Hakone and Izu, Kawazu Zakura early cherry blossom viewing 2-day sample trip plan

Izu-Hakone1 to 3 days
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The trails are well maintained. It is very easy to walk for anybody in Owakudani.

This 2-day trip plan is designed for viewing Kawazu cherry blossom from mid February to early March. And Hakone and some more places in Izu are combined with Kawazu in 2 days.

This trip plan includes these following places:

✔ Hakone (1 hour walking in Owakudani, Open Air Museum, Pirates Ship lake cruise, Hakone shrine)
✔ 30 minutes walking in Jogasaki Kaigan
✔ Ride on Izukyu Railway sightseeing train “Resort 21”
✔ Kawazu cherry blossom festival day time and evening light-up
✔ Visit the town of Shimoda

You can enjoy both mountain and ocean sceneries.

Most train rides are covered by JR Pass or JR East Pass Nagano Niigata, JR East Pass Tohoku, JR East-South Hokkaido Rail pass and Tokyo Wide Pass. But you cannot get your money worth by this 2-day trip. You may use this sample as the part of your trip.

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On day 1, enjoy the popular sightseeing places in Hakone and overnight in Atami which is one of most popular hot spring resorts in Japan.

On day 2, visit Jogasaki Kaigan, Kawazu and Shimoda in the Izu Peninsula. You will visit Kawazu twice in day time and evening time. You can watch two different viewing of the Kawazu cherry blossom festival.

Day 1, Tokyo – Odawara – Hakone – Atami

Hakone Tozan Railway connects Hakone-Yumoto and Gora.

On the first day of trip, you will take the Shinkansen or the limited express Odoriko to get to Odawara. The Shinkansen is faster than the limited express Odoriko. But only JR Pass covers the Shinkansen.

Buy a Hakone Free Pass 2-day at 4,000 yen at Odawara station. And then start sightseeing in Hakone. You will visit Hakone Open Air Museum and Owakudani.


For JR Pass user

For other than JR Pass user

TimePlace and transporation
09:27Tokyo station
The Tokaido Shinkansen
Kodama 713
10:02Odawara station
Buy Hakone Free Pass 2-day
JR Pass covers the Shinkansen.
TimePlace and transportation
09:00Tokyo station
The limited express
Odoriko 3
10:02Odawara station
Buy Hakone Free Pass 2-day
The Shinkansen is not covered by JR East Pass, Tokyo Wide Pass. Odoriko is the choice.
TimePlace and transporation
10:33Odawara station
(Hakone Tozan Railway)
10:50 / 11:09Hakone-Yumoto station
(Hakone Tozan Railway)
11:47Chokoku no Mori station
Visit Hakone Open Air Museum
12:46Chokoku no Mori station
(Hakone Tozan Railway)
12:49 / 12:54Gora station
(Hakone Cable Car)
13:04Sounzan station
Lunch time
14:20Sounzan station
(Hakone Ropeway)
14:30Owakudani station
1 hour walking
15:35Owakudani station
(Hakone Ropeway)
15:50 / 16:10Togendai station
(Hakone Pirates Ship Cruise on Lake Ashi)
16:35Motohakone station
visit Hakone shrine
17:25Motohakone bus stop
(Tokai Bus)
18:18 / 18:27Mishima station
JR Tokaido line local train
18:43Atami station


Hakone Open Air Museum

Hakone Open Air Museum
(C)leon&mae / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)

There are many museums and galleries in Hakone. Hakone Open Air Museum is located on the way to Gora and a few steps away from Chokoku no Mori station. It is very accesible and a nice place to enjoy mountain fresh air at the first visiting place in Hakone.


You can get to Owakudani by Hakone Ropeway.
You will see the gorgeous view of Mt. Fuji from Hakone Ropeway when the weather is good.

Owakudani is one of “Must-See” spots in Hakone. This is an active volcanic area. You can see lots of steam and bubbling hot springs along a short trail. A black boiled egg is very famous in Owakudani. It is cooked in this hot spring water Just try to eat it.

Hakone Pirates Ship (Lake Ashi cruise)

Hakone Sightseeing Cruise on Lake Ashi and the Torii gate of Hakone Shrine

Big pirates ships run on the Lake Ashi. It runs between Togendai, Motohakone and Hakonemachi. You will enjoy about 30 minutes cruise from Togendai to Motohakone.

Hakone Shrine

The red Torii gate in the lake is one of the best spots to take a photo. This shrine was build more than 1,300 years ago. Many soldiers visited this shrine to pray for a win.

Day 2, Atami – Jogasaki Kaigan – Kawazu – Shimoda – Kawazu – Tokyo

Resort 21 is the sightseeing train of Izukyu Railway.

You will visit a few places in the Izu peninsula.


For JR Pass user

For other than JR Pass user

TimePlace and transporation
07:56Atami station
JR Ueno-Tokyo line local train
Ito station
Buy 1-day Izukyu-Mankitsu
Free Kippu
Izukyu Railway Resort 21
JR Pass user must leave earlier because 1-day deal is sold at Ito station only. It is because JR Pass does not cover Izukyu Railway.
TimePlace and transportation
08:26Atami station
Izukyu Railway Resort 21
JR East Passes and Tokyo Wide Pass cover Izyukyu Railway.
TimePlace and transporation
09:06Jogasaki-Kaigan station
Visit Jogasaki coast
10:23Jogasaki-Kaigan station
(Izukyu Railway local train)
10:55Kawazu station
Visit Kawazu cherry blossom festival
12:30Kawazu station
(The limited express Odoriko 7)
12:41Izukyu-Shimoda station
Visit the town of Shimoda and lunch time
18:01Izukyu-Shimoda station
(Izukyu Railway local train)
18:19Kawazu station
Visit Kawazu cherry blossom festival evening light-up
19:17Kawazu station
(Izukyu Railway local train)
20:04Ito station

For JR Pass user

For other than JR Pass user

TimePlace and transporation
20:05Ito station
JR Ueno-Tokyo line local train
Atami station
The Tokaido Shinkansen
Kodama 713
21:18Tokyo station
JR Pass covers the Shinkansen and can get Tokyo earlier.
TimePlace and transportation
20:05Ito station
JR Ueno-Tokyo line local train
22:19Tokyo station
The Shinkansen is not covered by JR East Pass, Tokyo Wide Pass.


Jogasaki Kaigan (Jogasaki coast)

Jogasaki coast suspention bridge

There are many places to see the ocean in the Izu peninsula. Jogasaki coast offers one of the best coastline scenery. There is a suspension bridge between cliffs.

You can get to the suspension bridge in 20 to 30 minutes on foot from Jogasaki Kaigan station. Otherwise catch a bus to get there in 10 minutes.


Breathtaking view of Kawazu cherry blossom at Kawazu river

Kawazu is known as the place to see an early cherry blossom. It starts to bloom in mid February that is more than one month earlier than an ordinary cherry blossom.

In this trip plan, you will visit Kawazu twice, daytime and evening. Kawazu hold a cherry blossom festival from mid February to early March. In this period, there are many food stands and shops throughout the town. And also a light up event is held from 18:00 to 21:00. You can enjoy two different sceneries in this trip plan.

Evening light up festival will be held along Kawazu river near Kawazu station.

But if it is too much and tiring for you, you can skip the evening part and go back to Tokyo earlier.


The view from the top of Nesugata mountain

It is located at the south end of the Izu peninsula. Shimoda has several nice beaches and many seafood restaurant. “Kinmedai” (golden eye red snapper) is very popular fish in Shimoda. If you like a seafood, you should try this yummy fish.

Izukyu Shimoda Ropeway

If you have a time, you can go up to the top of Nesugata mountain by Izukyu Shimoda Ropeway. The ropeway station is located in front of Izukyu-Shimoda station.

Travel cost

Most JR train trips are covered by JR Pass and JR East Pass Nagano Niigata, JR East Pass Tohoku, JR East-South Hokkaido Rail Pass and Tokyo Wide Pass. And you have to add Hakone Free Pass 2-day. There is no 1-day Hakone Free Pass.

Izukyu Railway is not covered by JR Pass. 1-day Izukyu-Mankitsu Free Kippu must be purchased at Ito station on the day of travel. This is sold at Ito station and valid on the day of purchasing.

TripCost for
JR Pass
Cost for
JR East
The Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo to OdawaraCovered
The limited express Odoriko 3 from Tokyo to OdawaraCovered
Hakone Free Pass 2-day for
Hakone Tozan Railway from Odawara to Gora via Hakone-Yumoto and Chokoku no Mori
Hakone Cable Car from Gora to Sounzan
Hakone Ropeway from Sounzan to Togendai via Owakudani
Lake Ashi Pirates Ship Cruise from Togendai to Motohakone
Tokai Bus from Motohakone to Mishima
4,600 yen4,600 yen
JR Tokaido line from Mishima to AtamiCovered330 yen
JR Ueno-Tokyo line from Atami to ItoCovered
Izukyu Railway Resort 21 from Atami to Jogasaki-KaiganCovered
1-day Izukyu-Mankitsu Free Kippu for
Travel from Ito to Jogasaki-Kaigan
Travel from Jogasaki-Kaigan to Kawazu
Travel from Kawazu to Izukyu-Shimoda
Travel from Izukyu-Shimoda to Kawazu
Travel from Kawazu to Ito
1,900 yenCovered
JR Ueno-Tokyo line from Ito to TokyoCovered
JR Ueno-Tokyo line from Ito to AtamiCovered
The Tokaido Shinkansen from Atami to TokyoCovered
Total cost6,500 yen4,930 yen
JR Pass (or JR East Pass or Tokyo Wide Pass), Accommodations and meals are not included.


I focused on the Kawazu cherry blossom festival in February and March. But you can use this trip plan in any seasons as long as you are interested in Izu and Hakone.

You may download this itinerary in Excel file (.xlsx file) and customize it. Please download it at the link below:

Sample itinerary

You can add one more overnight in Atami or Hakone. The trip will be much easier.

I hope you can enjoy this trip.


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