The train access guide for the late arrival and the early departure at Haneda Airport

Airport Access
If you arrive at Haneda by Tokyo Monorail, the station is located at same level as departure floor. (C) JP Rail
If you arrive at Haneda by Tokyo Monorail, the station is located at same level as the departure floor. (C) JP Rail

I have received many inquiries regarding the late arrival and the early departure at Haneda. I will show you the detailed timetable between Haneda Airport and downtown Tokyo by Tokyo Monorail and Keikyu Railway (Keihin Kyuko Railway) in this post.

Arrival procedure

If you will arrive at Haneda before 22:00, you can access most of places in downtown Tokyo. But if you will arrive at Haneda after 22:00, you have to think about the access to your accommodation.

It is not a good idea to plan taking the overnight train or the overnight bus on the arrival day. It is impossible to take it after 22:00 arrival. Even if your arrival time is a bit earlier, you still have a risk of the flight delay. Please stay in downtown Tokyo on the arrival day.

It is hard to say how long you will spend to go through the immigration and the custom. Haneda airport is smaller than Narita airport. Most of gates are within 10 minutes away from the immigration and the custom area. You may be able to go through in 30 minutes. But it depends on how busy the immigration and the custom will be. Please expect that you will spend one hour to complete the immigration, the custom and the baggage pick up.

The train timetable for the late arrival.

There are two trains from Haneda. These are Keikyu Railway (Keihin Kyuko Railway and Tokyo Monorail.

You can find the timetable of the late departure trains in the link below: PDF timetable (valid until mid October 2019)

I would like to tell you about the routes to the major destinations before showing the timetable:

Access to Tokyo, Ueno, Ikebukuro via Hamamatsucho by Tokyo Monorail and JR Yamanote line

Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport International Terminal station. It is connected directly to the airport terminal building. (C) JP Rail

This is the primary way to get most places in eastside of downtown Tokyo. You will change Tokyo Monorail and Yamanote line train at Hamamatsucho. But these two railway’s Hamamatsucho stations are located at the same location. This is very easy to transfer.

Hotels in Shinagawa Station – Tokyo
Hotels in Haneda Airport
Hotels in Shinjuku Station – Tokyo
Hotels in Tokyo Disney Resort – Maihama, Tokyo/Chiba

Access to Maihama (Tokyo Disney Resort) via Hamamatsucho and Tokyo by Tokyo Monorail, JR Yamanote line and JR Keiyo line

You have to change the trains twice at Hamamatsucho and Tokyo. As I mentioned above, the train transfer in Hamamatsucho is easy. But it is very far from Yamanote line platform to Keiyo line platform in Tokyo station. Please read the following post to make sure the direction in Tokyo station.

Access to Tokyo-Teleport (Odaiba/Diver City) via Tennozu Isle by Tokyo Monorail and Rinkai line

You will take Tokyo Monorail to Tennozu Isle which is one station before Hamamatsucho. Tokyo-Teleport is only one station away from Tennozu Isle by Rinkai line. Tokyo-Teleport is located in the center of Odaiba area.

Access to Shinagawa, Shinjuku, Shibuya by KeiKyu Railway and JR Yamanote line

Transfer gate of Keihin Kyuko and JR lines at Shinagawa station. Both Keihin Kyuko Shinagawa station and JR Shinagawa station connected directly each other. (C) JP Rail

This is the primary way to get Shinjuku and Shibuya area. You will take Keikyu Railway (officially Keihin Kyuko Railway) from Haneda to Shinagawa. And you will change the trains at Shinagawa. Both Keikyu and JR Shinagawa stations are same location. There is the transfer gate which you can find the photo above. You can go through this gate to change the trains. Please see the link below to find the detailed information of Shinagawa station:

Most trains from Haneda takes you to Shinagawa directly. But you may have to change trains at Keikyu-Kamata too.

Access to Asakusa, Nishi-Ginza via Shinagawa and Sengakuji by Keikyu Railway and Toei Subway Asakusa line

You can get Asakusa by Keikyu Railway and Toei Subway. Many Keikyu Railway trains go through subway line. These are different railways but you can get Asakusa from Haneda without any transfer in many train connections.

If you miss above connections, go to Ueno by Monorail and JR Yamanote line. See above sample connection to Ueno. Later connection is available than this Keihin Kyuko-Subway connection. After arrive at Ueno, take a taxi to Asakusa. Taxi fare is around 1,500 yen. It is much cheaper than taking the taxi fare from Haneda to Asakusa.

Midnight bus services

Keihin Kyuko operates bus service as well. They have several bus routes. Please see Keihin Kyuko Bus website Late night and early morning service to get the details.

And Limousine bus offers some late night bus service too. Please check it at official site of limousine bus.
Limousine bus, Haneda airport routes

In case of missing all trains and midnight bus

In case of that, unfortunately your choice is only very costly taxi only. The fixed rate is applied to most of places in downtown Tokyo. Please see the link below to find the rate table:

Tokyo Hire-Taxi Association official site, rate table

Early departure at Haneda

You may find the timetable of the early departure trains in the link below: PDF timetable (valid until mid October 2019)

Both Keikyu and Tokyo Monorail start to operate the train around 05:00 am. But you may not be able to the earliest train because there is no trains running to get Shinagawa or Hamamatsucho which are the terminal station of Keikyu and Monorail. If you really have to arrive in Haneda in very early morning, you should stay near Haneda or Hamamatsucho or Shinagawa.

Early arrival at Haneda

Most of trains start to run around 05:00 am in Greater Tokyo. Even Shinkansen starts to operate at 06:00 am. The early arrival is not an issues to travel.

Late departure at Haneda

Most of trains run until midnight. You do not need to waste your time in Haneda.

Hope this post helps you to build your trip plan!


  1. Julia Tan says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    First of all, thank you for this webpage, it does help me, but again since I’m new – going to be in Japan.
    we will be arriving (8 of us, 2 senior citizens, 3 adults, 1 teenage, 1 child (7 ) and another child (5) in Haneda airport at 10.30 pm, like you said we have no idea how long the immigration process will be,
    would that be possible to catch a train to Tokyo?
    or we should to stay over at Haneda area?
    basically we will be in Japan for 13 days, but we will arrive quite midnight, so I minus one day off – 12 days.
    should I purchase 7 days pass for JR pass or 14 days ?

    Thank you so much


    • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of
      Takeshi / says:

      Hi Julia,

      It’s hard to way that you can take train or not. There are some late night bus running to several spots in Tokyo.

      I’m sure you can take one of these buses. Some of travelers stay in Haneda until morning. Train starts running around 5:30 to 6:00. It’s up to you to stay in the airport or going somewhere by late night bus.

      I cannot say which is better, 7 days or 14 days. It depends on your plan. You have to build your plan and make sure where you go and how many days you will spend at each places. And then we can discuss which deal is most suitable for your trip.


      Takeshi /

  2. pomfamily
    Eddy says:

    Hello Takeshi,

    Thanks for this articles and all your answer to my questions. I have completed my first trip to Japan and successfully did so many journeys with train in Japan.

    I also arrived late in Haneda airport. I just want to share another option for your readers here regarding to late arrival in Haneda airport, to avoid more expensinve transportation. Booking a hotel in advance with late night shuttle bus service from Haneda. Or there is Natural Hot Spring not far from Haneda with midnight to early morning shuttle bus service from Haneda. There is Welcome Course with shuttle bus from Haneda, nice onsen, rest area with reclining seats or tatami room, nice breakfast, and bus voucher to the three nearest train stations. I just chose this Natural Hot Spring as I didn’t have too many hours anymore to sleep in a hotel after my late arrival in Haneda.


    • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of
      Takeshi / says:

      Hi Eddy,

      I’m glad to hear that you can enjoy your trip in Japan.
      And thank you very much for sharing your experience!


      Takeshi /

    • Regina says:

      Hi Eddy, appreciate if you can share t hotel you stayed near Haneda airport with the free airport transfers. My flight will also be arriving 10.30pm.
      Thank you

  3. Lilian says:

    I would like to know if it is worthwhile buying the 7 day JR Pass for the following itinerary

    13/11 Arrrive Haneda Airport
    13/11, 14/11 visiting places of interest in central Tokyo, eastern Tokyo and western Tokyo
    15/11, 16/11 Kyoto, with day trip to Osaka
    17/11 Shinjuku
    18/11 Depart from Narita airport

  4. Ray says:


    Our flight will be arriving at Haneda Airport at 5am in the morning (Saturday).

    May i ask what is the best way to get into our hotel in Ginza? Thank you.

    • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of
      Takeshi / says:

      Hi Ray,

      Keihin Kyuko – Subway Asakusa line is the best way. Train starts to run around 5:30 am. Please see the link below:


      Takeshi /

  5. FlyerDad says:

    We are arriving at 4:45 am and plan to take the monorail. I know the Japan Pass is accepted on the Monorail, but I am planning on purchasing a 3-day subway pass. Can I use that on the monorail? Thank you.

  6. Sun says:

    To anyone who flight by air asia, I will strongly recommend booked a night at hotel Haneda or arrange a taxi, look for taxiporter website. I have been my experience in oct and my flight have been delayed an hour and so if you does nit take a risk to miss a teain and stress what i suggest to you.

  7. If my flight to reach Haneda Airport at 10.30pm, is that possible that i can catch the subway train to Togoshi station (A04) ? Or you will recomend me to stay one night at Haneda airport.

    Thank you.

  8. Anny says:

    Arriving at Haneda 5am will it be a problem to take Tokyo subway with a suitcase during rush hour, around 7am?

    • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of
      Takeshi / says:

      Hi Anny,

      I really don’t recommend it. It’s very very challenging.
      In rush hour, you have to squeeze even your body into the train. There is no space for suitcase.


      Takeshi /

  9. Sebastian says:

    I have an arrival at Haneda at 1am in the morning. It there any transportation into Tokyo available at about 2am in the morning, still? Aside from quite expensive Taxis.

  10. Will says:

    Dear Takeshi / JP Rail.

    My international flight is arriving at Haneda at around 6am and my hotel is in Ginza, I’m wondering if there will be any shuttle buses to Ginza that early?
    Thanks a lot for your help!!


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