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I believe that a train is the best way to explore in Japan. Because many trains run very punctual and it is so reliable.

This website JPRail.com is unofficial website. JPRail.com does not have any connections with any railway companies in Japan. I started this website in 2009. When I started this website, I focused on how to use Japan Rail Pass. I tried to explain you to use Japan Rail Pass to its maximum! However many travelers want to learn many kinds of the rail pass other than Japan Rail Pass. Now I write the articles about other rail passes too, such as JR East Pass, Hokkaido Rail Pass, Tokyo Wide Pass, Tokyo Metro Pass, Kyoto City Pass, Kansai Thru Pass, Suica, ICOCA and many other rail passes and the deals.

If you have any questions about Japan Rail Pass or rail travel in Japan, please do not hesitate to leave your response. If you cannot find any information in regards to the rail travel that you are looking for, please leave your comment on Forum page. I am very happy to give you some advice. But I am not your personal travel agent. Please do not ask me to make your travel plan. Please try to enjoy building your trip plan. The planning is the first step of your travel and it is lots of fun!

Thank you very much for visiting JPRail.com. I hope this website helps you to build your trip plan to Japan!

Administrator and Webmaster, JPRail.com
Takeshi Shimomura (下村猛)

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  1. Hello Takeshi,
    We need your help for our trip to Japan.
    We will travel 15 days, and the first 8 days with our nice.
    Our itinerary is as follows:
    Day 1 Arrive Haneda -> Tokyo
    Day 2 + 3 Tokyo
    Day 4 + 5 Kyoto (maybe daytrip Nara)
    Day 6 + 7 Kyoto / Osaka
    Day 8 after sending our nice to the Airport Itami we would like to do a daytrip to Amanohashidate
    Day 9+10 +11 Matsue (Izumo)
    Day 12 Hiroshima
    Day 13 + 14 Tokyo
    Day 15 Haneda Airport

    Which rail passes would you recommend for our nice (first 8 days) and for us? Do we need extra City passes?
    Thank you and best regards

    1. Hi Bea,

      All of your group except your niece can use JR pass 14 days.

      Your niece cannot use JR pass even 7 days. She cannot get the worth by 7 days period. Only regular fare ticket is her choice.

      When you stay in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, you can use JR pass but it does not cover subway, city bus and non JR trains. If you add other deal, such as bus pass, your niece can add same same deal. Please see the links below:


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

    2. Hello Takeshi, Thanks so much for putting this great information together, will be extremely useful for our upcoming trip to Tokyo and Kyoto.(27/2 to 5/3)
      Perhaps you can help me even further as I am an active 77 (wife 76) and want to see as much as possible during my 3 nights in Higashi-Shinjuku and 3 in Kyoto.
      I have already purchased JRPasses for 7 days, to take me from NRT airport to Higashi-Shinjuku/Kyoto/Airport and based on your recommendations will buy 2 day Tokyo Subway tickets for our trips around Tokyo.
      Now the help required:
      From our hotel near Higashi-Shinjuku we want to visit , Meiji Shrine, Senso-ji Temple, Imperial Palace, Tokyo Bay Cruise, Ginza District, Aqua City Odaiba etc.
      From this list and wanting to not go back and fro across Tokyo what should be the order of visiting. If too much for one day we can use 2nd day.
      Any further help would be appreciated as I like to be organized..
      Many thanks John

      1. Hi John,

        You may take the following route:

        Meiji Jingu – Imperial Palace – Sensoji – Ginza – Bay cruise – Odaiba

        I think you can make it in one day. By the way, JR Pass covers JR local train in downtown Tokyo. You may not need two days subway pass. Please see the link below:


        Takeshi / JPRail.com

        1. Hello Takeshi,
          Many thanks, do I assume you mean I only need a one day pass if I visit these places in one day.
          I did review the “JR” Tokyo train map, but cannot figure out (yet) how I can get from my Hotel (Sunroute Higashi_Shinjuku) without taking the subway from Higashi-Shinjuku, infact I cannot see Higashi-Shinjuku station listed on any of the train maps.
          I am obviously a little confused with my first “look” at how I can get around the various sites without using Metro/Toei services.
          Your help would be appreciated..
          Thanks again..
          Best regards

  2. Hello Takeshi,

    We have a plan to visit Japan for 19 days:

    Day 1-Haneda to Tokyo
    Day 2 & 3- Travel by subway around Tokyo
    Day 4- Disneyland
    Day 5-Kamakura & Enoshima
    Day 6-Tokyo to Nikko
    Day 7- Nikko to Hachinohe
    (Renting a car days 8-13)
    Day 14-Hachinohe to Yokohama
    Day 15-Yokohama
    Day 16-18 Kyoto and Himeji
    Day 19- Tokyo to Narita

    The trip to Kyoto and Himeji is not yet decided. Instead, we may stay longer in the north, or spend more time around Tokyo.

    Would it be better to buy a rail pass or individual tickets? Which rail passes would you recommend? It is quite confusing.

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Kirstin,

      You may use JR East Pass Tohoku for the first 14 days.

      It allows you to use any 5 days in 14 days period. You may use it for day 4, 5, 6, 7 and 14. You may add Haneda access + subway combo deal for day 1 to 3.

      If you go to Himeji and Kyoto, you should have JR pass 7 days.

      If not, single ticket is okay.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  3. Hi Takeshi
    I can’t figure out some parts of my plan, can you help me please? My family of 6 would like to arrive in Osaka (3rd week of December), pick up the rental car and visit Himeji, Okayama, enter Shikoku, leave Shikoku, Hiroshima (return rental car after 10 days). The next part is where I have problems. What is the best way to get to Hakuba where we would like to ski for 3 days? Which Rail pass (or overnight bus) would get us from Hiroshima to Hakuba? And the rail pass should include the train ride for the return trip to either Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya.
    Really appreciate your thoughts on my plan. Thank you!

    1. Hi Rin,

      If you take a train, you will take the following route:

      Hiroshima (Shinkansen) Nagoya (Limited Express Shinano) Matsumoto (local train) Hakuba

      Only JR pass is the choice for this trip but you cannot get the worth of 7 day pass if you go back to Nagoya after Hakuba. JR pass 7 days price is almost same if you go back to Tokyo. If you go back to Osaka, you can get the worth easily.

      I’m not familiar with the bus. But I don’t think there is direct bus service from Hiroshima to Hakuba. Please check the links below to search.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  4. Hi Takeshi San,
    Thanks for such an excellent site with loads of information. I have just one question. I am planning to get JR pass 7 days for our trip. The itinerary is very simple
    Tokyo(Narita) -> Tokyo
    Tokyo -> Kyoto
    Kyoto -> Odwara
    Odwara ->Tokyo -> Back to Narita.
    I understand we cannot use the pass inside Kyoto and Tokyo . Would we still have to pay more for reserving a seat in the Ordinary Class or is it included in the JR Pass?


  5. Hello Takeshi San

    I will start to go Nozawa Onsen liyama Station from Minato-Ku on 24 December 2017 morning, can you advise me how to take JR and what JR pass should I buy? Should I need to buy the pass in advance during Christmas holiday?

    Waiting your favorable reply.

    Thanks & Best regards
    Christine Yeung

  6. Hi,

    I will be travelling to Japan in Dec through to Jan 2018 with 3 adults, 1 high school children (13) and children (11). Places visiting will be Sapporro (4 days) to Osaka (5days). In Osaka, planning to do day trip to Hiroshima, Wakayama and Arashimaya. Thinking of getting JR pass. Does JR pass cover places that we plan and is it worth or should get separate like JR West pass and others.


    1. Hi Henry,

      All places are covered by JR pass. However when you do sightseeing in Sapporo, Osaka and Kyoto, you may need to add some fares because JR Pass does not cover subway, streetcar and city bus.

      If you take trains only in this trip, you can get the worth of JR pass easily. You will get a big saving. But trip from Sapporo to Osaka is quite far.

      If you take a domestic flight from Sapporo to Osaka, JR pass may be too expensive. It depends on how you stay in Sapporo.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  7. Takeshi,
    A friend and I are wondering if a 7 day JR Pass is best for us.
    Day 1 – Fujino to Kyoto (3 days exploring Kyoto area)
    Day 4 Sonobe Station to Miyama Kyoto Prefecture
    Day 5 Kyoto to Tokushima City Tokushima Prefecture
    Day 6 Tokushima to Osaka (Depart Osaka Airport)

  8. Hi Takeshi, can I ask your help which jr pass to buy? We are a group of ten. 9 adults and 1 6yr old. Our itinerary is as follows:
    August 26 kansai airport to Kyoto station
    August 29 Kyoto to Osaka
    August 30 Osaka to Universal Studios
    August 31 Osaka to Kobe
    September 2 Kyoto to Kansai airport.
    This is our first time to visit Japan. Would appreciate your assistance. Which transport is the cheapest to travel, bus or train? And how to buy. Thank you in advance.

  9. Hi Takeshi, we have 2 adults and 2 children (11 and 12 years old). I would appreciate it if you could let me know which pass suits our plan which is as follows:

    02 Dec: Tokyo Narita Airport to Osaka (Nippombashi station)
    03-04 Dec: Osaka
    05 Dec: Osaka to Hakone (Hotel Green Plaza Hakone)
    06 Dec: Day trip to Mt Fuji
    07 Dec: Hakone to Tokyo (Shiba Park Hotel)
    08-11 Dec: Tokyo
    12 Dec: Shiba Park Hotel to Narita Airport

    Thank you very much!

  10. Hi Takeshi!
    We are planning a trip to Japan in September for two weeks and struggling to figure out which pass(es) are most beneficial for our trip. Our itinerary overview is below:

    DAY 1 – Arrive in Nagoya @ 3:15PM
    DAY 2 to DAY 6 – Osaka with one or two day trips to Kyoto and possibly Hiroshima
    DAY 7 to DAY 11 – Tokyo (with plans for sightseeing like the Ghibli Museum, DisneySea/Tokyo Disney, Akihabara, Shinjuku,etc.) and a planned trip out to to Fuji-Q
    Day 12 to DAY 14 – Back to Nagoya with a trip to Spa Land and departure at 4:40pm

    Could we get the Kansai Pass for Osaka/Kyoto and a 7-day JR Pass to travel from Osaka to Tokyo and back to Nagoya? The only issue is what is the best way from Nagoya to Osaka? Or is easiest thing to do is just purchase the 14-day JR Pass? Also, will we need to purchase additional non-JR Passes?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Ann,

      If you are sure to visit Hiroshima, 14 days pass is the easiest choice. 7 days pass for Osaka to Tokyo and Tokyo to Nagoya is not a right choice. YOu cannot get the worth of 7 days pass by these trips. So you need to use single ticket or Platt Kodama for Nagoya-Osaka, Osaka-Tokyo and Tokyo to Nagoya if you don’t go to Hiroshima.

      Even if you use JR pass, you may need to add other pass in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka as you guess.

      If you don’t use JR pass, you may need to add Kansai thru pass.

      So you have to decide that you go to Hiroshima or not. Otherwise you cannot choose the pass.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

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