How to choose the deals for access to/from Kansai Airport

Kansai Airport arrival  level at ground floor
Kansai Airport arrival level at ground floor

If you arrive in Kansai airport, most of you go to Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe or maybe Nara, Wakayama. There are many deals that you can choose. You maybe confused and overwhelmed to pick up. In this post, I would like to show you all available deals and help you to find the best deal for you.

If you have plan to stay in Osaka for entire stay and make day trips to other places from Osaka, the following post may help you to build your itinerary.

How to build the itinerary and choose the deals for Osaka stay 5 to 7 days.

Regular ticket

Nankai Railway’s express train is a sort of commute train.

There are so many deals available. But regular ticket is the best choice if you go to Namba, Shin-Imamiya or other stations on Nankai railway. Single ticket is 920 yen to get Namba or Shin-Imamiya by Nankai railway airport express train.

Limited Express Haruka connects Kansai airport and Kyoto via Tennoji and Shin-Osaka.
Limited Express Haruka connects Kansai airport and Kyoto via Tennoji and Shin-Osaka.

ICOCA and Haruka, Haruka discount ticket

Suggested destinations: Shin-Osaka, Kyoto and Tennoji
Other accessible destinations: Osaka (Umeda), JR-Namba (Namba), other stations on Osaka Kanjo (loop) line,Kobe, Sannomiya
Price: starting from 1,100 yen (Haruka ticket only)

This deal includes non reserved seat on Limited Express Haruka that runs between Kansai airport and Kyoto, and 1500 yen preload e-money in ICOCA card. And also you may use Haruka ticket only if you do not want ICOCA.

Limited Express Haruka can take you Tennoji, Shin-Osaka and Kyoto directly. This train is only direct train service to Kyoto from Kansai airport.

As long as you don’t exit the station, you can transfer to other trains in coverage area as many as you want. You can access to JR-Namba from Tennoji, Osaka and Kobe from Shin-Osaka. The combination of Limited Express Haruka and local train is not the best choice to get Namba and Kobe. But if you want to have ICOCA e-money, you can use this deal. Please find more information about this deal at the link below:

ICOCA and Haruka ticket. Very flexible and good deal for tourist who stay in Kansai.

Kansai airport station ticket counter. Left side (Orange) is Nankai Railway's counter and other side is JR.
Kansai airport station ticket counter. Left side (Orange) is Nankai Railway’s counter and other side is JR.

Kanku Chikatoku Ticket

Suggested destinations: All stations on Osaka subway lines
Price: 1,000 yen

This deal includes one way base fare between Kansai airport and Namba, and Osaka subway ticket. You can access to all stations on Osaka subway lines and New Tram lines. Actually this ticket is most affordable way to get Umeda (JR Osaka) and Shin-Osaka. Please find more information at the following link:

Nankai Railway’s official site, Kanku Chikatoku Ticket

If you go to Namba, base fare ticket is 920 yen and this deal is sold at 1000 yen. Single ticket is cheaper. You may take next deal, Kanku Tokuwari Rapi:t Ticket or Kanku Webtoku Rapi:t Ticket.

Nankai Railway's Rapi:t has very unique exterior.
Nankai Railway’s Rapi:t has very unique exterior.

Kanku Tokuwari Rapi:t Ticket / Kanku-Webtoku Ticket

Suggested destinations: Namba
Price: 1130 yen

It includes a base fare for Kansai Airport to/from Namba and Limited Express Rapi:t seat fare. Regular total fare is 1430 yen and this deal is sold at 1130 yen. You can save 300 yen. I think these deals are same. The only difference is “Webtoku” is sold at online and “Tokuwari” is sold at the station. I could not find any difference other than that. Please find more information at the links below:

Kanku Tokuwari Rapi:t Ticket / Kanku-Webtoku Ticket

If you travel the peak season, you may take Kanku-Webtoku Ticket online. Otherwise you can purchase Kanku Tokuwari Rapi:t Ticket on the spot.

If you intend to take Limited Express “Rapi:t” to Namba and transfer to Osaka subway, Kansai Tokuwari Rapi:t Ticket + subway single fare is cheaper than Kansai Chikatoku Ticket + Rapi:t Express Surcharge. Because in Osaka subway fare table, the highest fare is 370 yen. On the other hand, Rapi:t express surcharge is 510 yen. Kansai Chikatoku Ticket and surcharge is 1.510 yen. Amd Kanku Tokuwai Rapi:t Ticket + Osaka subway single fare never be more than 1,500 yen. If you go to Shinsaibashi from Kansai airport, you need to pay Osaka subway fare 180 yen and Kanku Tokuwari Rapi:t Ticket 1,130 yen. In most case, subway fare is 180 yen, 240 yen or 280 yen.

Namba Access Rapi:t Ticket

Suggested destinations: Namba and all stations on Osaka subway lines
Price: 2,000 yen

This deal includes one way trip ticket from Kansai airport to Namba by Rapi:t between Kansai airport and one day unlimited subway ride pass. But this pass is sold at a few travel agencies in Asian countries only. You cannot purchase this in Japan. Please find the detailed information at the links below:

Namba Access Rapi:t Ticet | Handling travel agency list

Yokoso! Osaka Ticket

Suggested destinations: All part of downtown Osaka
Price: 1,500 yen

This deal is the combination of Kanku Tokuwari Rapi:t Ticket (1,130 yen) and Enjoy Eco Card (Osaka subway and bus one day unlimited ride pass at 800 yen for weekday and 600 yen for weekend/holiday). If you intend to do sightseeing in Osaka on arrival day, this deal is the best deal for you. The following link shows you the detail of this deal:

Yokoso! Osaka Ticket

But if you stay in Osaka and go outside Osaka on arrival day, like Kyoto, Nara or Kobe, Kansai Thru Pass is better deal. Please see below.

Nara Access Ticket

Suggested destinations: Nara
Price: 1,230 yen

This deal includes base fare for Nankai Railway from Kansai airport to Namba and Kintetsu Railway from Osaka-Namba to Nara. This is most affordable deal to get Nara. But it does not include any express surcharge. If you want to take Limited Express Rapi:t from Kansai airport to Namba, you have to add 510 yen on top of this deal. Please find more information at the link below:

Nara Access Ticket

If you go to Nara, you can use JR’s Kansai Area Pass. One day type of this pass is 2,200 yen. It’s way more expensive than Nara Access Ticket. But if you use Nara Access Ticket, you have to exit Nankai Namba station and walk to Kintetsu Railway’s Osaka-Namba station. It is not very far. But you have to walk with your luggage in very crowded underground path for 5 to 10 minutes. If you use Kansai Area Pass, you can transfer at Tennoji station. You have to transfer but it is same station and you do not need to exit the station. It is much easier than changing trains at Osaka-Namba. Please find more information about Kansai Area Pass at the below.

And also there is limousine bus service between Kansai airport and Nara. This is only way to get Nara directly. If you want the easiest travel, bus is the best solution.

Limousin bus Kansai airport – Nara

All bus services depart from ground level.
All bus services depart from ground level.

Kobe Access Ticket

Suggested destinations: Kobe
Price: 1,130 yen

This deal includes base fare for Nankai Railway from Kansai airport to Namba and Hanshin Railway from Osaka-Namba to Kobe-Sannomiya and Motomachi. This is most affordable deal to get Kobe. It is very similar to Nara Access Ticket. This deal does not include any express surcharge either. If you want to take Limited Express Rapi:t from Kansai airport to Namba, you have to add 510 yen on top of this deal. Please find more information at the link below:

Kobe Access Ticket

This is exactly same situation as Nara Access Ticket above. Because Hanshin Railway’s Osaka-Namba station is same location as Kintetsu Railway’s station. You have to exit Nankai Namba station and walk to Hanshin Railway’s Osaka-Namba station. It is not very far. But you have to walk with your luggage in very crowded underground path for 5 to 10 minutes. You can use JR’s ICOCA and Haruka or Kansai Area Pass one day. But limousine bus service between Kansai airport and Kobe is the easiest way to get Kobe.

Limousin bus Kansai airport – Kobe

You also have a choice to take high speed ferry to Kobe. You can find the information about this ferry service below.

Kansai Area Pass

Suggested destinations: All places in Kansai and surrounding area
Price: 2,200 yen for one day and up

This deal gives you unlimited ride for JR trains in Kansai and outside Kansai area, If you visit other than Kobe, Kyoto and Osaka. This deal may be considerable. Especially if you will stay in Himeji, outside Kyoto city, like Kameyama, and Shiga prefecture, like Otsu, HIkone, this pass is only deal for you. If you go to Nara and intend to take Limited Express Haruka to Tennoji, this deal is a bit cheaper than single fare. But if you go to Wakayama, single fare is cheaper. Please find the detail of this pass at the link below:

How to use JR West Kansai Area Pass. Compare pass and single fare.

Kansai Thru Pass

Suggested destinations: All places in Kansai and surrounding area
Price: 4,000 yen for 2 days, 5,200 yen for 3 days

This deal gives you unlimited ride for private railway lines, subway lines and bus lines. The coverage area is very similar to Kansai Area Pass above. But this deal covers subway lines and bus lines in Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. It is much more useful for sightseeing in any places in Kansai area. If you visit outside Osaka after arrival and visiting outside Osaka another day, this deal is most recommended. Please see the details at the following link:

How to use Kansai Thru Pass. Compare pass and single fare.

I do not recommend you to use this deal to get Kyoto. Because it is too complicated for overseas travellers to get Kyoto by this pass. You have to change the trains at least twice. And all trains are commuter’s train. It is not a good way to get there on arrival day with huge luggage. I do not show you Kyoto Access Ticket either. Because you have to take same route as Kansai Thru Pass. It is not a good idea to get Kyoto. ICOCA and Haruka is the best way to get Kyoto.

Bay Shuttle high speed ferry

Suggested destinations: Kobe
Price: 1,850 yen for one way and Port Liner to Sannomiya, 3,000 yen for return

This is not a deal but this high speed ferry is one of the direct access to Kobe from KIX.

Bay Shuttle high speed ferry

But this ferry does not take you downtown Kobe directly. Even though the fare include Port Liner ticket that is a train to Kobe-Sannomiya, you have to transfer. And also you have to take a bus to the port from airport terminal building at KIX side too.

If you want to have a direct access to Kobe-Sannomiya, limousine bus is better choice.

Limousine bus to Kobe

The fare is a bit higher but all you need to do is just hopping on bus at KIX. It takes you to Kobe-Sannomiya directly.

289 thoughts on “How to choose the deals for access to/from Kansai Airport”

  1. Hi Takeshi-san

    I will be arrived at KIX in the morning and plan to buy Yokoso ticket, is it possible for me to use this pass from KIX to Tengachaya because my hotel is in Nagahoribashi and i have to take subway from tengachaya to Nagahoribashi


          1. One more thing to ask you,
            What about rinku premium outlet stopover ticket, can i start to use it from tengachaya station instead of namba station to rinkutown?
            Thank you

          2. Hi Nadia,

            No, you can’t. Because you have to purchase this ticket at Namba station and you have to use on the day of purchase. That means you have to start the trip from Namba.


            Takeshi /

          3. I almost buy it online this evening if there is no information from you.
            No word to say than thank you so much

  2. Hi Takeshi-san

    We will be going to Japan end November for 9 days and would like to get your advise on the transport pass .

    Day 1 & Day 2 – Osaka
    Arrival Kansai airport , stay at Namba area – are there separate stations Nankai Namba and Namba then JR Namba
    Main Places to visit :
    Umeda , Grand Front Osaka , Dotonbori , Shinsaibashi , Tempozan Ferry Wheel , Kuromon Market , Tombori cruise . . .

    Day 3 and 4 – Kyoto ( from Osaka – Namba )
    Stay near Kyoto Station
    Main places to visit :
    Arashiyama – Bamboo Groove , Sagano Scenic Train , Kinkakuji Golden Pavillion , Kiyomizudera , Fushimi Inari , Nishiki Market , Gion . .
    * * I read that most will take bus from Kyoto station to Kiyomizudera / Kinkakuji – – would train be a better option or bus – – need advise

    Day 5 and 6 – Hakone ( from Kyoto )
    Stay near Lake Ashi or Yumoto
    Main places to visit :
    Will buy the Hakone 2 day Pass – will the pass include our train ride from Hakone -Odawara to Shinjuku with the Romance Train – – pls advise
    Also we will like to visit Gotemba and is possible Mount Fuji 5th station if weather is ok – pls advise which is the Pass to purchase
    * * Is shinkansen a better option leaving from Odawara to Shibuya / Tokyo or the Romance Train from Odawara to Shinjuku – – need your advise

    Day 7 , 8 and 9 – Tokyo staying at Shibuya near station
    Main places to visit
    – Shinjuku , Roppongi , Tsukiji Market , Harajuku , Tokyo sightseeing places ( excl Disney )
    – Kamakura : Is it possible for Romance train route from Shinjuku

    * * Not sure if we can pack a day trip to Hokkaido . if we do what is the suggested train pass

    Appreciate your advise on the suggestion for the PASS to purchase and do we need a 7 day Shinkanzen pass


    1. Hi Ming san,

      The following passes are recommended.

      Yokoso Osaka ticket for day 1 or may be day 1 and 2
      If you arrive early on day 1 and intend to visit some places, you can use portion of subway pass on day 1. Otherwise you can use it on day 2. If you use it on day 1, you may add other passes on day 2. Please see the link below:

      Single ticket required for Osaka to Kyoto and Kyoto to Odawara.

      In Kyoto, you can use city deals.

      You can purchase Hakone Free pass at Odawara but this does not include the trip to Shinjuku. You need to add single fare ticket to Shinjuku from Odawara. You can purchase it at same time when you purchase Hakone Free Pass. Odakyu is better than Shinkansen because you can get Shinjuku directly from Hakone.

      There is no deals to cover 5th station. If you want to go, you need to add bus ticket from Gotemba to Kawaguchiko and Kawaguchiko to 5th station.

      Please see the links below to find the info about Kamakura and Tokyo.

      You are thinking about trip to Hokkaido, right? If so, it’s very busy trip.

      If you do this, you should have JR pass. Even if you use JR Pass for this Hokkaido trip, it works. You should use JR pass for Kyoto-Odawara Shinkansen trip. And you should also take Shinkansen from Odawara because it’s covered by JR Pass. You can use JR pass for many part of your trip.

      So you MUST decide you go to Hokkaido or not. It’s a huge difference if you go or not.


      Takeshi /

      1. Hi Takeshi-San
        Thanks for the prompt reply and appreciate your advise.
        Looking at the itinery again , decided to leave Hakone for another trip as it is too hectic .
        If NO Hakone then we need not buy JR Shinkanzen 7 day pass , cost abt ¥ 29,000 – is my understanding correct , pls advise . Thanks again

          1. Hi Takeshi-San
            Apologies for the typo error Hakone instead of Hokkaido .
            Thanks for the advise . Appreciate much

          2. Hi Takeshi-San

            Will be in Tokyo for 3 days , stay near Shibuya station .
            Will be free and easy in Tokyo Shinjuku Shibuya .
            Excluding both Disney , Asakusa .
            What would be the recommended 3 days pass for transport

            Also we plan to go Tsukiji from nearby Shibuya station around 4:30am – 5am for food . What would be a better transport option .

            Thanks again

          3. Hi Ming san,

            Tokyo subway ticket is most common deal for the trip in Tokyo. Please see the link below:

            Train starts to run around 4:30 on Yamanote line and 5:00 on subway. You cannot get Tsukiji market by 5:00 by train. You may use Yamanote line from Shibuya to Yoyogi and change subway Oedo line to Tsukijishijo. But the earliest trip takes you Tsujiki around 5:30. If you want to get there earlier, taxi is only way but it’s so expensive. I don’t have taxi rate but I expect you will pay at lease 3000 yen.


            Takeshi /

          4. Hi Takeshi-san
            If i buy the Yokoso Pass and start the pass on the same day as arrival , am i able to take the Kansai Airport Rapid to Osaka station .
            KIndly advise . Thanks

          5. Hi Ming san,

            Yokoso Osaka Pass does not cover any JR trains. If you want to go to Osaka station, you have to take Nankai railway to Namba and then take subway to Umeda which is same location as JR Osaka station. There is no direct way to get Osaka by this deal.


            Takeshi /

          6. Hi Takeshi-san
            the ECO card which I am planning to buy includes all buses and subway and excludes JR , am I correct ?

          7. Hi Takeshi-san
            Need your advise again due to changes in our plan .
            Which pass / ticket is recommended for the revised itinery – for # 1 and # 2

            1 Osaka 2 days – Stay Umeda area . Will travel from Osaka station to Namba , Dotonboti , Sinsaibashi etc ( excluding Universal Studio / Aquarium )
            2 Kyoto 2 days – Stay in Osaka near Namba and travel daily to Kyoto – sightseeing Kyoto East , West , South areas


  3. Ohayou gozaimasu Takeshi-san,

    i’m relieved to find out your website as it gives me ideas on planning my upcoming trip to Kansai this November 2016.
    Kindly advise on my itinerary as below either the route/pass i’m going to take is ok or not :

    Day1 : KIX – Osaka Area
    8.25 am : arrive at KIX .
    places to go:
    a) KIX –> Shin Imamiya Stn. Check in hotel. (using Nankai Railway single ticket = 920 yen)
    b) Shin Imamiya Stn –> Explore within Osaka municipal subway (using Osaka Visitor’s Ticket = 550yen)

    Day2: Osaka – Nara – Mt. Ikoma – Kyoto
    a) Dobutsuenmae Stn–> Kintetsu Nara Stn, Nara Park,
    Naramachi , Nakatanidou
    b) Nara Stn –> ikoma sanjo stn , cable car (turn back from Nara
    because the earliest cable car is only on 8.25 a.m.)
    c) Ikoma sanjo stn –> Kyoto Stn, Kyoto Tower
    d) Check in hotel by 30 mins walking mode from Kyoto Stn
    (using Kintetsu Rail Pass = 1500 yen)
    Places to go on D2 Kyoto:
    -Gion Corner
    – Minami Shirakawa Street
    (both walk from hotel)

    Day3 : Kyoto Stn – Arashiyama – Minoo Park – Kobe – Kyoto
    a) Gion Shijo Stn –> Sanjo Hankyu Stn –> Arashiyama
    Places to go :
    Togetsukyo Bridge , Bamboo Forest, Sagano Romantic Train
    b) Arashiyama –> Minoo Park
    c) Minoo Park –> Kobe Sannomiya Stn (Kobe Mosque, kobe
    d) Back to Gion Shijo —> Tofukuji Stn (check in other hotel)
    — a to c : using Hankyu Pass = 800 yen
    — d : using Keihan Train single ticket = 150 yen

    Day4: Fushimi Inari – Kiyomizudera – Fumin No Mori, Hoshi No Buranko – Osaka
    Check out hotel.
    a) Tofukuji Stn –> Fushimi Inari Stn
    b) Fushimi Inari –> Shichijo Stn (Kyoto City Bus single fare) –> Kiyomizudera Temple
    c) Temple –> Kiyomizu Gojo Stn (walk 20min)
    d) Kiyomizu Gojo –> Kisaichi Stn
    e) Kitahama Stn –> Dobutsuenmae Stn, check in hotel (single fare Osaka Subway = 240 yen)
    — a to d using Keihan Kyoto-Osaka Sightseeing Pass = 700 yen

    Day5: Osaka hotel – Kuromon Ichiba – KIX
    a) Dobutsuenmae Stn –> Nippombashi Stn (market ) –> Namba Stn –> KIX ,(Haruka Train)
    (using Osaka subway & Haruka single ticket)

    Takeshi-san , what is your opinion of this itinerary? Which route/pass should i implement? FYI, i’m decided not to use Kansai Thru Pass.

    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
    Arigatou gozaimasu in advance.

    1. Hi Nurul san,

      I’m very impressed by your work. You have researched very deeply and very very organized!

      I have three things to mention.

      1. Arrival day
      How about using Yokoso Osaka ticket?
      Cost is almost same as your plan but this deal includes limited express Rapi:t seat fee. This is better deal.

      2. Day 3
      It may be tight. I think you will spend morning in Arashiyama. And then go to Minoo. It takes one hour. You need to walk along the river in Minoo. 2 hours is minimum. When you get Kobe, it may be dusk. If you are okay with staying in Kobe during evening, you can do it. If not, please choose two of Arashiyama, Minoo and Kobe.

      3. Departure day
      Do you really want to take Haruka from Tennoji? You can take Nankai railway from Namba to KIX directly. This is much easier.


      Takeshi /

      1. Konnichiwa Takeshi-san. O-genki desu ka today?

        Arigatou gozaimasu Takeshi-san for your compliment & reviews towards my itinerary.

        1. Arrival day: it’s a great idea of you to use Yokoso ticket as it doesn’t differ much. Thanks a lot.

        2. Day3 : if that so, i’ll maybe re-adjust the Kobe trip to other day or day 1 using Hanshin Pass due to time restriction.

        3. Departure day : i’m planning to get experience on using Haruka as i heard the technology is awesome. What is your opinion Takeshi-san if I turn back from Nippombashi (kuromon Ichiba) to Tennoji in order to board on Haruka? is it time consuming? …. fyi, my flight will be on 4 p.m.

        Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

  4. Hi Takeshi-san!

    I would like to ask you which pass shall we buy for our upcoming Japan trip if our itinerary are as follows:

    Day1- Arrival at Kansai Airport 0600H
    Osaka tour (will be staying near Osaka-Umeda station) and Dotonburi
    Day2- Universal Studios Japan
    Day3- Kyoto sight seeing then back to Osaka
    Day4- Explore the rest of Osaka
    Day5-Departure via Kansai Airport

    Thank you!!!

  5. Hi Takeshi !

    I will be staying 5 mins away from JR Namba.. or I can walk 10 mins to OCAT Namba.

    I have an early flight From KIX airport at 7:20AM.
    I understand that the first train runs at 5AM.

    What is the fastest and cheapest way that can get me to KIX ? Thanks for your help!

  6. Hi Takeshi San,

    We are planning to do trip around Kansai Area from 4th to 15th Oct 2016 with the following plan :

    4th : Travel from Kansai Airport to Kyoto
    5th: Kinkaku-ji Temple, Arashiyama, Tenryu-Ji Temple and Bamboo Forest
    6th : Nishiki Market
    7th : Fushimi Inari
    8th : Ryokan stay at Kyoto
    9th : Back to Osaka
    10th : 1 night stay at Koyasan Jimyo In
    11th : Back to Osaka
    12th : Universal Studio Japan
    13th : Nara Day Trip
    14th and 15th : Osaka

    What pass will you recommend for such itinerary ? And if we were to slot in 1 day for Hiroshima Trip, is it advisable ?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Vengky san,

      Basically you can follow my sample itinerary in the link below:

      It does not include Koyasan. You can add Kansai thru pass 2 days for trip to Koyasan and trip to Nara.

      But if you add Hiroshima, it’s different story. Actually you can add day trip to Hiroshima on 9th or 14th.

      In this case, you need to add Kansai Hiroshima area pass.

      It covers Nara but not Koyasan. You have to use Koyasan World Heritage Pass for just Koyasan instead of Kansai thru pass.


      Takeshi /

  7. Dear Takeshi-san,

    May i know if I can stop at Shijo Kawasuma (Hankyu) instead of Kawaramachi station if I use Kyoto Access Ticket? I googled Hankyu website but there is limited information on this part.

    Hui Ling

    1. Hi Hui san,

      Actually you can get off at any Hankyu railway station on the way to Kawaramachi. Of course you can get off at Shijo-Karazuma. Once you exit Shijo-Karasuma, this ticket is expired.


      Takeshi /

      1. Hai Takeshi San,

        Thanks so much for the information. You really help solving my query and this give me more idea on hotel booking.thanks again

  8. I will be arriving at KIX and going to Nippombashi station. What is the best and cheapest way to get to Nippombashi station?


      1. Hi Takeshi,

        I’ll be heading to Nippombashi as well but my flight will only arrive 2120 at night. Assuming I require at least one hour to finish clearance with some delays, what’s the best way to my destination?
        Will chikatoku or tokuwari be any use here?

        Thank you

  9. Hello Takeshi san!

    I am back from our 11days Osaka-Kyoto-Nara-Kobe-Himeji-Hiroshima trip!

    Thank you so much for all the information you had provided us. We owe you a lot

    I am writing you for a friend who will be going to Kansai in July. They will be staying in an Airbnb apartment very near TSUKAMOTO Station.

    I made a research myself & OH its not in the Osaka subway line!

    Pls suggest the best pass they can use during the day of their arrival from KIX.

    Thank you Takeshi san!



  10. hi takeshi-san,

    i will be arriving in kansai airport in the morning and will make my way to osaka. my accommodation in osaka is near nagahoribashi subway station.

    based on, the best route would be

    just to clarify, for Kanku Chikatoku Ticket (1000yen) can we do the transfer from nankai railway to osaka subway at TENGACHAYA station?
    or the ticket is only valid for transfer in NAMBA?
    if the ticket is only valid for transfer in NAMBA, then it will mean we have to walk from nankai (namba) to nankai(subway) and make a subway transfer at NIPPOMBASHI / SHINSAIBASHI?

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