namba, Osaka Subway Midosuji line is the best way to get there. You can access to Namba by JR lines. But it is a detour and JR Namba station is not located at the center of Namba area. Midosuji line Shin-Osaka station is located at 2nd level. Shinkansen Central ticket gate is the closest to subway station. I show you how to transfer between Shinkansen and subway Midosuji line below.

If you transfer to subway from Shinkansen train, minimum transfer time is 10 minutes. But if you transfer from the conventional line trains, you might spend another 5 minutes to transfer. T

How to transfer to/from Subway Midosuji line

Use Central exit.

Once you get out from Central exit, you will find the sign of subway on your left hand.

Follow the signage and go down.

There are many signage and just follow.

You will find subway ticket gate soon.

It takes 5 minutes to transfer from ticket gate to ticket gate. It is quite easy.


  1. Matthew says:

    Hello Takeshi, sorry to bother you, but does the Midosuji Line go to Shin-Osaka Station? I am trying to check a transfer for my trip in Jan 2022 from Dobutsuen-mae Station to Shin-Osaka station, but it seems that some Midosuji Line trains go directly from Dobutsuen-mae to Shin-Osaka, but some stop at Umeda and require a transfer to the JR Kyoto Line to go to Shin-Osaka.

    For example, at 5.24am there is a direct Midosuji train from Dobutsuen-mae to Shin-Osaka, but at 5.34am I need to take the Midosuji train to Umeda, walk to Osaka station and transfer to the JR Kyoto Line to Shin-Osaka.

    • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of
      Takeshi ( administrator) says:

      Hi Matthew,

      Some trips on the Midosuji line don’t go through Shin-Osaka but Nakatsu. Nakatsu is located between Umeda and Shin-Osaka. It’s M15 on the map:

      So if the trip goes to Nakatsu, you need to change trains at Umeda/JR Osaka.

      Please check the destination of the train before boarding. If it goes to Esaka or Senri-Chuo, you can get to Shin-Osaka directly. If it says Nakatsu, you have to change trains.

      But most trips go to Esaka or Senri-Chuo and you can get to Shin-Osaka directly by most Midosuji trains.


      Takeshi /

  2. Sharon says:

    Hi Takeshi, I have a very specific question about Takatsuki station in Osaka. I want to go from Nishioji in Kyoto to Mihara. I put in the stations in to Hyperdia and one of my options is to go from Nishioji on the JR Kyoto Line Local and switch to the JR Kyoto Line Rapid Service in Takatsuki to Shin-Osaka. My concern is it only allows me 2 minutes to change in Takatsuki! That’s pretty tight. Is Takatsuki a big station and do you know if the platforms from the Local Line to the Rapid Service Line are close to each other?
    Thank you for providing so much information!

  3. Moonich says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    Your map and explanation are amazing!
    I would be very appreciated if you would help on my question below.
    I plan to stay at Unizo Inn Shin-Osaka where located next to Shin-Osaka station. However, the nearest access to the station is Osaka metro entrance 7. I will mostly is JR as a main communication so not sure if this entrance can access to JR and Shinkansen station? Or if there is another baggage-friendly entrance that could lead to the hotel?

    Thank you in advance!

  4. Darence says:

    Hi Takeshi,
    Good day to you, I am getting the Kansai wide area pass , I will be traveling from Namba to Kinosaki Onsen , can I go by this way from M20 Namba to M13 Shin Osaka,walk to JR Shin Osaka platform 10 and take a Konotori express to Kinosaki Onsen ? I am getting up the train at Shin Osaka station as i am hoping to have a higher chance of getting a seat ( non reserved seat ) , Thank you.

  5. duongtd
    Duong says:

    Hi Takeshi,
    I intend to travel from Osaka airport to Komatsu station on October 3rd. I use site to search for train and I chose the first route recommended that take 1 transfer at Shin-Osaka station. The first train is Haruka 10 departures from Kansai airport on track 4 and arrives at Shin-Osaka station on track 1. The second one is Thunderbird 15 departures from Shin-Osaka on track 4. I would like to ask that is this schedule too hard for me, especially this is the first time I go to Japan as well as using JR. Are track 1 and track 4 located right next to each other? Are 10 minutes enough for me to switch train? I have spent a night to look up for this information but I got nothing, so I ask you for help. Thanks in advance!

    This is the image of the schedule I got from

  6. doris loh says:

    I need your help
    i am travelling from osaka to kyoto to nagano , then nagano back to osaka airport
    plan to stay in 3 nights each in osaka and kyoto and rest in nagano
    i plan to buy a 7 day JR pass , i plan to use it when the day i travel from kyoto to nagano, the rest of the day i nosaka and kyoto i plan to use their JR or subway train to places like osaka castle, nara park, gion , kobe at kyoto etc

    i would like to check if this is the best option to travel?

  7. Agnes says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    I’m leaving from Osaka to Haneda Airport to catch a flight at 2am. I will be buying a 7-day JR Pass. I have a company of 8 with me. My questions are:

    1) Which is the fastest and most convenient route with the luggage in toll?
    2) What is the latest time I should leave Osaka?

  8. Eliza says:

    Hi Takeshi,
    I’ll be arriving KIX at 16:10, planning on taking Express Haruka to Osaka Shin and JR Hikari 526/538 to Tokyo. Do you think i might have enough time to make it to JR Hikari? as i’ll need to get my JR Pass before taking the Haruka and i’ll be travelling in group of 9 (4 adults and 5 kids) and will be bringing luggages.
    Thank you for your time and help.

    • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of
      Takeshi / says:

      Hi Eliza,

      Do you mean that Haruka arrive at 17:26 and Hikari leaves at 17:38 in Shin-Osaka station? It’s possible but you cannot get Shin-Osaka by 17:26 from 16:10. You will spend at least 1.5 hours to complete immigration, custom, baggage pick up and exchange the pass. You may spend more the 2 hours if it’s crowded.


      Takeshi /

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