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Guide to plan your trip. Fare Calculation


This website shows you a lot of the train passes. But some of you plan to buy a regular ticket. Even if you will use the rail pass, you may have to compare the price of the pass and the regular fare to make sure that you can get the worth of it or not.

In this post, I would like to share the information about the fare calculation with you.


You can get a fare very easily. (click to view larger image)
You can get a fare very easily. (click to view larger image)

This is the easiest way to get the fare and the timetable of most trains in Japan. Please refer the link below to learn more:

Google map

Google map can show you the train and the public bus routes. It also shows you the fare.

JR’s rule on passenger’s ticket

JR companies have the biggest train network in Japan. If you travel between major cities, you will take JR train in most cases.

The fare rule is so difficult to understand for the tourists from overseas. Even some travel agents in Japan do not understand the rule completely.

I wrote about this rule as simple as possible in the post below. You can learn the rule of purchasing and using a regular ticket.

JR company’s official site

Some JR companies have the timetable and fare search engine in their official sites.

JR Hokkaido official website

This website offers you the fare and timetable search of most JR trains.

JR West English website

This website offers you the fare and timetable search of most JR trains.

JR Shikoku English website

This website shows you the fare table of most of JR Shikoku lines.

877 thoughts on “Guide to plan your trip. Fare Calculation”

  1. Hello, Takeshi. I’m glad to have stumbled upon your website! Thank you for the HyperDia link. I’m trying to figure out what’s the most cost-effective way to get around Japan and would like to have your advice. Below’s a rough draft of my itinerary:

    Day 1: Narita Airport – Kanazawa
    Day 2-3: Kanazawa (only buses to no transportation needed)
    Day 4: Kanazawa – Kyoto
    Day 5: Kyoto – Uji (round-trip)
    Day 6-10: Kyoto (buses and local railways)
    Day 11: Kyoto – Kinosaki
    Day 12: Kinosaki – Osaka
    Day 13: Osaka – Nara (round-trip)
    Day 14: Osaka – Himeji (round-trip)
    Day 15-20: Osaka (buses and local railways)
    Day 21: Osaka – Hyuga
    Day 22: Hyuga (no transportation needed)
    Day 23: Hyuga – Tokyo
    Day 24: Tokyo – Kamakura (round-trip)
    Day 25: Tokyo – Kamakura (round-trip)
    Day 26-29: Tokyo (buses and local railways; mostly JR Line)
    Day 30: Narita Airport-bound

    I’m planning to travel by train from Osaka to Hyuga and would be willing to spend for airfare on my way back to Tokyo, but if it’s too impractical, I’m considering cancelling the trip to Hyuga altogether. I would REALLY want to catch some waves in Hyuga though!! However, should you suggest I cancel, this will probably be the alternative itinerary from Day 21:
    Day 21: Osaka – Kamakura or Enoden (depends on where I’ll stay)
    Day 22-23: Kamakura / Enoden / Hakone
    Day 24: Kamakura or Enoden – Tokyo
    Day 25-29: Tokyo (buses and local railways; mostly JR Line)
    Day 30: airport-bound

    I’ve read about JR Passes, Kansai One Pass, Hakone Kamakura Pass, etc. and I’m not sure which one to go for and it’s been overwhelming! I’d really appreciate the help. I hope to hear from you soon. よろしくお願いします!

    Much thanks,

    1. Hi Jezreel,

      If you want to include Hyuga, you should fly from Osaka and to Tokyo. It is too far to get there by a train. It takes 8 hours from Osaka to get to Miyazaki. And it takes more than 10 hours from Miyazaki to Tokyo. I don’t believe it is a realistic choice. That is why a flight is your choice if you incldue Hyuga.

      Overnight ferry may be considerable from Kobe to Miyazaki.

      For the rest part of your trip, JR pass (nationwide) does not fit your trip plan. If you hop on and off many places daily basis, it works. But you will stay for a few days or more at each places. I recommend you to use several rail passes, local deals and regular fare tickets:

      Hokuriku Arch Pass for the first 7 days:

      Kyoto city deal or regular fare ticket for day 8, 9 and 10

      Kansai Wide Area Pass for day 11 to 15

      Osaka city deal or regular fare ticket

      Even if you don’t go to Hyuga, you should go to Tokyo first. Because Hakone Kamakura Pass is the best deal for Hakone and Kamakura. But this is not sold other than Shinjuku in Tokyo.

      And there are some affordable way from Osaka to Tokyo. If you want to take the Shinkansen, you can use Platt Kodama:

      If you are really sensitive with a cost, you can take an overnight bus from Osaka to Tokyo. Just google “Osaka Tokyo overnight bus.” You will find many options.

      And you can use Tokyo Subway Ticket in Tokyo:

      Please see the link below to find the deal for Narita:


      Takeshi /

      1. Hello, Takeshi. I ticked the “notify me of follow-up comments by email” at the bottom of the comment section but no notification email arrived at all (even if you already replied two days ago); I’m glad to have visited your website again to double-check.

        Thank you very much for your quick reply. I’ll look into my options. I appreciate the help.

        Thanks again,

          1. Hello, Takeshi. I hope you are doing well. I apologize for the trouble but I’m here again to ask for your suggestions as I have made some changes in my itinerary. As I previously mentioned, I wanted to visit Hyuga but decided against it so I opted to stay in Hakone instead. This is how my schedule is going to look like:

            Day 15-19: Osaka (buses and local railways)
            Day 20: Osaka – Hakone (Gora Stn. as base)
            Day 21: Hakone (Odakyu Line only; unsure between Hakone Free Pass or Hakone Kamakura Pass)
            Day 22: Hakone – Kamakura (round-trip; prefer to use faster JR Line)
            Day 23: Hakone – Kamakura – Tokyo (JR Line preferred)
            Day 24-29: Tokyo (Mejiro Stn. as base; mainly JR Yamanote Line and subways)
            Day 30: Narita Airport-bound

            I look forward to your reply.

            Thank you in advance,

            1. Hi Jezreel,

              Unforunately there is no deals to cover whole part of your trip.

              I have already recommended some local deals for staying of Osaka in the previous reply.

              For Osaka to Hakone, you have to use a regular ticket to take the Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka to Odawara. At Odawara, you can buy Hakone Free Pass. You cannot buy Hakone Kamakura Pass in Odawara. I think I told you that in the previsou reply. It’s sold in Shinjuku only:

              You have to buy a regular ticket one by one for Odawara to Kamakura, Kamakura to Odawara, Odawara to Kamakura again and Kamakura to Tokyo. There is no deals available either. But you can use Hakone Free Pass for Gora to Odawara

              If you visit 3 or 4 places in one day, you can use Tokunai Pass in Tokyo.

              I also mentioned about Tokyo Subway Ticket and the deal for Narita airport in the previous reply. Please refer it.


              Takeshi /

  2. Hi Takeshi,

    I would like to kindly seek your advice on the best possible combination of passes for our itinerary. We are a family of four (kids 5 and 4 yrs), traveling April 13-26.

    Day 1: Narita >> Tokyo (staying at Shinagawa)
    Day 2: Day trip Mt. Fuji (Kawaguchiko)
    Day 3: Tokyo >> Hakone (overnight in Hakone)
    Day 4: Hakone >> Kyoto
    Day 5: Kyoto
    Day 6: Kyoto
    Day 7: Kyoto >> Nara >> Osaka
    Day 8: Osaka
    Day 9: Osaka
    Day 10: Osaka >> Tokyo
    Day 11: DisneySea
    Day 12: Tokyo
    Day 13: Tokyo
    Day 14: Tokyo >> Narita

    Thank you in advance!


    1. Hi Chris,

      I recommend you to use Tokyo Wide Pass for the first 3 days:

      You may take Narita Express for Narita to Shinagawa, the limited express Fuji Kaiyu for Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko and the limited express Odoriko for Shinagawa to Odawara:

      You have to add Hakone Free Pass after Odawara. Tokyo Wide Pass does not cover Hakone:

      After day 4, you may use JR pass 7-day for Odawara-Kyoto/Nara/Osaka-Tokyo.

      You may use Tokyo Subway Ticket and Subway Ticket/Limousine bus combo deal (one bus ticket and 24 hours subway pass) for sightseeing in Tokyo and Tokyo to Narita:


      Takeshi /

  3. Hi Takeshi!
    I’d like to get your advice on the possible combination of JR passes. We will be travelling from April 15-22 in the following places.

    Day 1 Narita -> Akita
    Day 2 Akita
    Day 3 Akita -> Kawaguchiko
    Day 4 Fuji 5 lakes region
    Day 5 Fuji 5 lakes region -> Hakone -> Tokyo
    Day 6 Tokyo -> Tochigi -> Ibaraki -> Tokyo
    Day 7 Tokyo
    Day 8 Tokyo -> Narita

    Thank you for your help in advance.

    1. Hi Emily,

      You may use JR East Pass Tohoku and Fuji Hakone Pass (from Odawara at 7,180 yen):

      You may use JR East Pass Tohoku for day 1, 3, 5, 6 and 8. Fuji Hakone Pass covers for your stay in Fuji and Hakone. But both passes do not cover Otsuki to Shimo-Yoshida. You have to pay about 1,000 yen to buy a regular ticket at Otsuki station. And you cannot purchase Fuji Hakone Pass at Otsuki or Kawaguchiko. You must buy it at Shinjuku station.

      Just pay as you need for day 2. You may add subway pass for day 7 if you need.


      Takeshi /

  4. Dear Takeshi,
    I would like to kindly ask you for your advice on the possible combination of passes. We will be travelling in the period of May 1st and May 23rd.

    Day 1 Haneda -> Tokyo
    Day 2 Tokyo
    Day 3 Tokyo -> Nikko -> Tokyo
    Day 4 Tokyo
    Day 5 Tokyo -> Shimoyoshida
    Day 6 Fuji 5 lakes region
    Day 7 Shimoyoshida->Magome
    Day 8 Tsunamo ->Takayama
    Day 9 Takayama
    Day 10 Takayama -> Shirakawago->Kanawaza->Kyoto
    Day 11-13 Kyoto
    Day 14 Kyoto ->Hiroshima + Himeji and back
    Day 15 Kyoto-Nara and back
    Day 16-Day 17 Kyoto – Koyasan an back
    Day 18 Kyoto -> Jomo-Kogen
    Day 20 Jomo-Kogen ->Chichibu
    Day 22 Chichibu->Tokyo
    Day 23 Tokyo-> Haneda

    Thank you for your help in advance.

    1. Hi Michaela,

      The following deals are recommended:
      Day 1 and 2
      Welcome Tokyo Subway Ticket from Haneda

      Day 3 to 5
      Tokyo Wide Pass

      Day 6
      Add a regular bus ticket or Mt. Fuji Pass as you need.

      Day 7
      Add a regular fare to take an express bus to Mishima.

      From Mishima, start using JR pass 14-day for day 7 to 20.
      But JR pass does not cover the bus to Shirakawago, Nankai Railway to Koyasan, and Chichibu railway from Kumgaya to Chichibu. I have posts about the access to Koyasan and Shirakawago. Please see the links below:

      For day 21 to 23, just add a regular fare ticket.


      Takeshi /

  5. Hi Takeshi,

    I would like to seek your advise on the jr pass stopover and estimate fare.
    29th Oct (Tue) – Osaka to Wakayamma
    30th Oct (Wed) – Wakayama to Kyoto
    2nd Nov (Sun) – Kyoto to Kanazawa
    4th Nov (Mon) – Kanazawa to Tokyo

    Appreciate if you can advise if it is possible for me to use a stopover ticket or which is the best option available. Thank you

    1. Hi Ray,

      I recommend you to use Hokuriku Arch Pass:

      Wakayama is outside the coverage area. You have to add the fare for Hineno-Wakayama. The one way fare is 460 yen. You can pay this fare when you exit Wakayama station. You can show your Hokuriku arch pass + this fare. The fare will be slightly higher because the consumer tax will increase on Oct 1st. But it’s just a bit higher.

      When you go back to Kyoto from Wakayama, you can buy a ticket for Wakayama to Hineno. You can show your pass when you exit Kyoto.


      Takeshi /

      1. Hi Takeshi,

        Thank you very much for your advise.

        I saw this information from some page “The JR Kansai Wide Area Pass is a rail pass for exclusive use by foreign tourists, providing five consecutive days of unlimited travel on designated train and bus lines (including unreserved seats on shinkansen and limited express trains) in the Kansai Region.”

        We would like to seek your advise and more information on Kansai Wide Area Pass.
        a) do we have to pay additional fee if we take the limited express from osaka to shirahama and from shirahama to kyoto.
        b) if we like to avoid additional fee, which are the type of train we can take.
        Thank you.

        1. Hi Ray,

          The limited express Kuroshio between Shin-Osaka and Shirahama is covered.

          You cannot reserve a seat but usually non reserved seat is okay. Please find more info about non reserved seat in the link below:


          Takeshi /

    2. Thank you very much for your advise.

      I would like to seek your advise on the jr pass stopover and estimate fare.
      29th Oct (Tue) – Osaka to Wakayamma
      30th Oct (Wed) – Wakayama to Kyoto
      2nd Nov (Sun) – Kyoto to tokyo

      Appreciate if you can advise if it is possible for me to use a stopover ticket for the above route,
      the maximum number of stopover days for the above route,
      or any other the best option available. Thank you

      1. Hi Ray,

        You can use one base fare ticket for Wakayama to Tokyo with stopover in Kyoto. But you have to buy a ticket separately for Osaka to Wakayama. You can take same route between Osaka and Wakayama when you go to Kyoto. Please use hyperdia to find the fare as I instructed in the post above.

        You also may use Platt Kodama for Kyoto to Tokyo.

        In this case, you have to buy a ticket one by one for Osaka to Wakayama, Wakayama to Kyoto and Platt Kodama for Kyoto to Tokyo.


        Takeshi /

  6. Hi Takeshi,
    We are 6 adults travelling to Japan for the first time and need advise on your train network.
    We arrive in Osaka Kansai airport 17th October 2019, what is the best way to get into Osaka as we are staying at Hotel Monterey Le Frere we will be in Osaka for 9 days. We are planning to visit universal studios, Kobe, Nara, Kyoto. If time allows then maybe Hiroshima.
    We then wish to travel by bullet train to Tokyo 27th October. In Tokyo we are staying at the b Tokyo Asakusa we have 9 days here and wish to visit Mount Fuji, Disneyland,Yokohama, the horse racing. We then depart 6th November from Narita Airport terminal 1.
    Any assistance you can give would be very helpful.
    Kind Regards
    Sandra V Finch

    1. Hi Sandra,

      The best way to get your hotel in Osaka is taking Kansai airport rapid train from KIX to Osaka station:

      You may use Kansai one pass + Haruka deal to Tennoji for arrival day:

      This deal covers the limited express Haruka. But this train does not go to Osaka station. You can take this train from KIX to Tennoji and then take a local train to get Osaka as well. You can take Kansai airport rapid from KIX to Osaka by this deal as well. The limited express Haruka offers much better accommodation but you have to change the trains at Tennoji. Kansai airport rapid is a sort of the commute trains but it goes to Osaka directly. You can take whichever you like.

      JR Pass 7-day is highly recommended if you go to Hiroshima. You must include the trip to Hiroshima to get the worth of JR Pass 7-day.

      If you use JR pass, you can use this the trip to Hiroshima, Kobe, Nara, Kyoto, Osaka to Tokyo, Disneyland and Yokohama. If you don’t go to Hiroshima, you have to combine some local deals and the regular ticket from Osaka to Tokyo. So you must make a decision to go to Hiroshima or not before you depart.

      Please see the link below. It guides you how to make a trip in Osaka and Tokyo. If you don’t go to Hiroshima, you can get some idea about your trip in this link:


      Takeshi /

      1. Hi
        Thank you for your prompt reply we have decided not to visit Hiroshima. We are planning to get the bullet train from Osaka to Tokyo on the Sunday 27th October do we need to book tickets in advance or can we purchase the day before travel.
        Sandra V Finch

  7. Hi Takeshi
    I find the guide you have given really comes in handy and useful. still will be great if can get some advice from you.
    I will be traveling from 27 Oct – 6 Nov
    This will be my first trip to Japan and im wondering if I should be getting the 7day jrailpass or should I stick to single fare is much more cost saving as I will be starting the trip at Haneda Airport and ending at Kansai Airport. (With an additional day trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima).
    I dont have an exact plan yet but this is roughly what I come out with.

    Day 1 – Arrival in the morning, Tokyo
    Day 2 – Tokyo
    Day 3 – Disneysea
    Day 4 – Tokyo to Hakone, night in Hakone
    Day 5 – Hakone to Kyoto, night in Kyoto
    Day 6 – Kyoto (Nara)
    Day 7 – Kyoto to Osaka, night in Osaka
    Day 8 – Osaka
    Day 9 – Day trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima (either day 9 or day 10)
    Day 10 – Osaka
    Day 11 – Afternoon flight at kansai Airport

    Im still not sure if I should either add one more day in tokyo and one less day in Osaka or either way round or maybe for kyoto too. Hope you can advise if I should use the 7days pass or just single trip fare. Thank you so much in advance! 🙂

    1. Hi Aaron,

      JR pass 7-days is recommended. You may start using it on day 4 when you leave for Hakone. It will be valid until day 10 and it will give you some flexibility. JR pass is not perfect in Kyoto and Osaka but you can take JR local trains in these cities and you can visit many places by JR pass.

      You can use the deal for the first two days:

      The regular fare is okay for day 3.

      You have to add Hakone Free Pass because JR pass does not cover after you arrive in Odawara:

      And you can add other deal for the last day as you need:


      Takeshi /

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