Gran class and all class seat of Tohoku Shinkansen E5 series and Gran class for Hayabusa, Hayate and Yamabiko image gallery

More E5 series will be introduced for Hayabusa, Hayate and Yamabiko. (C) Sonic Rail Garden
More E5 series will be introduced for Hayabusa, Hayate and Yamabiko. (C) Sonic Rail Garden

E5 series was introduced for Tohoku Shinkansen in this past March. This is the first fleet that has Glan Class seat and it became very popular topic. This class is higher class than Green class. And it is still very hard to get the ticket. Finally I can you the images of all class and facility in this fleet.

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Gran Class


This is the highest class seat in all Japan Railway’s train. This seat was developed by JR East, Hitachi and world famous seat manufacturer RECARO. The seat configuration is 2+1 and the seat pitch is 1300mm. The power outlet is equipped at all seats. So you can use your laptop and charge your batteries.



The light meal and drink are included in Gran Class fare. You can choose a meal from Japanese style or Western style. I haven’t had this meal yet. But as far as I see some reviews from the passengers, this meal is very small. It is not enough for the meal. You also can choose a snack from Japanese rice cracker or apple baked pie. Both soft drink and alcohol are included. You can order anytime. It is all you can drink. But you cannot take any drinks away from the train. It is opened when it is served. There are beer, Japanese sake (rice wine), wine (red/white), Aomori cider, coffee (hot/cold), green tea (hot/cold), tea, Oolong tea, herb tea, apple juice, coke and bottled water on the menu.


Green Class

Gran class seas is very attractive. Everybody pay attention to it. But Green class seat is not bad choice. The seat pitch is 1160mm and the seat configuration is 2+2. This is same leg space as previous series. But new designed head rest and leg rest give you more comfortableness. The power outlet is equipped at the front end of arm rest for all seats. You can use this for using laptop or charging your batteries. Welcome drink (coffee, tea, green tea, iced coffee, iced oolong tea, apple juice, spring water) and hot wet towel are included.

Ordinary class

Even ordinary class seat is better than previous series. The seat pitch is 1040mm. This is a standard of Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen. But 980mm is a standard on other Tohoku Shinkansen trains. The seat configuration is 2+3. It is same as other Shinkansen trains. But the seat width of left side and right side of 3 is 440mm and center seat is 460mm. The seat width of 2 is 430mm. The power outlet is equipped at all window side seats and all first row seats.

Sanitary space

Passenger’s deck

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    1. Hi Joan,

      There is luggage rack above the seat, like a flight.
      It can accommodate a hand-carry size suitcase but a full size suitcase may not be fit. Otherwise you have to place it in your leg space. There is no other luggage space in the train.


      Takeshi /

  1. I hope this is not a silly question, but in the past some people riding the Gran Class request a survey and they received a Gran Class pass holder. Do they still hand out these surveys and pass holders or was this during the initial run only?

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