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How to access from Haneda airport to downtown Tokyo

(C)  Yasufumi Nishi/ JNTO
(C) Yasufumi Nishi/ JNTO

Narita airport (成田空港) is more well known as the international airport. But Haneda airport (羽田空港) opened new terminal in this past October. Many flights was started to operate.

Haneda is located in Metro Tokyo 23 municipalities. It is way closer to downtown Tokyo than Narita. Please see the map below to find the location of both Narita and Haneda.

View Narita Airport and Haneda Airport in a larger map

Haneda airport is connected with downtown Tokyo by Tokyo Monorail, Keihin Kyuko Railway and Airport Limousine bus.

*We have a good news and a bad news for Japan Rail Pass user. A good news is, as of October 21, 2010, Japan Rail Pass can be used for Tokyo Monorail. A bad news is that you cannot turn in the pass at Haneda airport because there is no Japan Railway station. So you can use Monorail to Haneda airport after you already turn in the pass. You cannot use Monorail right after arrival at Haneda with no extra charge by the pass.

JR Pass exchange place, JR East Travel Service Center is next to Tokyo Monorail ticket gate. There exist a big sign. (C) JP Rail

Japan Railway add Haneda airport monorail station to exchange the pass. So you can start to use Japan Rail Pass right after you arrive at Haneda in Japan! But the window open between 7:45 and 18:30. I am afraid most of Japan Rail Pass users arrive at Haneda in early morning or late night. Shinagawa station is the closest location to Haneda airport. Please check the list of the exchange place at Japan Rail Pass official site.

View Haneda Airport Access in a larger map

But Haneda airport allow only midnight and early morning for international flight. So if you arrive Haneda so late, you may not get downtown Tokyo by train. Let’s see the details, such as fare, schedule and route, about three ways, Tokyo Monorail, Keihin Kyuko Railway and Airport Limousine bus.

How to find the station at Haneda airport

Actually it is quite simple. When you exit from Immigration and Custom area, you will see the hall, like the picture below.

You will see Limousine bus ticket counter on your left hand side.

If you want to take a limousine bus, you will see the ticket window when you exit from Immigration and Custom. It is same location at the exit. But midnight bus services are very very limited. (C) JP Rail.

Just keep going straight from the exit. Both Tokyo Monorail station and Keihin Kyuko station are just a few steps away from the exit.

Tokyo Monorail station will be on your left hand side. (C) JP Rail
Keihin Kyuko station will be on your right hand side. (C) JP Rail

Once you exit from Immigration and Custom, it takes less than one minute to get the station. Many station staffs are there to help you how to buy a ticket and find a direction. And also there exist lots of signs and most of signs are shown in four languages, Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. You won’t miss it.

Tokyo Monorail
Tokyo Monorail

Tokyo Monorail (東京モノレール)

Tokyo Monorail connects Haneda airport with Hamamatsucho (浜松町). Adult fare is 470 yen and child fare is 240 yen. If you already turn in Japan Rail Pass, you can take it with no extra charge. It takes 18 minutes by the fastest train, “Haneda Express”. It takes 23 minutes by local train. Haneda Express stops only Hamamatsucho, Haneda Airport International Terminal, Haneda Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Tokyo Monorail operates every 3 or 4 minutes during daytime and 5 to 10 mintues during early morning and late night. The first departure is 04:58 from Haneda to Hamamatsucho. The last departure is 00:01 from Haneda to Hamamatsucho. Please check the most updated schedule on Tokyo Monorail website.

Hamamatsucho is three stations away from Tokyo station. If you want to take Shinkansen after arrival at Haneda, you have to take Yamanote line (山手線). I recommend you to use Keihin Kyuko Railway because they take you to Shinagawa (品川). You can easily transfer to Shinkansen there. If you stay at the major hotel in downtown Tokyo, you may take Airport Limousine bus.

Keihin Kyuko Railway - Airport Limited Express
Keihin Kyuko Railway - Airport Limited Express

Keihin Kyuko Railway (京浜急行)

Keihin Kyuko is one of the major private railway company it Tokyo. We call “Keikyu” (Keihin Kyuko). Keihin Kyuko connects Haneda airport with Shinagawa (品川). Adult fare is 400 yen and child fare is 200 yen. It takes 16 to 18 minutes by the fastest train, “Airport Limited Express”. This express train does not stop any station between Haneda airport stations and Shinagawa. But Airport Limited Express is operated in daytime only. Most of trains are Airport Express. This train stops all stations between Haneda terminal and Keikyu-Kamata. And also it stops at Heiwajima, Tachiaigawa and Aomonoyokocho. It takes 23 to 25 minutes by Airport Express. They operates every 5 minutes during daytime and 10 mintues during early morning and late night. The first departure is 05:23 from Haneda to Shinagawa. The last departure is 23:59 from Haneda to Shinagawa. Kehin Kyuko have one more train at 00:20 from Haneda to Keihin-Kamata in weekdays. Please check the most updated schedule on Keihin Kyuko Haneda Access website.

Shinagawa is one of the biggest terminal stations in downtown Tokyo and Shinkansen stop at Shinagawa. If you want to take Shinkansen that is bound for Shin-Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, Shin-Osaka and many station to the west, you should take Keihin Kyuko. But if you stay at the major hotel in downtown Tokyo, you still think about taking Keihin Kyuko. Because Keihin Kyuko is connected with Toei subway Asakusa line. They operates through the subway line and it directly take you to some of the popular spots in Tokyo, such as Shinbashi (新橋), Ginza (銀座) and Asakusa (浅草). If you stay at the major hotel in other areas in Tokyo, you may take Airport Limousine bus.

Airport Limousine
Airport Limousine

Airport Limousine bus

Airport Limousine takes you most of major hotels in Tokyo. The fare is 600 yen or more. It depends on the destination. For example, the fare to Tokyo station is 900 yen and to Shinjuku station is 1,200 yen. But they charge double for midnight service (departure from 00:00 to 04:59). Please check the details on their website.

And also Keihin Kyuko operates the schecule bus service too. They have a lot of midnight bus service, to Tokyo staion, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Kitasenju, Tachikawa, Tokyo City Air Terminal, and more. Please check the details here.

In case of the light delay

Most of the flights arrive at Haneda in early morning or late night. If your flight suppose to arrive late night, you have to think about access to downtown Tokyo and worry about the flight delay.

I show several sample schedules between Haneda and some places in Tokyo by Monorail and Keihin Kyuko. Please see How to take Tokyo Monorail or Keihin Kyuko for late arrival and early departure at Haneda.

In case of that, unfortunately you do not have many choices. Both Keihin Kyuko bus and Airport limousine bus do not have many midnight buses. Please get the details at Keihin Kyuko Bus website Late night and early morning service. If you miss these buses, the only way is to take the taxi. The estimation of taxi fare to major locations in Tokyo from Haneda airport are following:

to Shinagawa station — 4,800yen to 5,120yen
to Shinjuku station — 8,000yen (fixed rate)
to Tokyo station — 8,000yen (fixed rate)
to Ueno station — 8,0000yen (fixed rate)
to Asakusa — 8,000yen (fixed rate)
to Ikebukuro station — 9,000 yen (fixed rate)
*All above rates include midnight surcharge as of November, 2011. If you take a taxi in daytime, the rates are about 20% cheaper. Please see the details about fixed rate at here.

Thank you, Nich, for telling me about taxi fixed rate.

As you see, it is quite expensive! Unless you want to spend it for the taxi, reserve your hotel as close as the Haneda airport. I recommend you to get the room around Kamata (=蒲田). You can get there by Keihin Kyuko easily. Even if you miss the train, it’s only 6km away from the Haneda airport international terminal. That means the taxi fare will be very reasonable. It costs about 2,800yen to 2,980 yen (midnight surcharge included) There are some standard class hotels around Kamata station at the reasonable rate. You may not know about Kamata. It is not major location in Tokyo. But Kamata has both JR and Keihin kyuko staions. There are many hotels and restaurants. Keihin Kyuko Kamata station is only 5 minutes away from JR Kamata station. So you can take JR train next morning very easily.