Very popular cruising train to Kirishima and Yoshimatsu from Kagoshima. The Limited Express Hayato no Kaze

Cruising train
This train was commute car sets too. It didn't look like any more. (C) JP Rail
Hayato no Kaze is operated by restored KIHA 147 series. (C) Sonic Rail Garden
Hayato no Kaze is operated by restored KIHA 147 series. (C) Sonic Rail Garden

Hayato no Kaze is the limited express train that runs between Kagoshima-Chuo with Yoshimatsu. You can take this train by Japan Rail Pass with no extra charge. This train is the limited express train but this train is slow on Hisatsu line. Hisatsu line is very scenic route. This train is operated by specialized KIHA 147 series. The fleet of this train was fully renovated and it has very cozy Japanese atmosphere. The attendants are on board. They guide you about the scenery of Hisatsu line. This train stop at Kirishima-Onsen station. So you can take this train when you go to Kirishima mountains.

I will show you many images of this train and explain the details.

Route and schedule

Hotels in Kagoshima
Hotels in Kumamoto

This train connects Kagoshima-Chuo and Yoshimatsu in 1 hour and 30 minutes. All trains stop at Kareigawa station and Osumi-Yokogawa station for 5 minutes. These stations are the sort of heritage buildings. Those are more than 100 years old. Some of trains stop at Ryugamizu station for viewing active volcano, Mt. Sakurajima and Kinko bay. If you go to Kirishima mountains, you can get off this train at Kirishima-Onsen. But if you want to enjoy all section of this train, you can take the cruising train Isaburo/Shinpei to Hitoyoshi at Yoshimatsu.

And then catch another limited express train “Yamasemi Kawasemi” at Hitoyoshi. This express train takes you to Kumamoto.

There are two round trips between Kagoshima-Chuo and Yoshimatsu on mostly weekend, spring break, summer break and winter break seasons. This train is Limited Express train.

Please access Seasonal trains schedule to find the train operation dates.

You also can find some more information about this train at my trip report.

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Accommodation and train formations

Hayato no Kaze is operated by specialized KIHA 147 series. There are only three cars that are owned by JR Kyushu. Usually two of these three cars run regularly. This series was used as the commute train. But it was completely renovated. It is no longer that it used to be. The lots of wood material are used in the car. You may feel Japanese traditional atmosphere. Each car has the huge glass windows at middle of the car. This is the common space for everybody. You can enjoy the great scenery along Hisatsu line and Mt. Sakurajima. There is the crew on the train. They guide about the scenery (in Japanese) and they sell some local foods, drinks and souvenirs. I would like to introduce this Japanese website. It is in only Japanese. But you may find what kind of stuffs they sell on the train.

The seat configuration is 2+2 and the seat pitch is 980 mm. But you may be too busy to sit down. You want to take a picture and get some snacks, beers and looking for some souvenirs. This train gives you a lot of fun!

*Sonic Rail Garden has copyright for all images of accommodations below.

Ordinary seat of KIHA147-1045 (This car mostly is used as reserved seat.)

Ordinary seat of KIHA47-8092 (This car mostly is used as non reserved seat.)

Ordinary seat of KIHA140-2066 (This car is the spare car.)

Public space / sanitary space

Train formation


R=Reserved ordinary seat NR=Non reserved ordinary seat
*Mostly KIHA147-1045 and KIHA47-8092 are used for this two cars formation. KIHA140-2066 is the spare car. But this car is used for three cars formation in the peak season.


  1. I would like to travel on the Isaburo Shinpei from Hitoyoshi to Yoshimatsu on 3 or 4 March 2018.

    1. Is there a train leaving Hitoyoshi at 10.08 am? Or the earliest train is at 1.22pm?
    1. Can I reserve seats in advance if I board at Hitoyoshi? I will be in Fukuoka on 28 February – can I reserve the Isaburo Shinpei train ticket in Fukuoka or I can only purchase the ticket in Hitoyoshi?
    2. As we have rented a car as we are travelling around Kyushu, the car will be in Hitoyoshi. Is there a faster train that we can take from Yoshimatsu back to Hitoyoshi to pick up our rental car?

  2. Richard says:

    Thanks to this website I found this train and did a slow journey from Kumamoto to Kagoshima with three trains (this was the second of the three) and it was one of the best days i’ve every had in japan. The train was really nice inside with so much character. I cannot praise this train enough. What is most amazing is that the japan rail pass covered the whole thing.

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