The limited express Shinano: Inter-city express connecting Nagoya and Nagano

shinanoLimited Express
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Limited Express "Shinano"
The limited express Shinano operated by 383 series.

The limited express train Shinano runs between Nagano (長野) and Nagoya (名古屋). When you go to Japan Northern Alps, take this train to Matsumoto (松本), and transfer to a local train on Oito line bound for Shinano-Omachi (信濃大町), Hakuba (白馬) and Minami-Otari (南小谷). And also this train goes through the Kiso vallery which has some small histrical post towns, such as Tsumago, Magome

I will explain about this train in this article.

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Route, schedule and trip time

It takes about 3 hours to get to Nagano from Nagoya. Most of Shinano depart from both side Nagoya and Nagano once every hour at :00.

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Nagoya (名古屋)x
Kanayama (金山駅)*
Chigusa (千種)x
Ena (恵那)*
Nakatsugawa (中津川)x
Nagiso (南木曽)*
Agetsu (上松)*
Kiso-Fukushima (木曽福島)x
Shiojiri (塩尻)x
Matsumoto (松本)x
Akashina (明科)*
Hijirikogen (聖高原)*
Shinonoi (篠ノ井)x
Nagano (長野)x
x:All trains stop *:some trains stop

Seat and facilities

The limited express Shinano has Green car seat on car #1 with huge panoramic windows.

The Shinano is serviced by 383 series. The seat configuration is 2+2 for both Green and Ordinary. Green car is car#1. It has a huge glass window at the cockpit. If you get a seat at the very front row when you go to Nagano, you will enjoy beautiful sceneries. The seat pitch is 1,160mm in Green class and 1,000mm in an ordinary class. 1,000mm in Ordinary is bigger than the standard of an ordinary class.

*Sonic Rail Garden has copyright for all images of accommodations below.

Train formation

*G=Green seat R=Reserved seat NR=Non reserved seat
Smoking is not allowed on this train.
Extra cars may be added for peak seasons.


Green seat

Ordinary seat

Sanitary space

Shinano 383 series sanitary space Shinano 383 series sanitary space Shinano 383 series sanitary space Shinano 383 series sanitary space Shinano 383 series sanitary space Shinano 383 series sanitary space

At last

I got on this train from Nagoya to Matsumoto and dropped by Magome. Please see the link below to find my trip report:

This train is fully covered by Japan Rail Pass with no restriction.

I hope you will enjoy a trip on this train to Nagano and Matsumoto.


  1. Dee Peng Leong says:


    I am travelling on 12 November from Takayama to Yudanaka (nearest station to Snow Monkey).

    I know I need to take a bus from Takayama to Matsumoto. From there, I understand that I can take the Limited Express Wide View Shinano from Matsumoto to Nagano.

    I have been searching online on booking the train from Matsumoto to Nagano but I can’t seem to find anything.

    Can you please advise as we are coming from Malaysia and wish to confirm all transportation arrangements prior to arriving Japan.

    Also, we need to travel from Nagano station to Shinjuku / Tokyo station via Shinkansen. How and where can we buy the tickets beforehand.

    Thank you . …arigato!

  2. CY says:

    Hi Takeshi,
    I wanted to ask about Shinonoi Station – I have to transfer from a Limited Express Shinano to a Shinano Tetsudo train, but the timetable doesn’t leave much time for a transfer, so I wanted to check if it is possible.

    I found this map of the station – would you know which platforms I would be arriving (Limited Express Shinano) and departing (Shinano Tetsudo) from?

    Thank you!

    • Hi CY,

      #1 Bound for Matumoto or Bound for Komoro, Ueda, Karuizawa
      #2 and #3 Bound for Nagano

      So if you arrive by Shinano from Matsumoto, Nagoya or southern part of the place, you will be arriving at #2 or #3. And you will transfer to Shinano Tetsudo train at #1. If you do opposite way, you will move from #1 to #2 or #3. There are lots of signage and it will be shown in English too. You will be okay. You can change trains in even couple of minutes.


      Takeshi /

  3. Jen says:

    Hi Takeshi san, need your advise again..

    More change to my itinerary: –
    Day 1: Narita -> direct to Shibu Onsen
    Day 2: Shibu Onsen -> Nagano Station
    Day 3: Around Nagano
    Day 4: Nagano to Kanazawa
    Day 5: Kanazawa to Nagoya
    Day 6: Around Nagoya (maybe go Shirakawa/Takayama)
    Day 7: Nagoya to Chubu Centrair International Airport

    Based on the revised plan, your advise is much appreciated.

    Thanks & regards,

  4. Jen says:

    Hi Takeshi-san,

    Appreciate your advice on which JR Pass I should get for my itinerary: –

    Day 1: Narita Int’l Airport to Nagano
    Day 2 – 3: Around/day trips from Nagano
    Day 4: Nagano to Nagoya
    Day 5: Around Nagoya
    Day 6: Day trip to Shirakawago/Gokayama/Takayama
    Day 7: Nagoya to Chubu Centrair International Airport

    Many thanks,

  5. Ashish says:

    Hi Takeshi-san. We are thinking of traveling to Japan in June. I wanted to go up to Matsumoto for 1-2 nights. Will the 7 day JR pass cover the Shinkansen Hikari (Osaka to Nagoya) and the Shinano 3/10 (Nagoya to Matsumoto)?
    Thanks in advance.

  6. vivique says:

    Which Japan Rail pass should I buy from Nagoya to Takayama and Komagane (in Nagano)?

  7. dario says:

    Good morning,
    could you please help me to find timetable of this train “shinano” limited edition? I need it to plan my roundtrip from Nagoya to Nakatsugawa in march/april 2017.

    Thanks a lot in advance


  8. Firdy says:

    Stopped at Shiojiri from Otsuki to board Shinano to Nagano unfortunately the station was limited in English info so I boarded Shinonoi line instead, which is 30 minutes slower. Damn does the Shinano use different line than Shinonoi Line? I should have stopped at Matsumoto which is larger station than Shiojiri, since obviously larger stations do have more English info than smaller ones.

  9. Crystal says:

    Is Limited Express Shinano, from Matsumoto to Nagano cover under JR EAST PASS (Nagano, Niigata area)?

  10. Satyajit says:

    What is schedule of Shinano train leaving form Osaka to Matsumoto

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