Access to World Heritage Kii mountains from Nagoya. Limited Express Wide View Nanki

Wide View Nanki at Kuwana station (C)800px-JRC_Kiha85_Series01 / User:Kansai explorerLimited Express
Wide View Nanki at Kuwana station (C)800px-JRC_Kiha85_Series01 / User:Kansai explorer
Wide View Nanki at Kuwana station (C)800px-JRC_Kiha85_Series01 / User:Kansai explorer

Wide View Nanki at Kuwana station (C)800px-JRC_Kiha85_Series01 / User:Kansai explorer

Wide View Nanki (ワイドビュー南紀) is a Limited Express train that connects Nagoya (名古屋) with Shingu (新宮) and Kii-Katsuura (紀伊勝浦). Nanki (南紀) is the name of the area in Kii peninsula (紀伊半島). When you go to UNESCO World Heritage site, “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range” from Nagoya, you can use this train and access there from Shingu. This train is operated by KIHA 85 series that equips very huge windows. It can offer to passengers very panoramic view. That is why this train is called “Wide View”.

This train goes through Ise Railway betwen Kawarada and Tsu. So if you take this train by Japan Rail Pass, you need to pay the small amount of extra charge. I tell you about the extra fee below.

Route, schedule, time required and extra charge

We have 3 round trips between Nagoya and Kii-Katsuura, and 1 round trip between Nagoya and Shingu. This train go through some major cities, Yokkaichi, Suzuka (well known as most famous auto race track, Suzuka Circuit), Matsusaka (well known as Matsusaka Beef) in Mie Pref. on the east coast of Kii peninsula. It takes 3 hours and 20-30 minutes to get Shingu from Nagoya. Kii-Katsuura is only 15 minutes away from Shingu.

Extra charge for Japan Rail Pass user

This train is operated on Ise Railway between Kawarada (where is located between Yokkaichi and Suzuka) and Tsu. Ise Railway is not JR line. So you need to pay a basic fare and limited express charge for this section. The basic fare is 510 yen and limited express surcharge is 310 yen for adult and 150 yen for child.

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Nagoya (名古屋)x
Kuwana (桑名)x
Yokkaichi (四日市)x
Suzuka (鈴鹿)x
Suzuka Circuit Inou (鈴鹿サーキット稲生)*
Tsu (津)x
Matsusaka (松阪)x
Taki (多気)x
Misedani (三瀬谷)x
Kii-Nagashima (紀伊長島)x
Owase (尾鷲)x
Kumanoshi (熊野市)x
Shingu (新宮)x
Kii-Katsuura (紀伊勝浦)x

x:All train stop *:only FI Japan GP in Suzuka Circuit


Wide View Nanki is serviced by KIHA-85 series. It is completely same train as Wide View Hida. This train has a great reputation. The huge glass windows gives you the spectacular scenery in Kii peninsula. “Wide View” is a worthy of the name.

This series has two types of Green car that are 2+2 seat configuration and 2+1 seat configuration. 2+1 seat configuration is wider and has a bigger leg space. But this 2+1 Green car is not used for Wide View Nanki, but 2+2 seat configuration Green car. The seat pitch is 1160mm. Ordinary class is good too. The seat pitch is 1000mm. This is bigger than the standard.

*Sonic Rail Garden has copyright for all images of accommodations below.
*These following images were taken on Wide View Hida. But Wide View Nanki is operated by same car.

Train formation



Green seat (2+2 configuration)

Ordinary seat

Sanitary space


  1. Takky says:


    i will travel from Kiikatsuura to Matsusaka using Japan all pass,from your info i need to pay 810Yen more.

    the question is can i get the reserve seat or free like other JR train ? or those 810Yen just cover for non-reserve seat ?

    Thank you in advance

    • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of
      Takeshi / says:

      Hi Takky,

      Actually you don’t need to pay any extra for this trip. Because Ise railway segment is located between Matsusaka and Nagoya. You will not go through extra fare segment from KiiKatsura to Matsusaka.


      Takeshi /

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