Narita (NRT)

Narita airport access guide. Narita airport to Tokyo deal guide

This post explains you how to choose the way to Tokyo and surrounding places from Tokyo. And also you can find the available deal for the route which you take.
2013 winter Tohoku & Nagano trip

How long you have to spend to get out Narita airport. Trip to Tohoku and Nagano in 2013 winter – Part 1, from Narita airport to Ueno

2013 winter trip route map I had a trip to Tohoku area and Nagano area in this past January and February. I stayed t...
Limited Express

Compare many rail services and shuttle bus. How to get downtown Tokyo from Narita airport.

Narita airport is mostly your gateway to explore in Japan. But Narita airport is not close to downtown Tokyo. You ha...
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