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  1. HI Takeshi
    Some help please, is a one week Jr. Pass the answer plus ,hakone pass and single fare for Osaka Tokyo on the trip below. And I am assuming bus is still substitute for train
    Few days in Kyoto and maybe day trip to Nara on 10/4
    11/4 Kyoto to mount koya
    14/4 Osaka to Tokyo then time in Tokyo
    21/4 Tokyo to hakone
    23/4 hakone to Haneda

    Many thanks for yr help

    1. Hi Celia,

      JR pass does not work. Please see the link below to find more info:

      You may add Koyasan world heritage ticket for trip to Mt. Koya and Hakone Free Pass for the trip to Hakone:


      Takeshi /

  2. Hi, takeshi,

    Would like to seek your advice on the pass and itinerary whether is doable,

    Day 1
    arriving kansai airport in the morning
    Need to travel to nipponbashi ( my lodging area for the rest of my trip)

    Day 2 depart osaka for day trip to Kyoto & Nara then return to Nipponbashi

    Day 3 explore Osaka area via metro( mostly major attraction)

    Day 4 depart Osaka to Tokyo ( how do I go around this if I did not buy JR pass? I can still buy Shinkansen tickets or can I use icoca card instead?)

    Day 5-7 explore Tokyo ( would like to ask whether Tokyo all day pass will be worth?)

    Day 7 – Disney

    Day 8 – depart from Disney to narita airport ( will narita express 1 way ticket worth using ?)

    As major of my itinerary is not confirmed in Tokyo, however we should be using metro heavily instead assuming my understanding of Tokyo day pass covered major attraction than JR in Tokyo, hence we are thinking that JR 7 days pass might not be worth?

    You advice is greatly appreciated

      1. Hi, Takeshi

        Thank you for the guidance, I’m still a little confuse, please help to correct me if I’m wrong

        Day 1 – kansai airport – Osaka – nipponbashi

        Day 2- nipponbashi , arashiyama, fushimi Inari – Nara ( is this do able in 1 day? ) – nipponbashi

        Day 3-4 Osaka attractions

        Based on above with the understanding from reading, a kansai thru pass is good enough to cover my osaka , kyoto & Nara trip? Or a kansai wide area pass is better? Or should I get the haruka & icoca deals then pay single trip using icoca for all my attractions which I think this option will be more expensive on travel cost?

        Sorry to trouble you again

        1. Hi Wendy,

          Kansai thru pass is available from two days. But this pass is too much for sightseeing in Osaka. I recommend you to use Kansai area pass one day for Fushimi, Arashiyama and Nara. All places are covered.

          Nippombashi is not JR station and need to get the nearest JR station first. If you don’t want to pay, you can get JR Namba by walk. Underground shopping arcade connects Namba and Nippombashi.

          Otherwise you can take Kintetsu railway to get Tsuruhashi by regular fare.

          For day 1, Nankai railway and subway deal is most affordable.

          For day 3 and 4, Osaka amazing pass or other deal is recommended:


          Takeshi /

  3. Hi Takeshi San,

    I am making my 1st trip to japan from 15 Mar to 30mar and the draft itinerary is as follow:

    15 mar: arrive at narita airport and stay in Tokyo
    16~18 Mar: tour in tokyo and stay in tour
    19 mar: day trip to hakone and stay in Tokyo
    20mar: from tokyo to takayama then shirakawa and stay in takayama
    21 Mar: ????
    22 Mar: visit Nagoya on the way to Osaka and stay in Osaka
    23 Mar: day trip to miyajima from osaka (stay in Osaka)
    24 Mar: day trip to Nara (stay in Osaka)
    25 Mar : tour Osaka (stay in Osaka)
    26 Mar: day tour to Himeji (stay in Osaka)
    27 Mar: from osaka to Kyoto and stay in Kyoto
    28~30 Mar: tour Kyoto and stay in Kyoto
    30mar: to Kansai airport

    It is my first time to japan and I will appreciate some advice about the planning.

    Do you think this plan is ok? Also, may you suggest a place to visit for 21 Mar?

    Do you think should I get a 7 day or a 14 day JR pass? And may you suggest when will be the best day to activate the pass?

    Is a combination of other passes needed?

    Thank you very much for your help.

  4. Hi Takeshi,

    My name is Eventius and I am from Malaysia. I would like to find out whether the following route applicable for Tokyo 1 Day Pass

    1) Metro Tokyo Station to Maihama Station
    2) Resort Gateway Station to Bayside Station

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

  5. I’m going to Hachinohe soon, is Tohoku Shinkansen stop at Hachinohe Station or directly bound to for Shin-Aomori Station from Morioka? Because I’m going to Akita before and make an interchange from Komachi to Hayate/Hayabusa.

  6. こんにちは Takeshi

    Third trip to Japan in May. Can’t wait!

    Could you please check the following travel plan and costs

    Particularly interested for you to confirm that Fuji-San to Kyoto by ordinary train will allow us to stop and stay overnight at Kofu and Nagoya before travelling to Kyoto

    3/05/2017 Narita Shibuya NEX ¥3,190.00
    10/05/2018 Shibuya Fuji-San Bus ¥1,800.00
    12/05/2018 Fuji-San Kyoto Ord Train ¥8,360.00
    12/05/2018 Kofu (o/night)
    13/05/2018 Nagoya (o/night)
    14/05/2018 Kyoto

      1. Thank you Takeshi. You advice is always so good and respected!

        Can I ask a more open question please.

        We are on a budget and happy to take ordinary trains/buses.

        We have 6 days to travel between Fujisan and Kyoto. We would like to spend two nights in Takayama. What do you think is the best route please? The train from Fujisan to Kyoto is Y8300 (planned overnight stops). Is there a way to get from Fujisan to Kyoto via Takayama for a similar price please? Is there a rail pass that makes it better or cheaper please?

        Thank you again!

        1. Hi Bernie,

          I recommend the following route:

          Fujisan – Kofu – Matsumoto by train
          Matsumoto – Takayama by bus

          Takayama – Nagoya – Kyoto by train

          You also can take a bus to Nagoya from Takayama.

          You cannot use one ticket from Takayama to Kyoto via Nagoya if you take train. Because you will take same route between Gifu and Nagoya twice. So you need to purchase Takayama to Nagoya and Nagoya to Kyoto.


          Takeshi /

  7. Dear Takeshi-san

    Below is my trip plan during the cherry blossom season..

    9 days in Tokyo (includes 3-5 days of day trip outside Tokyo)
    5 Days in Kyoto
    2 days in Hiroshima
    3 days in Osaka ( includes 1 day trip )
    2 days in Tokyo

    Could you please advise if a 14 day or 21 day JR pass would to convenient and/or economical considering the local day trips using Hikari or similar JR Rail service?

    Also with the green pass, can the ordinary class be assessed within Tokyo without taking seat reservation?
    Warm Regards

    1. Hi Rajiv san,

      I’m sure you can use 14 days pass for the last 14 days of your trip. 21 days pass may be okay. It depends on the location where you go. If you have a few long trips, it may be suitable. Please make sure where you go.


      Takeshi /

      1. Hi Takeshi-san
        Many Thanks for your response.
        The 4/5 day trips from Tokyo will be selected from the below list
        Mt Fuji
        Please advise if the JR Tokyo wide pass would be economical for the above day trips and a 14 day JR rail pass for long distance travel ?
        Best Regards

        1. Hi Rijiv san,

          Tokyo wide pass + JR pass 14 days may be better choice. But I recommend you 21 days pass. Even if you use Tokyo wide pass + 14 days pass, it’s only 3000 yen saving. But you will lose 4 days coverage. I think you will spend more than 3000 yen in this 4 days.


          Takeshi /

  8. Hi Takeshi,

    We will travel to Tokyo for 6 days 5 nights in March . We plan to visit Mount Fuji for 1 day trip & stay in Tokyo for 5 nights. We will stay in Asakusa area. What are the subway/train passes that we should buy ?

    Thank you.

  9. Hi Takeshi,

    My husband and I are planning to visit Japan for 10 days, 5 nights in Tokyo and 5 nights in Kyoto. Arrive in Haneda airport and leave from Kansai Int. Airport.
    We plan to take a day trip from Tokyo to Kamakura and Nikko.
    And from Kyoto to Nara and Osaka.
    We have a 7 day JR Pass.
    We will appreciate if you could advise us what additional card or pass we should buy (to travel around Kamakura, Nikko, Nara, Osaka and from/to the airports).

    Thank you so much Takeshi!


    1. Hi Susy,

      You may use 7 days JR pass for the last 7 days. You should include trip to Nikko in this 7 days period.

      For the first 4 days in Tokyo, you may use Haneda access ticket and subway pass combo deal. Please see the link below:

      Subway pass covers your trip in Tokyo. But you need other ticket or pass for trip to Kamakura. Please see the link below:

      After you start using JR Pass, most part of your trip are covered by JR pass. However you may need to add other ticket or pass in Nikko, Kyoto and Osaka because JR pass does not cover subway, city bus and non JR trains. Please see the link below:


      Takeshi /

  10. Hi Takeshi,
    I would like to seek your advice on best JR pass or/and travel card options for my travel within cities as mentioned in the itinerary below. I will be travelling with my mother:

    28th March – Arrival in Tokyo – Stay in Shinagawa
    29th March – Shinanomachi, Tokyo
    30th March – Hachioji, Tokyo
    31st March – Hakune
    1-3rd April – Kyoto
    4th April – Departure from Tokyo

    Many thanks for your support in advance


    Ellora /India

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