Train travel tips

Coin lockers are available many many places in Tokyo station at both inside and outside the ticket gates.

This page shows you the list of the posts in regards to the train travel tips. You can find the information about the train delay/suspension, the luggage handling, and the meal option on board.

In case of facing train delay and/or suspension

You can learn how to manage when you face a train delay and suspension.

How to find the way and avoid losing the way in the station

You may worry about the trip to Japan because you do not understand any Japanese words. However you can travel very easily in Japan by train because there are so many signages in the train and the station. You can find the detailed information in this page.

Baggage handling on board

The luggage handling may be issue in the train because most trains do not have any luggage space. Please find more information in the post below:

Eat and drink on board

Eating and drinking on board may make your trip be more memorable. Please find more information in the post below:

About Wifi and internet connection

Seasonality of the travel by train

You can find the calendar of the peak periods in 2020.

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