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7 best day trip plans from Sapporo. DIY trip planner with a rail pass

Traveling with luggage may be a hassle for you. If you want to minimize traveling with a luggage, consider a day trip. In this post, I will show you seven places where you can reach from Sapporo by a rail pass, such as JR Pass, Hokkaido Rail Pass.
Hokkaido Area

Hokkaido Train Guide. Guide of the access route to major places in Hokkaido by train

Hokkaido is very very popular destination. There are lots of places to see. However this island is quite large. You must know the best way between the places to save your trip time.
Station information

Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto station guide. How to change between the Hokkaido Shinkansen and the conventional train to Sapporo and Hakodate

Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto station is the Shinkansen terminal station in Hakodate. But it is a bit away from the city of Hakodate. And this station is also the transfer point of the train to Sapporo. You can find how to change the trains in this post.
2017 Hokkaido

Trip to Hokkaido in 2017 winter – Part 7, Noboribetsu Onsen to Hakodate via Lake Toya

My trip report to Hokkaido in 2017. This post is part 7 of the report from Noboribetsu to Hakodate via Lake Toya.
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