Intercity train between Oita/Beppu and Miyazaki. Limited Express Nichirin / Hyuga

JR Kyushu's best train 787 series was started to use for Nichirin on Mar 12, 2011.Kagoshima, Miyazaki, Nango, Yoshimatsu, Ibusuki
JR Kyushu's best train 787 series was started to use for Nichirin on Mar 12, 2011.
JR Kyushu's best train 787 series was started to use for Nichirin on Mar 12, 2011.

JR Kyushu’s best train 787 series was started to use for Nichirin on Mar 12, 2011.

Nichirin (にちりん) connects Beppu (別府) and Oita (大分) with Miyazaki (宮崎) and Miyazaki airport (宮崎空港). A few of Nichirin are extended to operate to Nakatsu (中津) and even Hakata (博多). Hyuga (ひゅうが) is an intercity train in Miyazaki prefecture. This train is operated on same route as Nichirin. But it is operated between Nobeoka (延岡) and Miyazaki airport. If you travel along the east coast of Kyushu, you may need to take these trains.

Both Nichirin and Hyuga can be used by Japan Rail Pass with no restriction. Let’s see about route, schedule and accommodations of these trains.

Route, schedule and time required

Nichirin used to connect Hakata with Kagoshima. But JR Kyushu divide into three section because of the demand. The first section is now operated as Limited Express Sonic between Hakata and Oita. The second section is operated as this train, Nichirin. The last section is operated as Limited Express Kirishima between Miyazaki and Kagoshima-Chuo. A few of Nichirin are still operated between Hakata and Miyazaki. This types of Nichirin is called “Nichirin Seagaia”. Seagaia is the resort complex in Miyazaki. This Nichirin was stated to operate when Seagaia was open.

Hyuga is supplementary to Nichirin for the regional cities transfer in Miyazaki prefecture. You might use this train when you go to Takachiho (高千穂). Because Nobeoka is the gate town for Takachiho.

The number of trips are the following:
Nichirin between Beppu/Oita and Miyazaki/Minami-Miyazaki/Miyazaki airport — 11 round trips
Nichirin between Nakatsu and Oita — 1 round trip
Nichirin from Kokura to Miyazaki airport — 1 trip
Nichirin Seagaia between Hakata and Miyazaki airport — 1 round trip and 1 trip to Hakata
Hyuga between Nobeoka and Miyazaki/Minami-Miyazaki/Miyazaki airport — 6 round trips

Nichirin connects Beppu/Oita with Miyzaki in 3 hours and 15-30 minutes. Nichirin Seagaia connects Hakata with Miyazaki in 6 hours. Hyuga connects Nobeoka with Miyazaki in 1 hour and 10 minutes. If you transfer between Hakata/Kokura and Miyazaki, most of Limited Express Sonic that are operated between Hakata and Beppu/Oita are connected to Nichirin in the right connection time at the same platform.

You can check the timetable at JR Kyushu website (English).

Hakata (博多)x
Yoshizuka (吉塚)*
Kashii (香椎)x
Akama (赤間)*
Orio (折尾)x
Kurosaki (黒崎)x
Tobata (戸畑)*
Kokura (小倉)x
Yukuhashi (行橋)x
Unoshima (宇島)*
Nakatsu (中津)xx
Yanagigaura (柳ヶ浦)x*
Usa (宇佐)x*
Kitsuki (杵築)xx
Kamegawa (亀川)x
Beppu (別府)xx
Oita (大分)xx
Tsurusaki (鶴崎)xx
Kozaki (幸崎)*
Utsuki (臼杵)xx
Tsukumi (津久見)xx
Saiki (佐伯)xx
Nobeoka (延岡)xxx
Minami-Nobeoka (南延岡)xxx
Kadokawa (門川駅)*x
Hyugashi (日向市)xxx
Tsuno (都農)*x
Takanabe (高鍋)xxx
Sadowara (佐土原)xxx
Hyuga-Sumiyoshi (日向住吉)*
Miyazaki-Jingu (宮崎神宮)*
Miyazaki (宮崎)xxx
Minami-Miyazaki (南宮崎)xxx
Miyazaki Kuko (Miyazaki airport/宮崎空港)xxx

x:All train stop *:Some of trains stop -:All trains skipped

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Accommodation and train formations

Nichirin and Hyuga are operated by same trains, 787 and 783 series.

*Sonic Rail Garden has copyright for all images of accommodations below.

787 series

787 series was started to use for Nichirin and Hyuga on Mar 12, 2011. (C) Sonic Rail Garden

This train had been used for Limited Express “Relay Tsubame” between Hakata and Shin-Yatsushiro. Since Kyushu Shinkansen was completed to open all section, Relay Tsubame was stopped operating. 787 series was a transfer to all over Kysuhu. Now most of Nichirin and a half of Hyuga are operated by 787 series. This series should be the best one in all JR regular track trains. Especially the comfortableness of Green class is the highest. The seat configuration in Green class is 2+1 and the seat pitch is 1200mm. The seat configuration in Ordinary class is 2+2 and the seat pitch is 1000mm.

4 cars formation


6 cars formation


*DXG=Deluxe Green seat G=Green seat GC=Green compartment R=Reserved seat NR=Non reserved seat
Smoking is not allowed on this train.

Deluxe Green seat

*This seat cannot be used by Japan Rail Pass.

Green seat

Ordinary seat

Sanitary space

783 series

Some of Nichirin and Hyuga are operated by 783 series.

There is only 12 seats on Green class. The seat configuration is 2+1 and the seat pitch is 1200mm. It is a big seat and has enough leg room. The seat pitch on Ordinary seat is 1000mm. 783 series is operated for most of limited express trains in Kyushu. It is the oldest train in Kyushu express trains. But it is not bad.

Train formation


*G=Green seat R=Reserved seat NR=Non reserved seat
Smoking is not allowed on this train.

Green seat

Ordinary seat

Sanitary space

Common space


  1. Kevin says:

    Hi, I’m having trouble figuring out which trains have a private compartment and which trains have a deluxe green car. On the JR Kyushu website the only information about train sets is the 883 vs 885 trains, I don’t see any information on limited express trains which are 787 or 783. Do you know where to find this information? Thanks.

    • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of
      Takeshi / says:

      Hi Kevin,

      You can find some info at Wikipedia:

      I give you train number for each train sets:

      787 series
      Kirameki 3・11・13・101/4 – 8・12・2
      All Ariake service
      Kamome 1・5・11・15・29・33・37・41・101・103/10・14・28・32・36・40・44・48・100・108
      Midori 29・31/4・6
      Nichirin 1 – 5・11 – 17・19 – 25/2・6 – 10・14 – 18・22 – 26・102
      Hyuga 3 – 9/2・4・8 – 12
      Kirishima 3 – 11・15 – 19・81・101/2・4・8 – 16・20・82・102
      kaio 3/2

      783 series
      Kirameki 1・5 – 9・103/2・10・14 – 20
      Midori 3 – 27/2・8・12 – 32
      All train service for Huis Ten Bosch
      Nichirin 7・9・17/4・12・20
      Hyuga 1・11/6・14
      Kirishima 1・13/6・18
      Kaio 1・5/4

      These train operation may be changed.


      Takeshi /

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