The limited express Kusatsu train guide. The direct access to Kusatsu-Onsen from Ueno, Tokyo

Limited Express
The limited express Kusatsu by 651 series (C) 651 series K106 Kusatsu Miyahara - ja:User:細谷侑希 (Yuki Hosoya) - ja:File:651series Kusatsu.jpg

Kusatsu Onsen Yubatake, (C) Kusatsu Onsen Tourism Association/JNTO

The limited express Kusatsu runs between Ueno in Tokyo and Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi. Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi station is the nearest station to one of most famous hot springs resort, Kusatsu. JR Bus Kanto operates the local bus to Kusatsu Onsen.

I will explain about this train and access to Kusatsu Onsen by the bus from Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi station.

Route, schedule and travel time

Kusatsu runs between Ueno and Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi. Some seasonal operation goes to Manza-Kazawaguchi. The number of trips are 2 round trips on weekdays and 1 more round trip on weekend.

The limited express Kusatsu operation route (click to view large)

The trip time is 2 hours 15 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes from Ueno to Naganohara Kusatsuguchi. The trip time is slightly different by the train.

Connection to the JR Bus to Kusatsu Onsen

The bus service to Kusatsu Onsen from Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi station is operated by JR Bus Kanto. This bus service is covered by JR Pass. But Tokyo Wide Pass, JR East Pass Nagano Niigata, JR East Pass Tohoku, JR East South Hokkaido Rail Pass cover only the limited express Kusatsu. These passes do not cover the bus to Kusatsu Onsen.

Several buses are dispatched for the arrival of the limited express Kusatsu. It is very well connection between the train and the bus. Please see the details in the post below.


651 series was introduced instead of older 185 series. (C) 651 series K106 Kusatsu Miyahara – ja:User:細谷侑希 (Yuki Hosoya) – ja:File:651series Kusatsu.jpg

The limited express Kusatsu is operated by 651 series. 651 series has very nice interior. Especially in Green car, seat layout is 2+1 configuration. The leg space is 1160mm. In the ordinary cars, it is JR East standard that are 2+2 seat layout and 910mm seat pitch.

651 series train formation


R=Reserved ordinary seat NR=Non-Reserved ordinary seat G=Green car seat

651 series Images

Green class seat (C) Green Car’s Seat of JR 651 – Lover of Romance
Ordinary class seat (C) Seat of JR 651 – Lover of Romance
Ordinary class seats (C) JRE-651syanai – ゆりのき橋


  1. Napach T. says:

    I am planning to travel from UENO to NAGANOHARAKUSATSUGUCHI on the Limited Express train. So I want to know that this route covered by JR Tokyo Wide Pass, isn’t?
    I want to reserve, bot I can not find this route in JR-EAST Train Reservation.

    Thank you

  2. Fran says:

    Hi Takeshi San,
    I am planning to travel from ueno station to Nakanojo on the Limited Express train. It will be a weekday in May. I know there is only a few trains per day, but I struggle to find the times for this. Please can you recommend where to look for this? Thankyou 🙂

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