Rail pass for visitors

All Shikoku Rail Pass. The best deal to visit Shikoku and covers all train services in Shikoku.

All Shikoku Rail Pass covers not only JR trains but also all non JR trains in Shikoku. This is very useful if you travel whole part of Shikoku. You may find more information about All Shikoku Rail Pass in this post.
2015 spring Shikoku

Trip to Shikoku in 2015 spring – Part 6, visiting Oboke gorge and riding Anpanman train.

This post is continued from Trip to Shikoku in 2015 spring – Part 5, visiting Ryugado from Kochi. After visiting...
Seasonal trains schedule

Schedule of 2013 fall seasonal trains of Japan Railway

I believe autumn is the best season to travel in Japan. Fall color leaves are magnificent. It will be unforgettable ...
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