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Direct access to Akita from Tokyo, Akita Shinkansen (bullet train)

Newer E6 series (red color fleet) at Tokyo station (C) James Chuang

Newer E6 series (red color fleet) at Tokyo station (C) James Chuang

Technically Akita Shinkansen means the line between Morioka and Akita. But most of trains are operated between Tokyo and Akita via Morioka as the train name, “Komachi” (こまち).

All Komachi trains are coupled with the fastest Tohoku Shinkansen train, “Hayabusa” between Tokyo and Morioka. Those trains are uncoupled at Morioka. Of course both Akita and Tohoku Shinkansen are fully covered by Japan Rail Pass and JR East Pass.


Akita Shikanse is called Mini Shinkansen. Technically it is not a “Real” Shikansen track between Morioka and Akita. It is smaller and slower because of sharing the truck with the much slower local trains between Morioka and Akita on conventional lines. Komachi runs at 300 km/h between Tokyo and Morioka. But Komachi run at maximum speed 130 km/h between Morioka and Akita.

Now I show you the details about Akita Shinkansen trains.

Route, schedule and travel time

>Komachi runs between Tokyo and Akita in 3 hours and 50 minutes. There are mostly 16 round trips and it departs mostly every hour.

View Akita “Mini” Shinkansen in a larger map


The stations are same as Tohoku Shinkanse between Tokyo and Morioka. Please refer to Tohoku Shikansen.

Station Komachi
Morioka (盛岡) x
Shizukuishi (雫石) *
Tazawako (田沢湖) *
Kakunodate (角館) *
Ōmagari (大曲) x
Akita (秋田) x

x:All trains stop *:some trains stop


All Akita Shinkansen trains, “Komachi” are operated by new fleet E6 series. It gives you 2+2 seat layout in both Green and ordinary. Seat pitch of Green is 1160mm and ordinary is 980mm.

Train formation


11 12 13 14 15 16 17

*G=Green seat R=Reserved seat

Car numbers are starting from 11 because Komachi is coupled with 10 cars formation, Hayabusa between Morioka and Tokyo.


E6 series (Komachi)

*Sonic Rail Garden has copyright for all images below.

Green seat (Seat pitch 1160 mm/Seat configuration 2+2)
E6-green-001 E6-green-012 E6-green-009 E6-green-008 E6-green-007 E6-green-006 E6-green-005 E6-green-003 E6-green-002

Ordinary seat (Seat pitch 980mm/Seat configuration 2+2.)
E6-economy-001 E6-economy-002 E6-economy-004 E6-economy-005 E6-economy-006 E6-economy-007 E6-economy-008 E6-economy-010

Sanitary space
E6-deck-008 E6-deck-018 E6-deck-017 E6-deck-015 E6-deck-013 E6-deck-012 E6-deck-011 E6-deck-010 E6-deck-009

Other facilities
E6-deck-004 E6-deck-020

All Green seats have power outlet. In ordinary car, the front row, the last row and window side seats have power outlet.

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9 Comments to “Direct access to Akita from Tokyo, Akita Shinkansen (bullet train)”

  1. Diogo Leite says:

    We are four students going to Akita. We arrive to Tokyo Haneda 24th August at 11pm, so we can buy tickets for Akita Shinkansen in 25th August now but we are unable to get them in Haneda day before because your store close earlier.

    Our main target was to arrive in Akita 25th August, so what can we do?


    • Hi Diogo,

      First of all, please let me tell you that I’m not related to any train company. This website is not official site and run by myself individually.

      Regarding your ticket to Akita, you can purchase it on Aug 25 when you go to Akita. Akita Shinkansen runs almost every hour. It’s not very hard to book. I don’t know where you will stay on Aug 24. But you can book and purchase Akita Shinkansen ticket at almost all JR stations in Tokyo. Reservation window is called “Midori no Madoguchi”. You will find it at any JR stations in downtown Tokyo.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

  2. Ime says:

    Hi. My husband and I will visit Japan for the first time last week of april. From the Philippines we will arrive in Tokyo (Narita Airport) around 8pm. We will go to Akita. From the airport, what is the safest and most convenient way to take the bullet train to Akita?


  3. Simon says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    After some reading, my understanding is from Tokyo to Akita,
    the Hayate train (10 coaches) & Komachi (6 coaches) will join together and run on the
    Tokyo to Morioka – Tohoku Line.Then will split up in Morioka and the 6 coaches Komachi will run to Akita and the 10 coaches Hayate will run to Shin-Aomori. Am I right?


    • JPRail says:

      That’s right, Simon.
      If you go to Akita, you can take Komachi from Tokyo. You don’t need to change the train at Morioka.
      Takeshi / JP Rail

  4. Simon says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    Looking at the Hyperdia and reading your article, a bit confused, do we need to change train in Morioka if we ride the Komachi train from Tokyo to Akita?


  5. Richard says:

    This is one of the most scenic shinkansen routes since the line winds through the mountains and there are not endless long tunnels like some of the shinkansen lines through the mountains.
    The green class cabin is a bit cramped though since the train is narrower than a normal shinkansen.
    One tip if travelling all the way from Tokyo-Morioka-Akita is to buy two tickets. Travel Tokyo-Morioka in the Hayate part of the train and then switch from Hayate – Komachi at Morioka. Then you will have normal wide green class seats for the Tokyo-Morioka part of the trip. You have to be quite quick to change coaches though (although the green class in Komachi is at the end coupled to the Hayate train). Northbound there is a minute or so to change coaches, southbound perhaps 30 seconds!
    The ticket reservations staff might need some convincing of this plan though, they will want to make your trip “easier” with one ticket that doesn’t need a change of seat. After a while I said that Hayate is a “nicer” train and they smiled knowingly.

    • JPRail says:

      Hi Richard,
      Thank you for leaving several comments on Shikansen’s posts. You seem to have a lot of experience in travelling Japan. I always welcome to share your experience with other readers here!
      Takeshi / JP Rail

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