Sample itinerary of staying in Osaka, Kyoto and Osaka 8 days

Kinkakuji temple in Kyoto ©Akira Okada/©JNTO7 to 9 days
Kiyomizu-dera temple in Kyoto ©Akira Okada/©JNTO
Torii gates in Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto

I have made two sample itineraries of Osaka and Kyoto before. The first one is staying in Kyoto and them moving to Osaka.

Visit Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and Kobe for 5 to 7 days sample itinerary

Another one is staying in Osaka first and then moving to Kyoto.

Visit Osaka and Kyoto for 5 to 7 days sample itinerary

But I have received some inquiries about Osaka to Kyoto, and go back to Osaka again. I would like to show you this type of itinerary and think about most effective deal.

Day 1, Kansai to Namba, Osaka

There are many choices for Kansai airport to Osaka. Before choosing a deal or a ticket, you have to decide where you stay. Roughly speaking, these following three choices are most common:

  • Nankai Railway regular ticket
    For staying near Namba, Shin-Imamiya or other stations on Nankai Railway between Kansai airport and Namba
  • ICOCA and Haruka
    For staying near Tennoji, Shin-Osaka or other JR stations in downtown Osaka
  • Nankai Railway and subway combo ticket (a.k.a. Kanku Chikatoku Ticket)
    For staying near Osaka subway stations other than Namba, Tennoji and Dobutsuenmae (Shin-Imamiya)

There are many more deals available. Please see the link below to find the information about the deal:

Sample itinerary
In this sample, I picked Namba as the place to stay. Regular fare ticket is most affordable choice.
Kansai airport (Nankai Railway Rapid train) Namba

Day 2, sightseeing in Osaka

Osaka castle, icon of Osaka (C) Osaka Government Tourism Bureau / JNTO

These three deals are very common:

  • Osaka Amazing Pass
    If you intend to visit three or more attractions on the list of this pass
  • Osaka Kaiyu Ticket
    If you want to visit Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium
  • Osaka subway deal (Osaka Visitors Ticket or Osaka Eco Card)
    For staying near Osaka subway stations other than Namba, Tennoji and Dobutsuenmae (Shin-Imamiya)

If you spend whole day in Universal Studio Japan, no deal is required. Just pay regular fare as you go. You may find the detailed information about the deal of Osaka in the link below:

Sample itinerary
Using Osaka Amazing Pass
Namba (Subway Midousuji line / 10 mimutes) Tennoji
– 1 hours at Shitenoji temple (covered by Osaka Amazing Pass)
Tennoji (Subway Tanimachi line / 10 minutes) Tanimachi-4chome
– 2 hours at Osaka Castle (covered by Osaka Amazing Pass)
Tanimachi-4chome (Subway Chuo line / 15 minutes) Osakako
– LEGOLAND Discovery Center Osaka (covered by Osaka Amazing Pass)
– Tenpozan Giant Ferris Wheel (covered by Osaka Amazing Pass)
– Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium (discount by Osaka Amazing Pass)
* Total 4 hours for these three above attractions.
Osakako (Subway Chuo line / 10 minutes) Hommachi (Subway Midousuji line / 5 minutes) Umeda
– Umeda Sky Building (covered by Osaka Amazing Pass until 18:00)
* If your schedule is tight, pick up one or two facilities of LEGOLAND, Tenpozan Giant Ferris Wheel and/or Kaiyukan. 4 hours may be too short for these three places, especially if you travel with seniors and/or small children. You have to keep in mind that after 18:00, Osaka Amazing Pass does not cover Umeda Sky Building at all.
Umeda (Subway Midousuji line / 15 minutes) Namba

Day 3, Namba, Osaka to Kyoto, and sightseeing in Kyoto after arrival

Togetsukyo bridge in Arashiyama, Kyoto. ©Yasufumi Nishi/©JNTO

You may use one day of Kansai Thru Pass 3 days. Kansai Thru Pass is most useful pass to go around Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Wakayama and Koyasan.

This pass covers subway, city bus and most of major privates railway lines, such as Hankyu Railway, Keihan Railway, Kintetsu Railway. You can take subway and one of these railways to get Kyoto by Kansai thru pass. After arrival in Kyoto, you can use Kansai thru pass to take trains, subways and city bus lines to visit many places in Kyoto.

Sample itinerary
Namba (Kintetsu Railway / 30 mins) Yamato-Saidaiji (Kintetsu Railway / 40 mins) Kyoto
– Check in hotel and drop off baggage
Kyoto (Subway Karasuma line / 5 mins) Karasuma-Oike (Subway Tozai line / 10 mins) Uzumasa-Tenjingawa / Randen-Tenjingawa (Randen Arashiyama line / 15 mins) Arashiyama
– Half day at Arashiyama
Arashiyama (Randen Arashiyama line / 10 mins) Katabiranotsuji (Randen Kitano line / 10 mins) Kitano-Hakubaicho (Kyoto city bus / 5 mins) Kinkakuji-michi
– 2 hours at Kinkaku-ji temple (Golden pavilion)
Kinkakuji-michi (Kyoto city bus / 10 mins) Kitaoji (Subway Karasuma line / 15 mins) Kyoto

You will take various trains and buses but all trips are covered by Kansai Thru Pass.

Day 4, Kyoto

Kiyomizu-dera temple is ne of most famous spots in Kyoto.

On this day, you do not make any trips by subway. You may have only Kyoto city bus pass. It costs only 600 yen for one day bus unlimited ride. Do not use Kansai Thru Pass on this day. That is not a good idea to use the pass for a few short trips.

Sample itinerary
Kyoto station (Kyoto city bus / 10 mins) Inaritaisha-mae
– 2 hours at Fushimi-Inari shrine
Fushimi-Inari (Keihan Railway / 10 mins) Gion-Shijo
* Regular fare ticket payment is required to take Keihan Railway.
– 3 hours at Gion / Nishiki Market with lunch time
Gion (Kyoto city bus / 20 mins) Ginakakuji-mae
– 1 hour at Ginkaku-ji temple
Ginkakuji-mae (Kyoto city bus / 25 mins) Kiyomizu-michi (walk 15 mins) Kiyomizu-dera temple
– 2 hours at Kiyomizu-dera temple
Kiyomizu-dera temple (walk 15 mins) Kiyomizu-michi (Kyoto city bus / 20 mins) Kyoto station

I also recommend to walk from Gion to Kiyomizu-dera temple. There are lots of temples, such as Yasaka shrine, Kodai-ji temple, Hokan-ji temple (a.k.a. Yasaka Pagoda). And also there are lots of shops along this route. But Kiyomizu-dera temple usually close at 18:00. It is open until 21:00 only during special night event. You have to be Kiyomizu-dera temple by 17:00 at latest in most of seasons. If you walk from Gion, I recommend to skip Ginkaku-ji temple or shrink your time in Gion and/or Fushimi-Inari to make 2 hours.

Day 5, Kyoto to Nara to Namba, Osaka

Todaiji is one of the popular spot in Nara. ©Nara Prefecture/©JNTO

You take almost same route as day 3. On day 3, you change the trains at Yamato-Saidaiji. This station is actually a few stations away from Nara. There are lots of coin lockers in Kintetsu Railway Nara station. You can store your luggage and walk in Nara.

You use second day of Kansai Thru Pass 3 days.

Sample itinerary
Kyoto (Kintetsu Railway / 45 mins) Kintetsu Nara
– 5 hours to visit tourists spots in Nara, such as Todai-ji temple (Big Buddha), Kasuga Taisha shrine, Nara Park (Deer Park) and have a lunch time.
Kintetsu Nara (Kintetsu Railway / 40 mins) Osaka-Namba

You may add some small trips in Osaka and/or Kyoto before/after trip to Nara. The above trip schedule is less than 7 hours. You can add some more. Please remember that Kansai Thru Pass covers subway and city bus in both Osaka and Kyoto. Try to maximize using this pass.

Day 6, Trip to Kobe and Himeji

There are lots of castles in Japan. But Himeji castle is one of four existing original catle buildings. (C) JNTO

On this day, Kansai area pass one day is your choice. Kansai Area Pass covers only JR trains. Kansai Thru Pass covers other than JR trains. Do not mix up these two passes. JR train is faster to Himeji than non JR trains.

Do not use Kansai Thru Pass and save the last one day for trip to Mt. Koya on next day.

Sample itinerary
Using Kansai Area Pass
JR-Namba (local or rapid / 5 mins) Shin-Imamiya or Imamiya (local or rapid / 15 mins) Osaka (Special Rapid / 1 hour) Himeji
– 3 hours at Himeji to visit Himeji castle
Himeji (Special Rapid / 40 mins) Kobe
– Stay in Kobe for the rest of day
Kobe or Sannomiya (Special Rapid / 20 mins) Osaka (local or rapid / 15 mins) Shin-Imamiya or Imamiya (local or rapid / 5 mins) JR-Namba

Shinkansen is the fastest way to get Himeji but Kansai Area Pass does not cover Shinkansen. Special Rapid is the best way to get there.

You may find the information about Kobe and Himeji in the links below:

Day 7, Trip to Koyasan

Approach to Okunoin temple in Mt. Koya

On day 7, you make a day trip to Koyasan (Mt. Koya). You may use the last day of Kansai Thru Pass 3 days. This pass covers Nankai Railway and Cable Car to Koyasan and bus on Mt. Koya. All trips are covered fully unless you take Limited Express train between Namba and Gokurakubashi.

I had a day trip to Mt. Koya from Namba in October, 2017. You may use my trip report to build your itinerary.

Day 8, Osaka, Namba to Kansai

You may use a regular fare ticket to get Kansai airport from Namba.

In this sample itinerary, the places to stay overnight are Namba and Kyoto station area. But you may use other locations if you like. Basically you can same deals other than Kansai airport to/from Osaka. As I explained in day 1, there are many deals available. Single ticket is the best option for Kansai airport to/from Namba. But if you stay other area, you may use one of many deals.

I hope this sample gives you an idea to build your trip plan!


  1. Ramon says:

    Hi Takeshi san,

    I would greatly appreciate receiving your suggestions/advice on the best combination of rail passes for and any refinements to the following rough 12-day itinerary:

    Day 1: Arrival at KIX (around 8:00 p.m.)
    – travel to and staying at Namba area (regular fare?)
    Day 2: Whole day in Osaka
    – Osaka sightseeing (Kaiyukan; Osaka Castla; Umeda Sky Building) /eating/shopping
    Day 3: Whole day in Osaka
    – More Osaka sightseeing (other places left-over from the above)/eating/shopping
    Day 4: Travel to Kyoto (will be staying at Gion District)
    – Sightseeing at and around Gion District
    Day 5: Whole day in Kyoto
    – Kinkakuji Temple
    – Ryoanji Temple
    – Yokai Street
    – Nishiki Market
    Day 6: Whole day in Kyoto
    – Fushimi Inari
    – Tofukuji Temple
    – Uji
    Day 7: Day trip to Himeji and Kobe OR Amanohashidate (no final decision yet); back to Kyoto
    Day 8
    – Arashiyama
    – Suntory Yamazaki Distillery
    – Back to Kyoto
    Day 9: Travel to and stay at Naoshima Island
    Day 10: Whole day at Naoshima Island
    Day 11: Travel back to Kyoto; last minute sightseeing/eating/shopping
    Day 12: Travel to KIX for flight home

    Thank you!

  2. NG JIA SHENG says:

    Hi, I am travelling in a group of 3 but will be arriving in Nagoya.
    I plan to spend half day in Nagoya then proceed to Osaka to stay for 6 nights.

    My plan included
    Day 1 (Sunday)
    Nagoya to Osaka (Half day in Osaka)
    Day 2 (Monday)
    Osaka only
    Day 3 (Tuesday)
    Osaka to Kyoto
    Day 4 (Wednesday)
    Osaka to Nara
    Day 5 (Thursday)
    Universal Studio Japan
    Day 6 (Friday)
    Osaka to Kobe
    Day 7 (Saturday)
    Osaka back to Nagoya, around noon

    I found that Kintetsu has a pass that allow free ride for 5 days between Osaka, Nara, Kyoto and Nagoya, should I consider that pass? But I also saw your other post saying that Kintetsu wont be able to cover several places in Kyoto and Nara if not mistaken so it would be a waste as the pass would begin from Sunday onward to Thursday, which also will be wasted since I will be spending whole day in USJ. May I know is Kansai Thru Pass the best for my trip? or should I consider other passes, sorry if this is troublesome as I get too confused researching about these passes to fit my budget.

    Also, I been to Tokyo before so I have Suica card with leftover money in it. And the Itinerary is adjustable such as I can visit USJ other day as long is Weekday.

  3. Arianne Navarro says:

    Hi Takeshi,
    Is ICOCA ( Day 1-6) and 2-day JR West Pass ( Day 7-8) enough for our itinerary?

    Day 1 – Arrival KIX, Check in near Nagahoribashi
    Day 2 – Osaka Tour (Osaka Castle, Kema Sakuranomiya Park, Dotonbori, maybe Osaka Aquarium)
    Day 3 – USJ
    Day 4 – Osaka to Kyoto, Check in around Kyoto Station, Kyoto Tower, Nishiki Market, Gion District, Kiyomizu
    Day 5 – Arashiyama, Kinkakuji
    Day 6 – Fushimi Inari, Philosopher’s path
    Day 7 – Uji, Nara
    Day 8 – Kyoto to KIX

    Thank you!

  4. Felice Ng says:

    Hi Takeshita-San,

    I will visit Osaka in early December for 7days with my hubby & 3 kids (between 7 to 12 years old). We decide to station at Osaka so that we do not have to carry our big luggages to travel from place to place, our hotel is near to Shin-Osaka station. We would like to go around Osaka, USJ & do day trip to Kyoto, Kobe & Nara. Can you pls advice which card should we buy so that we can travel from Airport to our hotel and above areas that we would like to visit at lesser cost? Thanks a lot for your advice in advance.

  5. Jessica Lee says:

    Hi Takeshi-san,

    I have planned my trip on 9th to 19th Nov 2018.

    Due to a mistake I’ve made in booking a hostel in Kyoto, I couldn’t change my dates so I am forced to spend the first 5 days in Osaka and next 5 days in Kyoto before I go to KIX for my flight home.

    From my itinerary below, should I buy any rail/bus pass or does any pass actually pay off?

    Aside from the Osaka Amazing Pass which I will fully maximise the 2 days with attractions entrance fees & subway.

    My friend has also given me 2 Suica cards.

    Day 1 (9 Nov Friday):
    – arrive KIX about 7am
    – go to Uniqlo in KIX
    – go to Rinku Premium Outlet
    – late afternoon check in hostel (10 minutes walk from Shinsaibashi subway station)
    – walk to dotonbori, Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Arcade for dinner.

    Day 2 (10 Nov Sat ): Sightseeing day – using Osaka Amazing Pass

    Day 3 (11 Nov Sun ): Sightseeing day – using Osaka Amazing Pass

    Day 4 (12 Nov Mon ): Shopping day – Shinsaibashi mall, Namba, Daiso, pharmacies, gyomu super

    Day 5 (13 Nov Tue): Universal Studios Japan

    Day 6 (14 Nov Wed):
    – check out hostel at noon
    – lunch
    – take train to Kyoto
    – check in hostel by 4pm (10 min walk from Kyoto train station)
    – kyoto isetan

    Day 7 (15 Nov thurs):
    – Tenryuji Temple
    – Arashiyama Bamboo Grove
    – Sagano Romantic Train
    – Ninnaji Temple
    – Kinkakuji Temple

    Day 8 (16 Nov Friday):
    – Fushimi Inari
    – Sanjusangendo Temple
    – Kiyomizu-dera Temple (renting kimono)
    – Sannen-zaka and Ninnen-zaka

    Day 9 (17 Nov Sat):
    – Nishiki Market
    – Gion Hanami-Koji(alley)
    – Shimbashi street
    – Nijo Castle

    Day 10 (18 Nov Sunday ):
    – Day trip to Nara, Todaiji

    Day 11 (19 Nov mon):
    – check out by 7am
    – go to KIX

  6. Evalyn Ng says:

    Hi Takeshi-San,
    I have a bit blur about all the Use of the Kansai thru Pass, Osaka Amazing Pass…….I plan to visit Osaka from 12 Dec 2018 to 18 Dec 2018. Below is my draft plan and may need your help to guide me for which pass I need to buy to save the cost.
    My Plan :
    Day 1 : Arrive KIX airport early in the morning and Go to Namba Area
    Drop Luggage at Hotel (Nearby station from Hotel is Yodoyabashi station or kitahama Station)
    Walk around at Namba, Shinsaibashi,Umeda area. (Yokoso Osaka Pass?)
    Day 2 : Transfer to Kyoto in the morning time after check out from hotel.
    Drop luggage at hotel first (Nearby station from Hotel is Kyoto station)
    Can I travel to Uji or other place in half day time?
    Day 3 : Visit Kinkakuji and nearby attraction if have.
    Visit Fushimi Inari Shrine and nearby attraction
    Visit Arashiyama Light Event
    Walk around at Kyoto station area
    Day 4: Check out and Move to Ukyo-Ku area (Check in Bekkan)
    May I know, before I transfer to Ukyo-Ku area, Is that still have enough time for me to go Outlet Park?
    After drop luggage at Bekkan, walk around nearby attraction Arashiyama Takao Parkway,Jingoji Temple…
    Day 5 : Transfer back to Osaka same Hotel (Yodoyabashi area) from Kyoto
    Sightseeing and shopping in Osaka
    Day 6: Transfer to KIX airport early in the morning ( Flight depart at 11am).

    For Kyoto trip: I have been Kiyomizu-dera temple area and Arashiyama area last 2 year.So I skip these but now I have no idea where to visit in Kyoto area?
    Appreciate that you can advise me for this Osaka Kyoto Trip.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Evalyn san,

      I think you can use Yokoso Osaka Pass on arrival day. And you may use Kansai thru pass 3 days for day 2, 3 (or 4) and 5. Actually I don’t understand what “Bekkan” is. I understand you will stay in Ukyo-ku, Kyoto. But Ukyo-ku is one of the biggest wards in Kyoto. So I cannot say which day you should use one of 3 days Kansai thru pass for day 3 or 4. And also you mentioned that you want to visit outlet park on day 4. But there is no outlet in Kyoto. I don’t understand which one you meant either.

      Anyway you can use Kansai thru pass 3 days. You just need to decide which day you will use it for day 3 or 4.

      You can visit Uji easily on day 2. Fushimi Inari is on the way to Uji. You may combine these two places. There are still lots of places to see in Kyoto. Please see the link below:

      If you still have an extra time in Kyoto, you may think about visiting Nara. Nara is one hour away from Kyoto. You can take Kintetsu railway to get there by Kansai thru pass. You can make a half day trip to Nara too if you like.

      At the end, you can use subway and Nankai railway deal to get KIX on the last day.


      Takeshi /

      • Evalyn Ng says:

        Dear Takeshi-San,
        Thanks for your prompt reply.
        Base on your suggestion, I have a some changes on my plan,
        Day 1 : Remain the same. Use Yokoso Osaka Pass.
        Day 2 : Transfer from Osaka to Kyoto
        Fushimi Inari + Uji sightseeing (Use Kansai Thru Pass Day 1)
        Day 3: Visit Kinkakuji and nearby attraction
        Attend Arashiyama Light Event
        (If Day 3, my plan is whole day in Kyoto sightseeing, should I use Kansai Thru Pass or I just need to decide to buy 1 day subway pass or 1 day bus pass)
        (If I add Kibune and Kurama area, can I use Kansai Thru Pass for this day?)
        Day 4 : Move to Umegaharamikyosaka-cho,Ukyo-Ku (Check in another hotel)
        From the info to access this hotel is Take JR Sagano Line at Kyoto station to Hanazono Sation, hotel will provide shuttle at Hanazono station.
        After check in this hotel, all nearby attraction is walking distance.
        (For Day 4, can I just buy the single fare ticket?)
        Day 5: Transfer back from Ukyo-Ku to Osaka
        Sightseeing and shopping in Osaka (Kansai Thru Pass Day 3)
        Day 6: Remain the same.
        As mention before, Day 4 -before go to Ukyo-Ku, is that possible to go Mitsui Outlet Park Shiga Ryuo.
        (From Mitsui website, it show that can take direct bus from Kyoto station to outlet)

        Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.


        • Hi Evalyn san,

          You can use Kansai thru pass for day 2, 3 and 5. You may add just a regular fare ticket on day 4. You can visit outlet if you like on day 4.

          Other part of trip looks good and ready to go.


          Takeshi /

  7. Hayley Wong says:

    My flight arriving Kansai Airport at 9: 40pm at night, do you think I manage to catch for last train to Kyoto Station ( via Haruka Express). I plan to take bus in case I can’t catch the last train. Do I need to purchase bus ticket in advance or buy the bus ticket on the spot as I do not know what will be my exact arrival time. Your advice is appreciated.

    • Hi Hayley,

      You cannot catch the last Haruka because it departs at 22:10. It’s impossible to get out the airport in 30 minutes.
      You can purchase a bus ticket upon arrival.


      Takeshi /

  8. Liana says:

    Hi Takeshi-san,

    From the above sample itinerary, I’d like to know if the trip from Namba, Osaka to Nara, Kobe and Himeji can be done altogether in one day instead of two days? If it’s possible, then how to utilise the pass?
    Looking forward to your reply as my trip to Japan will be in a couple of days from now. Thank you.

    • Hi Liana san,

      It is not impossible but it is not recommended. And also how much you want to spend your time in each places. Usually half day is minimum for each places. So if you visit Kobe and Nara, it’s more realistic. But Himeji is still 40 minutes away from Kobe. You will spend at least 2 hours to see the castle. 3.5 hours is minimum for trip to Himeji from Kobe.

      If you visit these three places in one day, you have to visit Nara first, and then visit Himeji, at the end, visit Kobe. But when you get Kobe, it will be evening. You can enjoy watching night view at harbour and enjoy your dinner there. But I don’t think you have many hours for sightseeing in Kobe.

      By the way, another typhoon is approaching to Japan. It is moving at the east of Philippine. If it takes the most easterly route, it may hit western part of Japan in next weekend. Other typhoon has just moved through Japan in last weekend. At that time, most train operations were suspended almost whole day in this past Sunday. I hope it will not hit Japan but keep checking the weather forecast.


      Takeshi /

      • Liana says:

        Well noted for the weather info and thank you for your reply, Takeshi san.

        Here’s what I plan on my itinerary. Kindly have a look and do comment if any adjustment needed.

        • Day 1 Arrive at KIX airport and go to Namba area (Yokoso! Osaka ticket for the train from the airport to Namba and next day sightseeing purpose)
        • Day 2 Sightseeing in Osaka (Yokoso! Osaka ticket)
        • Day 3 USJ
        • Day 4 Namba to Kyoto (Kansai Thru Pass)
        – Arashiyama
        – Kinkaku-ji temple
        Back to Namba or stay in Kyoto (either one)
        • Day 5 Exploring Kyoto (unlimited Kyoto bus ride ticket)
        – Fushimi Inari
        – Uji
        – Gion / Nishiki market
        – Ginkaku-ji temple
        Back to Namba (regular fare ticket???)
        • Day 6 Namba to Nara (using Kintetsu Railway with Kansai Thru Pass)
        Sightseeing in Nara then back to Namba
        • Day 7 Namba to Himeji Castle (JR West Kansai Area Day Pass)
        – Himeji Castle
        – Kobe (half day)
        Back to Namba
        • Day 8 (optional) Trip to Amanohashidate or Koyasan

        What do you think of it? Any suggestion or alternative idea will be much appreciated.

        Thank you.

  9. Wei Wei says:

    Is Osaka Suijyo Bus (Aqua-Liner) free when I purchase Amazing Osaka Pass during mth of sept?

  10. Chen says:

    Dear Takashi-san
    I have question. I will be in Japan for spring 2019 around 14 days (26 mar – 6 April)

    I am wondering if I use Jr pass or just buy JR Kansai west (that includes hiroshima)

    option 1: buy shinkansen tokyo to osaka + jr west pass

    Day 1 Tokyo
    Day 2-4 Fuji Hakone (Odakyu pass)
    Day 5 Kamakura Enoshima (Odakyu)
    Day 6 & 7 Tokyo > shinkansen to Osaka

    JR West Pass Kansai 5 days

    Day 8 Osaka > Kobe > Mt Rokko (use pass)
    Day 9 Kobe > Awaji / Himeji > Osaka
    Day 10 Osaka > Kyoto
    Day 11 Kyoto > Hiroshima
    Day 12 Hiroshima > Osaka

    Osaka Amazing Pass
    Day 13 Osaka
    Day 14 Osaka > KIX > Back home


    Switch Fuji and Hakone Trip to day 6 & 7, go to Osaka directly from Fuji > buy JR pass. > but if I am not mistaken, there will be some cost additional for Hakone pass. And I don’t know how long fuji > osaka trip will be.

    1) Which one is more worth it?
    JR West Pass Kansai + one trip shinkansen
    JR Pass

    If JR Pass. Is it better Fuji > Kyoto or Fuji > Osaka?

    How long the train trip will be?


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