Odaiba access guide. How much can we use JR Pass or other JR deals to get to Odaiba?

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Odaiba is one of most popular tourist places in Tokyo. There are lots of entertainment and shopping complex in Tokyo Bay harbour area.

In this post, I will show you how to access to Odaiba from major stations in Tokyo. Let me tell you in adcance, JR Pass does not cover the access to Odaiba fully. But you can find how much you can use it in this post If you use JR East Pass, Hokuriku Arch Pass, JR East-South Hokkaido Rail Pass, you can use same way.


Please see the train route map below. This map shows only major stations, transfer points and some major lines.

Click to view large.

Yurikamome (orange line) or Rinkai line (navy line) is the way to get Odaiba.

But JR Pass, JR East Pass Nagano Niigata, JR East Pass Tohoku, Hokuriku Arch Pass and JR East-South Hokkaido Rail Pass cover only green bold lines. Both Yurikamome and Rinikai are not covered by JR Pass and these JR deals except Tokyo Wide Pass.

Tokyo Wide Pass is one of JR deals. Tokyo Wide Pass covers Rinkai line. This is only JR deal which can take you to Odaiba without any extra charge.

By the way, subway is also common way to go around downtown Tokyo. But even subway does not cover Odaiba. Rinkai line and Yurikamome are not covered by any subway deals.

The common transfer points are Shimbashi, Osaki and Shin-Kiba. Shiodome, Tennozu Isle and Oimachi are also transfer point. I will explain you which place is the best place to transfer later.

In Odaiba, Odaiba Kaihinkoen, Daiba and Tokyo Teleport station are located in the center of Odaiba. I would like to explain you explain about Rinkai line and Yurikamome first.

Rinkai line and Yurikamome

These two railways take you to Odaiba.

Rinkai line

Rinkai line connects Osaki and Shin-Kiba. The train runs underground mostly.

Rinkai line official site (click image to official site)

In the train operation, actually Rinkai line is like a part of JR line. JR Saikyo line train goes through Rinkai line. You can get Tokyo Teleport station from Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibya directly. At Shin-Kiba, you can take Rinkai line but you have to change the trains. The train does not go through at Shin-Kiba

Only Tokyo Wide Pass covers Rinkai line as I mentioned. Other JR deals, such as JR Pass, JR East Pass do not cover Rinkai line even though JR train goes through Rinkai line. You have to pay the following fare.

Shin-KibaTokyo TeleportTennozu IsleOimachiOsaki
Shin-Kiba280 yen340 yen400 yen400 yen
Tokyo Teleport280 yen210 yen280 yen340 yen
Tennozu Isle340 yen210 yen210 yen280 yen
Oimachi400 yen280 yen210 yen210 yen
Osaki400 yen340 yen280 yen210 yen
Rinkai line faretable (only major stations are shown)

You may use major IC card, such as Suica, Pasmo, ICOCA to take Rinkai line.


Yurikamome cross over Tokyo Rainbow Bridge. The view is spectacular.

It is the automated transit system which connects Shimbashi and Toyosu. The train is smaller than other ordinary trains. Rinkai line runs underground but Yurikamome runs on the elevated track. As you saw the photo above, you can enjoy the scenery of Tokyo Bay area and surrounding area, such as Tokyo Tower. This is an asset to take this railway more than Rinkai line.

Yurikamome is also the way to get Toyosu Market. This market was moved from Tsukiji in 2018. Shijomae station is the nearest station to Toyosu Market.

Yurikamome is not covered by any train deals. You have to pay the fare in the table below.

ShimbashiOdaiba KaihinkoenDaibaShijomaeToyosu
Shimbashi330 yen330 yen390 yen390 yen
Odaiba Kaihinkone330 yen190 yen330 yen330 yen
Daiba330 yen190 yen330 yen330 yen
Shijomae390 yen330 yen330 yen190 yen
Toyosu390 yen330 yen330 yen190 yen
Yurikamome faretable (only major stations are shown)

Yurikamome one day pass is sold at 820 yen. It offers one day unlimited ride. If make a few trips by Yurikamome, one day pass may be cheaper.

You may use major IC card, such as Suica, Pasmo, ICOCA to take Yurikamome.

Route from Tokyo, Akihabara, Ueno stations to Odaiba

If you stay near Tokyo station, you may follow this route. And also if you arrive in Tokyo station by the Tohoku-Hokkaido, Akita, Yamagata, Joetsu, Hokuriku Shinkansen from Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto, Shin-Aomori, Sendai, Kanazawa, Niigata, Toyama, Nagano, Akita, Yamagata, and Narita Express from Narita Airport and want to get Odaiba, you can use this access route too.

  1. Take either Yamanote line or Keihin Tohoku line to Shimbashi. It is only two station away from Tokyo.
  2. After arrival at Shimbashi, exit from the south ticket gate. Don’t go to north ticket gate. Proceed to Shiodome side.
  3. You will see the stairs and escalators to Yurikamome. It takes about 5 minutes to transfer at Shimbashi.
    JR Pass and other JR deals cover your trip until you get Shimbashi.
  4. Take Yurikamome to Odaiba-Kaihinkone or Daiba.

You may take JR Keiyo line train from Tokyo to Shin-Kiba and then take Rinkai line to Tokyo Teleport. The extra fare is a bit cheaper than Yurikamome via Shimbashi route. However the platform of JR Keiyo line train to Shin-Kiba in Tokyo station is very far from other JR trains in Tokyo station. Shimbashi route is much easier to change trains.

Route from Shinjuku, Shibuya and Ikebukuro stations to Odaiba

Just take JR Saikyo line train. As I mentioned, Saikyo line train go through Rinkai line. You can get Tokyo Teleport in Odaiba directly.

Route from Shinagawa

You have two choices. The first choice is taking JR Keihin Tohoku line train to Oimachi. And then take Rinkai line to Tokyo Teleport. The extra cost is minimum on top of JR deals.

The second option is taking Yamanote line or Keihin Tohoku line To Shimbashi. And then take Yurikamome to Odaiba-Kaihinkone or Daiba. The extra fare is a bit bigger than the first option. But the scenery is better from Yurikamome than Rinkai line.

Route from Haneda airport.

You can take the following route.

  1. Take Tokyo Monorail from Haneda airport to Tennozu Isle.
  2. Change from Tokyo Monorail to Rinkai line at Tennozu Isle
  3. Take Rinkai line to Tokyo Teleport. It is only one station away.

Route to Toyosu Market

Toyosu Market is located in Tokyo Bay area. You can visit Toyosu Market in the morning and then visit Odaiba.

You may take Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line to Toyosu. And then take Yurikamome to get Shijomae. Toyosu Market is just right there. You can take Yurikamome again to get Odaiba. Rinkai line does not take you to Toyosu Market.

Hotels in Odaiba

For more information about the train network in Tokyo

Please also refer the post below to learn more about the train system in downtown Tokyo.

I hope this post helped you to get Odaiba more smoothly.


  1. AT says:

    Actually the cheapest option is to take the Odaiba Rainbow Bus from Shinagawa or Tamachi stations. 220 yen.

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