Easy trip to Nanki Shirahama from Osaka. Part 3 visiting Adventure World

Adventure World is the most popular attraction in Shirahama. (C) JP Rail
Adventure World is the most popular attraction in Shirahama. (C) JP Rail

This post is continued from Easy trip to Nanki Shirahama from Osaka. Part 2 check in hotel, glass boat tour and small aquarium.

On day 2 of this trip, I visited Adventure World. This is the combined of amusement park and zoo park. This is obviously most popular attraction in Shirahama.

Official site of Adventure World (English site)

I booked hotel with the tickets. So shuttle bus was included and get there very easily. Even if you need to take a bus or taxi, it’s not very far from most hotels. I took a local bus to get Shirahama station after I visited Adventure World. I took 15 minutes from Adventure World to the station. The fare is 300 yen. The bus is operated by Meiko bus. Unfortunately English timetable is not available. But bus runs very frequently. If you miss it, simply take taxi. Taxi fare is around 1200 to 1300 yen. You can check the locations at the map below.

I arrived Adventure World just before gate opened. There were huge number of visitors who were waiting for the gate open.

But once gate was opened, I could enter very smoothly. It took only 5 minuted to get in.

In Adventure World, Safari Land is one of the most popular attractions. Just hop in the bus. You can see many kinds of live animals. There are lots of way to see this area. But “Kenya Bus” is the easiest way and the cheapest.

This bus is included in the admission. But other way, such as open air double decker bus, is not included. You have to pay extra. You can really enjoy watching animals from Kenya Bus.

There are lots of other animals too, like Panda bear, Dolphins and many more.

In this park, dolphin trainers swim with dolphins. It was like synchronized swimming.

There are lots of restaurants in the park. But it was so busy during lunch time. And it was very expensive too.

You have to pay at least 1000 yen to have light meals. If you don’t want, don’t forget to take your lunch. It is not Disney land. You can take whatever you want.

After I visited this park, I took a bus as I mentioned above. Bus is very typical local bus.

On the way back to Osaka, train was newer series, 287 series.

At the station, you will see animals again on the platform.

It was very quick trip. If you are looking for something different in Kansai area, try to visit Shirahama. Especially if you travel with your kids, it is very kids friendly spot.


  1. Joe Pan says:

    Hi Takeshi-San,

    Sorry to bother you again, it’s a short one and hopefully today it’s your least workload day.
    I ‘m checking the timetable for shirahama to Kyoto on 9 Aug.
    Both Google and yahoo show that there is a direct train( Kuroshio 30)at 17:28, but hyper dia didn’t match anything like that, there are no direct ride to get to kyoto from shirahama.
    What have I done wrong?


    • Takeshi Shimomura, Author of JPRail.com
      Takeshi / JPRail.com says:

      Hi Joe san,

      I think 17:28 will run on 9th Aug. Probably Hyperdia does not have updated data for August.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

      • Joe Pan says:

        Thanks Takeshi-San, l hope so.
        HyerDia shows direct train timetable from Kyoto to shirahama in Aug . It also shows shirahama to Kyoto directly at 17:28 in Apr, I hope this train will not be abandoned in Aug.
        Thanks for your reply again.


  2. PL says:

    How much time is needed to explore Adventure World?
    I’m planning a short trip from Osaka with my 4yr & 2yr old kids, plus elderly parents in their 60s. Is 2 days 1 night at shirahama enough?

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