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  1. Dear Takeshi san,

    i wish you well. i have a program planned out using the 5days kansai wide area pass that i have singled out the route from hyperpedia as well. however i need your advice on what are the sectors i need to top up any cost.

    Summary of route
    9oct: Shin-kobe – Himeji – Takeda(castle) – Kinosaki
    11oct: Kinosaki – Amanohashidate
    12oct: Amanohashidate – Kyoto
    1) 9 OCT :
    Shin-Kobe – himeji station: – route 1 (shinkansen, non reserved seat(this pass is valid for shinkansen but cannot use for reserved seats)

    how much for reserved seats top up?

    2) 9 OCT : Himeji station – Takeda station (via Teramae station) - – route 1 – (1222pm, 81-90mins(reach 1343pm), 1140JPY but covered by pass)

    should be all covered by pass right? there is one transfer at Teramae station. is it far between platform because hyperdia only has a few mins to catch the next connecting train

    3) 9 OCT : TAKEDA station – Kinosaki Onsen station – route 1 – (2 transfers via Wadayama and TOYOOKA(HYOGO)), (1802pm, 74mins(reach 1916pm), 840jpy but covered by pass)

    should be all covered by pass right? there are 2 transfer at Wadayama and Toyooka station. is it far between platform because hyperdia only has a few mins to catch the next connecting trains

    4) 11OCT : Kinosaki onsen station – Amanohashidate:
    (covered by pass) : – route 2 – (1 transfer at TOYOOKA(HYOGO), 1009am, 120mins(reaching 1209pm))

    should be all covered by pass right? because there is a Kyoto Tango Railway transfer at Toyooka station.
    is it far between platform because hyperdia only has a few mins to catch the next connecting train

    5) 12Oct : Amanohashidate – Kyoto : – route 1 – (1456pm, LTD. EXP HASHIDATE 6 (non reserved seats), 131mins(reach 1707pm), 4500JPY –

    i understand LTD EXP HASIDATE is only partly covered by the wide area pass and need to top up abit. How much to top up for reserved seats and non-reserved seats?

    6) can i reserve all these tickets here at KIX airport JR office after i exchange for my JR Kansai wide area pass?

    Can you put your answers under each of my questions so i dont miss out anything.

    Thank you so much again~

    1. Hi Wyne san,

      First of all, as long as you use non reserved seat, all trips are covered on even Kyoto Tango Railway line.

      All stations which you mentioned are small. It’s no problem to transfer. Actually a few minutes transfer time is on purpose. JR knows this and make this timetable.

      If you use reserved seat, you have to pay full fare of reserved seat fee. The extra cost is not the difference between non reserved and reserved. Please see the link below:

      If you still want to reserve your seat, you can book it at Kansai airport station.


      Takeshi /

  2. Hi, We have the Green JR pass for a trip in September, we are staying in odaiba for our last night and the JR pass doesn’t cover the rinkai line but does cover the Saikyo portion, my question is how do we buy a ticket for osaki to Tokyo teleport, do we need to get off the train at osaki and re enter with our IC card or something else entirely, many thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Daniel,
      If you want to use IC card, you need to exit at Osaki and reenter. But if you want to make it be easier, just keep riding to Tokyo Teleport. When you exit there, you can show your JR pass and you can pay extra fare by cash. You cannot use IC card for this payment.

      Takeshi /

      1. Oh, that makes sense, thanks Takeshi! Do we pay at the manned gate at the gate line, or is there a machine/window befor that? many thanks!!

  3. hi its my first time to japan I’m staying for 10days in Tokyo , my plan is tokyo  6 days studio ghibli, disneysea, one piece tower , Enoshima and other tourist sites i really want to vist Geibikei in iwate universal studios in osaka and nara park also fuji inari shrine in kyoto is it possible to do it in 10 days what is the best transfer ticket for me .any help or advice would be extremely helpful! ill be there in late October~ thank you !

    1. Hi Emma,

      You will spend your time in the following:

      1. Spend one full day for Geibikei. It takes at least 3 hours to get there.

      2. Spend one full day for Fuji. There are so many places to visit there.

      3. You may spend one full day easily for USJ.

      At this point, you have only one day left. And also if your flight arrive late and/or leave early, you will have 8 or 9 days. And also it takes 3 hours to get Osaka/Kyoto from Tokyo. It’s not impossible but it’s super tight.

      You need JR Pass 7 days for outside Tokyo.


      Takeshi /

  4. hello again takeshi 🙂

    i would like to ask if i need to buy shinkansen tickets in advance from shin-osaka station to tokyo station?

    we are a group of 6 people and will be travelling in august 11 from osaka to tokyo. we plan to take the shinkansen (unreserved seats). do we need to buy this in advance or its okay to buy it upon arrival at the station on the day of travel?

    PS. we will checkout from our apartment in nambe by 10am

    thank you so much!

    1. Hi Aa,

      Actually you will travel on super super busy day. Please see the link below:

      You should try to book a seat right after arriving in Japan. Online is not available. The only way to book is at JR station in Japan. Train will be packed. You may have to stand up if you don’t have a seat booking. Non reserved seat is not recommended. Try to book a reserved seat.


      Takeshi /

      1. thank you so much for your response and links. may i ask if i can make a reservation at JR Namba station or Kansai airport upon arrival? thanks!

          1. i would like to ask again, do i get to choose my seat when i purchase it on the machine?me and my 5 friends want to seat together. 🙂

          2. oh my gosh..if only i knew that it would be a busy day. thank you so much for the information takeshi, ill keep them all in mind.

  5. Hi this is my 11 trip iternary and plan not to purchase a jr pass. day 1 arrive at narita airport spend five days in tokyo
    day5 to 7 hakone . purchase hakone pass
    day 7 to 11 osaka. plan to stay in osaka hotel . explore osaka,kyoto, nara. is it recommended to purchase the kansai pass ,but we are not staying in kyoto and plan to go back to our hotel in osaka?
    day 11 kansai airport going back home.

    1. Hi Jocelyn,

      First of all, please refer the link below:

      You don’t stay in Kyoto, so you can use single ticket from Odawara to Osaka. And then use Kansai thru pass to visit Kyoto and Nara.

      You can follow my sample in other part of your trip.


      Takeshi /

  6. Takeshi san
    My trip itinerary and transport plans without JR Pass. Pls correct or improve my transport plan if needed.
    Day 1- Oct 5th
    Arrive Narita Airport
    (Buy 72hrs metro subway ticket+Airport shuttle bus)
    Hotel is near Tokyo station. Buy PASMO card to use Yamanote Line and & 72hrs metro ticket for subways. Right?
    Day 5-Oct 9th (Monday, public holiday)
    Leaving Tokyo to Hakone. (morning)
    a)Buy single Shinkansen ticket from Tokyo station to Odawara. Buy Hakone free pass to Hakone yamoto.
    OR b) Take Yamanote line to Shinjuku buy Romancar ticket and hakone fee pass and take Odakuyu line to Hakone yamoto
    (a or b)??
    Day6-Oct 10th
    Hakone to Kyoto
    Tozan train to Odawara. Buy single Shinkansen ticket to Kyoto. Arrive Kyoto station. Buy JRWest Kansai Area Pass.
    Stay in Kyoto for 3days with a day trip to Nara using Kansai Area Pass.
    Day 9-Oct 13th
    Kyoto to Osaka
    Take Shinkansen to Kansai Airport to leave lugages at my hotel near airport.
    Take Express Haruku train to Nambai station for last minute shopping using Kansai Area pass. Take Express Haruku train back to Kansai airport hotel.
    Oct 14. Early morning flight to London
    Takeshi san, Please check whether my transport plan is right. Do you think I should buy JRpass from London or just buy JR west Kansai area pass?? Arigato

    1. Hi Kelly san,

      JR Pass is not required. Your planning is good. But I have only one thing to mention.

      In Kyoto, you can purchase Kansai area pass 3 days. But you should use it for day 7 to 9. For day 6, try to visit other than Arashiyama, Nijo and Fushimi Inari. These are accessible by Kansai area pass. And other places, like Gion, Kinakuji, Kiyomizudeara cannot be accessed by Kansai area pass. You may use all day bus pass at 500 yen.

      Shinkansen is not covered by Kansai area pass but you can take Haruka to get Tennoji from Kyoto directly. Haruka is covered by Kansai area pass. You can get Namba by local train from Tennoji.


      Takeshi /

      1. Arigato Takeshi, need your expert advice again.
        On Day 5, 9th Oct. Tokyo to Hakone. Do you think it is easier to take Shinkansen from Tokyo to Odawara then to Hakone
        Take yamanote line (using pasmo card)from Tokyo station to Shinjuku, and buy Odakuyu ticket to take Romancar to Hakone.
        Monday the 9th Oct is a public holiday. Will the Shinkansen be very crowded?? what about the Odakuyu Romancecar?

        Read that the Tokyo Metro/subway is very complicated to use. Easier to buy JREast metropolitan district pass and use JR train instead of metro. What do you think? Sorry to trouble you with more questions. Arigato!

        1. Hi Kelly,

          Usually Romancecar is more crowded than Shinkansen in holiday and weekend because Shinkansen is demanded by business travelers more than romancecar. But it’s not much different. You can choose either way.

          JR is easier to use than subway. I understand it. But subway has much bigger coverage. You cannot go to Asakusa, Roppongi, Tsukiji, Tokyo Skytree by JR. Subway covers JR network plus these places.

          If you include these places in your trip, subway pass is more efficient. But the choice is yours.


          Takeshi /

  7. Dear Mr. Takeshi

    Here our itinerary
    day 1 -Februari 7 Jakarta-Narita-Membetsu
    day 2-Februari 8 morning, arrive in Membetsu (Abashiri)
    day 3-Februari 9 Abashri-Asahikawa
    day 4-Februari 10 Asahikawa
    day 5-Februari 11 Asahikawa-Sapporo
    day 6- Februari 12 Sapporo-Lake toya
    day 7-Februari 13 Lake toya-Hakodate
    day 8-Februari 14 Hakodate-Nagano
    day 9-Februari 15 Nagano-Toyama-Nagano-Tokyo
    day10-Februari 16 Tokyo-Yokohama
    day 11-Februari 17 Tokyo (around tokyo)
    day 12- Februari 18 Tokyo-Jakarta

    1.From this itinerary, what pass should i choose ? jr pass or jr east south hokkaido
    2. how to exchange the rail pass, because there is no jr pass office in it possible to exchange in narita when transit at 8 Februari but begin use these pass at 9 Februari
    3. may i reserved ticket from abashiri-asahikawa (for train 9 februari, asahikawa-sapporo for 11 Februari) at narita?
    4. for around tokyo and tokyo to narita (for 3 days/16-17 Februari) what pass should i choose?

    Budi nio

    1. Hi Budi nio,

      1. JR Pass 7 days is your choice. JR East South Hokkaido Rail Pass does not cover Abashiri/Memambetsu and Nagano-Toyama. Only JR pass covers whole part of your trip. You can use it for day 3 to 9.

      2. You can exchange it at Narita. You have to do it there. Otherwise you cannot exchange it until you get Asahikawa.
      When you exchange the pass, you can pick up the date when you start using it.

      3. You can book all reserved seat if you like. Whenever I use JR pass, I complete all seat booking when I exchange the pass.

      4. Tokyo subway pass is most common choice. Please see the link below to find more info:


      Takeshi /

  8. hello again takeshi!

    i am planning to get the kansai one pass as you previously suggested. however, i am wondering if i can use this to kyoto and nara and hanyu line?

    in kyoto i plan to use JR Lines and Kyoto City Bus

    in nara i plan to use the kintetsu line rapid express

    in osaka i plan to use the hankyu line going to ikeda station


  9. Hi,
    We are planning a trip to Japan in Nov. 2017. Our schedule is as follows :
    Reach Osaka on 26/11 at night .
    27/11 – Osaka castle, umeda sky tower, nipponbashi den den, Dotonburi.
    28/11 – universal studio
    29/11 – toyama mall
    30/11 – toyama glass making
    1/12 – shirakawa go
    2/12 – Tokyo,Akihabara, who buys
    3/12 – Tokyo tower, diver city, Tokyo plaza, Tokyo dome
    4/12 – Mt.Fuji, tokyo sky tree
    5/12 – Kyoto, shopping
    6/12 – Kyoto romantic train, gion, kinkakuji
    7/12 – Osaka, nara park, Osaka shopping
    8/12 – make music box, Shinsekai market, tsutenkaku tower
    9/12 rinku premium outlet
    10/12 airplane back to singapore

    Which rail pass should we Buy? We are a family of 4, with 2 teenagers aged 14 and 16.

    Thank you and regards.

  10. Hello i would like to ask what is the most convenient way to go to narita airport from shinjuku?

    (nearest station:higashi-shinjuku A1)

    Our flight is scheduled on 11:45am and im wondering how to go to the airport fast but not too expensive and in a less hassle way.

    Thankyou so much!

    1. Hi Aa,

      You have two options.

      1. You can take subway from Higashi-Shinjuku to Shinjuku-Nishiguchi, and then take Narita Express. Shinjuku-Nishiguchi and JR Shinjuku station are same location. It takes 5 minutes from Higashi-Shinjuku to Shinjuku-Nishiguchi. You can find the timetable of Narita Express in the link below. It costs around 3200 yen to take Narita Express.

      2. Take subway to get Tokyo station. You have to change subway at least once to get Tokyo.
      And then take budge bus. It cost 1000 yen to take budget bus.

      Please use hyperdia to find the cost of subway and trip time for subway. It’s varied by departure time and route.


      Takeshi /

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