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Narita airport (Tokyo)

This is the primary international airport of Tokyo, but it is located Chiba prefecture where is located next to Tokyo. You have to spend at least one hour to get downtown Tokyo.

Narita airport access and deals guide

Haneda airport (Tokyo)

It is another Tokyo airport and it is located in Tokyo and much closer than Haneda. Haneda had been the domestic airport since Narita was open. But the number of international flights have been increasing in these days.

Haneda airport access and deals guide

Kansai airport (Osaka)

It is the international airport of Osaka. It is 35 to 45 minutes away from Namba and one hour away from Osaka (Umeda), Shin-Osaka.

Kansai airport access and deal guide
Kansai airport to/from Namba access guide
Kansai airport to/from Nippombashi, Nagahoribashi, Ebisucho, Sakaisuji-Hommachi access guide
Kansai airport to/from Uehommachi, Tanimachi 9-chome, Tanimachi 6-chome, Tanimachi 4-chome access guide

New Chitose airport (Shin-Chitose / Sapporo)

New Chitose is located 40 minutes away from Sapporo by a rapid train. Both international and domestic flights arrive/depart daily.

New Chitose airport access guide

Chubu airport (Centrair / Nagoya)

Chubu airport is an international airport and it is connected by Meitetsu railway and a airport bus.

Chubu airport access guide

Fukuoka airport

Fukuoka airport is an international airport and it is very close to downtown Fukuoka.

Fukuoka airport access guide

Itami airport (Osaka)

Itami airport is a domestic airport and it is closer to downtown Osaka than Kansai airport.

Itami airport access guide

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