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Rail pass for residents

How to choose a special discount rail ticket for Japanese residents

There are many discount tickets that you have never seen before. You can ride on trains at much lower rate than usual. And many of them are available for residents in Japan. You can find the best deal for your trip.
Rail pass for residents

JR East Welcome Rail Pass 2020 for Japanese residents only: Unlimited ride for 3 days in JR East area

JR East Pass is sold only to short term stay travelers. But this time, JR East Welcome Rail Pass 2020 is available for foreignn nationals living in Japan. This 3-day unlimited ride pass is sold at the exceptional price, JPY 12,000.
Rail pass for residents

An exceptionally priced Western Japan unlimited ride ticket for residents of Japan: “Dokodemo Door Kippu”

Dokodemo Door Ticket offers unlimited ride for 2 days and 3 days at an exceptional price. This is available for anyone. If you are redident in Japan, you can use this.
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When can we travel to Japan? Future outlook on travel ban

I think you are wondering when we can go to Japan. I have summarized information on Japan's immigration control and future moves to lift border emforcement. I also talked about current travel conditions in Japan and how to deal with flights, trains, hotels and attractions.
side trip

How to get to Asakusa. Does the JR Pass cover Asakusa?

Asakusa is one of the big tourist places in Tokyo. Asakusa is also the terminal station of Tobu Railway for Nikko and Kinugawa Onsen. This post shows you how to get Asakusa. You also find how to use JR Pass and other JR deals to get Asakusa.
Rail pass for visitors

Where and How to buy JR Pass: JR Pass user guide, how to use Japan Rail Pass to its maximum.

This posts give you all information about JR pass. You can find much more information than the official Japan Rail Pass site.
Rail pass for visitors

JR Pass official reservation site user guide: How to buy JR pass and book a seat online

On June 1, 2020, the official JR Pass website has been renewed, and you can purchase your JR pass online. In addition, it is now possible to make online reservations for seats that were previously impossible. In this article, I will explain how to buy a pass and how to reserve a seat on this official website.
Chubu Area

How to get to Takayama by a train and a bus

Takayama is very attractive small town. It is very closed to another popular spot, Shirakawago. In this post, I show you how to get Takayama by train and bus.

Japanese trains suspension due to COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, many trains are suspended. I summarized the train operation information of most of railways in Japan
Seasonal trains schedule

Summary of 2019-20 winter seasonal trains of JR train

You can find all major JR seasonal train's schedule for December 2019 to February 2020 in this post.
Travel Tips

2020 busiest period to travel by train. Tips to book your seat in even during the busy period

You may find the busy period to travel in Japan in 2020 Most Japanese travel at same time. It will be super hard to book a seat when you travel in these period. Please find the dates and tips in this post.
Seasonal trains schedule

Summary of 2019 fall seasonal trains of JR trains

The Sanyo Shinkansen in fall season Autumn and spring are the good season to travel in Japan. In fall season, you ma...
Rail pass for residents

Flex Rail Ticket, The Tokaido Shinkansen round trip deal between Tokyo, Shin-Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto and Shin-Osaka for all of you

Flex Rail Ticket is the Shinkansen deal for the travel among Tokyo, Shin-Yokohama, Mishima, Odawara, Nagoya, Kyoto and Shin-Osaka. It is available for not only the tourist but also the resident. Please find the detailed information about this deal in this post.
2019 spring trip to Kinugawa, Osaka and Shirahama

2 days Trip to Kinugawa Onsen and Edo Wonderland

I went to Nikko Edo Wonderland. I show you my trip experience with lots of photos.
Seasonal trains schedule

Summary of 2019 summer seasonal trains of JR trains

This post shows you the seasonal train information, such as the timetable and the operation date for July to September in 2019.
2019 spring trip to Kinugawa, Osaka and Shirahama

Trip to Universal Studio Japan Osaka in the spring break

My daughter and my wife are the big fan of Harry Potter. And they wanted to visit Universal Studio Japan in Osaka to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This trip report is not related to the train travel and there are many resources of Universal Studio Japan. However my trip report may help you for your visit to USJ.
Hokkaido Area

Hokkaido Train Guide. Guide of the access route to major places in Hokkaido by train

Hokkaido is very very popular destination. There are lots of places to see. However this island is quite large. You must know the best way between the places to save your trip time.
Internet connection

The list of train company public wifi connection

WiFi and mobile connection are essential in these days during the trip. This post explains you about a public WiFi and mobile connection on board.
Station information

Mishima station guide. How to change the trains and the buses to Hakone, Fuji and Shuzenji.

Mishima station is one of the Tokaido Shinkansen stations. This station is also the gateway to Hakone, Lake Kawaguchi and Shuzenji. You can learn about the structure of Mishima station and how to change the train and the bus in this station.
Seasonal trains schedule

Summary of 2019 spring seasonal trains of JR trains

Spring is the amazing season to travel in Japan. I think everybody agree that spring is the best season to travel. T...
Travel Tips

What to do when a train delay and suspension

You may have a happening when you are on board. A train may break down. The facility may have some issues. In this case, the train which you are on may be delayed or suspended. This post explains you how to manage these cases.
Travel Tips

2019 busiest period to travel by train. Tips to book your seat in even during the busy period.

You may find the busy period to travel in Japan. If you can avoid these dates, you should do. Most Japanese travel at same time. It will be super hard to book a seat when you travel in these period. Please find the dates and tips in this post.
2018 fall trip to Aomori and Nachi

Visiting Kumano Sanzan (Kumano three important shrines) in one day.

Yatagarasu (three legs raven) is the symbol of Kumano region. As I mentioned in the last post, Visited Seikan Train ...
2018 fall trip to Aomori and Nachi

Visited Seikan Train Ferry Museum, Memorial Ship Hakkodamaru

Seikan Train Ferry connected Aomori and Hakodate before Seikan tunnel was opened. One of these ferry ships is open for public as the museum in Aomori. I visited there and show you it with lots of photos in this post.
Seasonal trains schedule

Summary of 2018-19 winter seasonal trains of JR trains

Winter used to be a shoulder season to travel. However in these days, many foreign travelers visit Japan all year lo...
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