Kansai airport to/from Namba access route. 5 ways of transfer for KIX-Namba

Kansai (KIX)
Kansai Thru Pass do not include limited express surcharge. You need to pay additional for riding Nankai Airport Express Rapi:t.

Namba is one of downtown cores in Osaka. There are JR (train), Nankai Railway (train) and Airport Limousine bus to get Namba from Kansai airport.

Access route map (Click to view large)

In this post, I will show you these three ways and you can find which one is the best one of your trip.

The limited express Rapi:t (Nankai Railway)

Nankai Railway’s Rapi:t has very unique exterior.

Travel time : 40 to 50 minutes
Fare : 1,140 yen (online discount ticket)

Rapi:t is the fastest and most comfortable way to get Namba. This train connects Kansai airport and Namba directly. This train offers very comfortable seat.

The fare is higher than the next one, Airport Express. But it is worth paying.

But this train is NOT covered by JR Pass and other JR train passes. If you intend to use JR Pass or other JR deals, such as Kansai Area Pass, this train is not your choice.



Airport Express (Nankai Railway)

Nankai Railway’s rapid service is a sort of commute train.

Travel time : 45 to 50 minutes
Fare : 930 yen (regular fare ticket)

Airport Express is an ordinary commute train. The interior is nothign special. But this train connects Kansai airport and Namba directly too and the fare is cheaper than Rapi:t. If you do not use JR Pass or any other JR deals and look for a budget way to get Namba, this trains is your choice. This train is not covered by JR Pass or other JR passes.

You can buy a ticket at the vending machine in Kansai airport station. If you use IC card, such as Suica, ICOCA, Kansai One Pass, you may use IC card to take this train.


The limited express Haruka (JR train)

The limited express Haruka from KIX is covered by JR Pass and other JR deals.

Travel time : Approximately 50 minutes
*Haruka to Tennoji and local train ride to JR-Namba
Fare : 2,270 yen
*JR Pass and other JR passes cover Haruka fully.

If you use JR Pass, Kansai Area Pass, Kansai Wide Area Pass, Kansai Hiroshima Area Pass, Takayama Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass, Sanyo Sanin Area Pass, Kansai Hokuriku Area Pass, you may take Haruka without any extra charge. If you want to maximize using the pass, take Haruka. If you just look for Haruka ticket only, you can buy it at Klook:


However this train does not go to Namba directly. You have to change from Haruka to a local train at Tennoji. Nankai Railway is more convenient. If you do not use JR Pass or other JR train passes, this train is not recommend to get Namba.

And JR-Namba station is not located in the center of Namba. This is another reason why I do not recommend you to take this train. Of course if you stay near JR-Namba station, you can go for it.

Kansai Airport Rapid (JR train)

Kansai Airport Rapid Service trains (JR West 223 and 225 series)

Travel time : 1 hour
(Require transfer at either Tennoji or Shin-Imamiya)
Fare : 1,080 yen

*JR Pass and other JR passes cover Haruka fully.

Kansai Airport Rapid is a commuter’s train. The interior is nothing special. If you use JR Pass or other JR train passes, you can take this train. But Haruka is better. This train does not go to JR-Namba directly either. I cannot find any reason to take this train by JR Pass or other JR train passes.

Airport Limousine Bus

Travel time : 50 minutes
Fare : 1,100 yen

If you do not use JR Pass or other JR train passes and want to get JR-Namba (OCAT), you may take this bus. It takes you OCAT directly. OCAT means Osaka City Air Terminal. It is same location as JR-Namba station.

There is midnight bus service. But the midnight bus goes to Namba station. It does not go to OCAT. On the other hand, the regular day time bus does not go to Namba station. The fare of Midnight bus is 1,600 yen. It is higher than the regular daytime bus.

I hope you have got the best one for your trip from Kansai airport to Namba.


  1. Hi Takeshi,
    We’re going to Japan for seven days and I would like to know what kind of passes,or train to use during our commute, here’s our itinerary:
    1. From KIX to Nagahori Kotani Mansion (Shimanochi Chuo-ku)
    2. Nagahori Kotani Mansion to Osaka Castle
    3. Nagahori Kotani Mansion to Universal Studios Japan
    4. Nagahori Kotani Mansion to Kyoto
    5. Nagahori Kotani Mansion to Tokyo (prefer Shinkansen)
    6. Tokyo station to Le tour Hotel Akihanara Ekimae
    7. Le tour Hotel Akihabara Ekimae to Shibuya Crossing
    8. Le tour Hotel Akihabara Ekimae to Tokyo Disneyland
    9. Le tour Hotel Akihabara Ekimae to Imperial Palace
    9. Le tour Hotel Akihabara Ekimae to NArita Airport
    I have my 1 year old and 4 years old with me during the trip, so it will really be a great help,if I already know which way we will go on our trip. Thank you so much in advance!

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi Takeshi,
    We’re going to Kansai for seven days and I’m wondering what kind of passes, if any, should we purchase. Our intinerary includes:
    1. From KIX to Swissotel Nankai (we will ride the Nankai Rapi:t)
    2. Swissotel to Arima Onsen (probably Hankyu bus as no need for transfer)
    3. Arima Onsen to Kobe and back
    4. Arima Onsen to Kyoto (prefer Shinkansen)
    5. Kyoto ton Shin Osaka (Shinkansen)
    We need reserved seats as much as possible because we have a 86 years old in our party. We will be taking a lot of taxis for short trips, like from Shin Osaka to Swissotel. I think there is no pass that will work for us but would like to hear from an expert. Thank you!

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