The list of deals for access to downtown Tokyo from Narita airport

Narita Airport departure floor © Y.Shimizu/© JNTO
Narita Airport departure floor © Y.Shimizu/© JNTO

It you use JR Pass, JR East Pass or Kanto Area Pass right after you arrive in Narita, you don’t need to purchase any more deals or passes. But some of you stay in Tokyo for the first several days and activate JR Pass or other deals. In this case, you might think about additional deal for the transfer to Tokyo from Narita.

In this post, I will show you the discount fare, budget type bus services and deals/passes.

*The information in this article is current at the time of writing.

List of the deals

Deal/Pass Fare Destination
N’EX Tokyo Direct Ticket (one way)
This deal will be discontinued on March 13, 2015.
1500 yen Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Yokohama, Ofuna
N’EX Tokyo Round Trip Ticket 4000 yen Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Yokohama, Ofuna
Keisei Skyliner E-ticket 2200 yen Nippori, Ueno
Keisei Skyliner & Metro from 2600 yen Nippori, Ueno
one day subway pass incl
Limousine & Metro 3200 yen most places in Tokyo
Keisei Bus from 900 yen Tokyo, Ginza
The Access Narita (bus) from 1000 yen Tokyo, Ginza

N’EX Tokyo Direct Ticket / N’EX Tokyo Round Trip Ticket

New train E259 series Narita Express
JR’s airport express train, Narita Express

This is the deal for taking Narita Express. Only Narita Express ticket is offered at very attractive price, 1500 yen. Even if you go to Tokyo, the price is half of regular fare. But JR East will replace this one way deal by round trip deal at 4000 yen. It is valid for 14 days. And there will be no one way deal.

Please see the post, to get more info about Narita Express.

You can get Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro at 1500 yen or even 2000 yen for half of round trip ticket. This is the cheapest option to get Shinjuku and Ikebukuro from Narita. And also you can keep riding Narita Express to Yokohama, Omiya and Ofuna at same price. If you don’t exit the station, you can change trains as many as you want and go anywhere in Tokyo, Yokohama, Omiya, Kamakura, Maihama (Tokyo Disneyland) and many more places.

You can find the map and more information at JR East site.

However only Narita departure of one way deal is available. The one way trip to Narita is not available.

Keisei Skyliner / Skyliner and Metro deal

Keisei Railway Skyliner
Keisei Railway Skyliner is the fastest train other than Shinkansen.

Keisai Railway is one of major private railway companies in Tokyo area. This railway’s express train that is called “Skyliner” is the fastest train service to get downtown Tokyo. It connects Narita and Ueno in about 45 minutes. Even if you go to Tokyo, Skyliner and JR local train connection is faster than Narita Express.

Keisei Skyliner official site

However the fare is higher than N’ex Tokyo Direct Ticket. Regular fare is 2470 yen and if you book online, you can get e-ticket fare at 2200 yen.

Skyliner e-ticket online booking site

This fare is includes express surcharge and base fare to Ueno. If you go to other place in Tokyo, you have to add the fare on top of this fare.

The seat is not very high-end but it is comfortable for 45 minutes ride.
The seat is not very high-end but it is comfortable for 45 minutes ride.

Keisei Railway sells Skyliner and Metro combo deal too. There are both one way and round trip available. And also one day Metro pass and two days Metro Pass deals are available. The price is starting from 2600 yen for one way Skyliner trip and 1 day Metro pass. Please see the link below to get the details.

Keisei Railway Skyliner and Metro Pass page

In the link above, it says One way + One day Metro is sold at 2600 yen and 580 yen cheaper. But Tokyo Metro one day open ticket is sold at 710 yen.

Tokyo Metro Discounts ticket site

If you book Skyliner online, the fare is 2200 yen and total fare (Skyliner + Metro pass) is 2910 yen. So this one day and one day pass deal is only 310 yen cheaper. It compares this deal and regular fare. If you use N’ex Direct Ticket and purchase Tokyo Metro pass alone on the spot, total cost is 2210 yen. So if you care about the budget, Skyliner is not a right choice.

If you want to the fastest service to get northern part of downtown Tokyo, Skyliner is the best choice.

Keisei Access Express

Some of Keisei Railway Access Express go to Haneda airport directly from Narita airport via Toei subway line.
Some of Keisei Railway Access Express go to Haneda airport directly from Narita airport via Toei subway line.

If you want to access to Asakusa, Ginza, Haneda or other places along Toei Subway Asakusa line, Keisei Railway’s Access Express takes you these places directly. This is a sort of commute train. It does not have luxury interior. However express surcharge is not required.

There is no deal available for taking this train but the base fare is quite reasonable. The fare is around 1,300 yen from Narita airport to these areas. Please find some more information at Keisei Railway’s official site.

Keisei Railway Access Express site

This train connects Narita and Nippori, Ueno too. If you want to save your cost, this train may be suitable for you.

Airport Limousine bus / Limousine and Metro deal

Limousine Bus at Narita Airport South Wing (C) Rsa
Limousine Bus at Narita Airport South Wing (C) Rsa

Airport limousine is most convenient option if you stay in major hotel. You can get the hotel door directly. But the fare to most places in Tokyo is 3100 yen and it is very pricey.

If you use Tokyo Metro to explore in Tokyo, you can get Limousine and Metro at 3200 yen for one way and one day Metro pass.

Limousine and Metro Pass one way and one day
Limousine and Metro Pass round trip and two days

It is only 100 yen difference between regular fare and one way one day Metro deal. The total cost is still higher than N’ex Tokyo Direct ticket + one day Metro pass. But if you want to take Limousine bus from Narita, this deal may be suitable for you.

The Access Narita

This low cost bus service runs between Tokyo/Ginza and Narita airport. One way fare is very attractive at only 1000 yen and child rate is half, 500 yen.

The Access Narita (LCC bus by Be-Transse Group / Heiwa Kotsu) official site

This bus company try to reduce the operation cost as much as they can. So the bus stop is a bit away from the station.

Official site “Where to board”

You may not be very familiar the place and you may have many baggage. If you take this bus service and transfer to trains in Tokyo station, 15 minutes is minimum connection time in my opinion.

Keisei Bus Tokyo Shuttle

Keisei Bus Tokyo Shuttle (C) Keisei Bus H636 Tokyo Shuttle - Comyu
Keisei Bus Tokyo Shuttle (C) Keisei Bus H636 Tokyo Shuttle – Comyu

This is another low cost bus service between Narita and Tokyo/Ginza. The fare is cheaper at 900 yen. But if you take midnight and early morning service without booking, the fare is 1500 yen. And child rate does not apply. For family travellers, The Access Narita is better.

Keisei Bus official site

Bus stop at Tokyo station is a bit away from the station. Please see the map below. I pointed both Access Narita and Keisei Bus in this map.

Keisei Bus sells the bus ticket and Tokyo Metro combo ticket at 1610 yen. It is just combination and not discounted price. But if you purchase this deal at the airport, you can take subway train right away. You may be able to save the time to purchase the pass at subway station.

140 thoughts on “The list of deals for access to downtown Tokyo from Narita airport”

  1. Hey ..
    I will arrive at narita airport on 8th february at 1:00 pm .. I want the cheapest and fastest way to go to toyama ..

    1. Hi Sherif,

      If you need one way to Toyama, there is no deals available. You can take Narita Express to Tokyo and Hokuriku Shinkansen from Tokyo to Toyama. Please use hyperdia to check the fare and schedule.

      If you have round trip in 7 days period, you may use Hokuriku Arch Pass.


      Takeshi /

      1. if i purchase this hikuriku arch pass .. it will allow me to ride narita express to tokyo and then shinkansen to toyama and then get back the same way ? only in 25000 yen ?

  2. Hi Takeshi,

    again asking you I’m going travel to osaka- kyoto from tokyo, but my question is…

    1. if i want to go to mount fuji maybe spent a night in there, should i go before to osaka-kyoto or after ?
    2. and is there a shinkansen train between tokyo-mount fuji-kyoto-osaka…. so i can choose which way is better ….

    Thank you


    1. Hi Cooper,

      1. It doesn’t matter you go there before/after.

      2. If you drop by Hakone, you can get off Shinkansen at Odawara. But if you go to Lake Kawaguchi, you should access there from Tokyo. Please see the link below:

      Hakone is easier to squeeze between Osaka/Kyoto and Tokyo.


      Takeshi /

  3. Aloha Takeshi,

    We are coming to Japan in December. My daughter is doing a study abroad in Tokyo and we are coming to visit and then all return home.
    We will spend one night in Tokyo and I have learned from you that we can take the Skyline to Nippori then the Yamanote line to Hamamatsucho – we are staying at MyStays Premier Hamamatsucho. Thank you for all your help!

    We will meet up with my daughter then travel to Hiroshima. My question is that since we are tourist (staying only 1 week), but my daughter has a student visa, how do I travel from Tokyo (station) to Hiroshima station by Shinkansen? I think we want to use the Nozomi? But I don’t know how to make our travel plans with my daughter (japanese VISA).

    After, we will travel to Osaka (Swissotel Nankai) to stay while we plan 1 day visits to Kyoto (to visit Inari Fushimi, Kiyomizudera and Byodo-In) and Nara (Todaiji, Nara Park and Kasuga Grand Shrine). In Osaka we want to go to Osaka Sumiyoshi-taisha and Shintenno ji. Can we still use our Suica card and my daughter’s Pasmo card to travel around this area?

    Lastly would you have any suggestions to get from Osaka to Kansai Airport? I am so confused that I gave up looking for buses or trains to Kansai. Sorry!

    Thank you very much for any help you can give me! It is so hard for me to plan for my daughter with a Japanese Visa .

    1. Hi Wendy,

      The best option for you is JR Pass 7 days.

      This is cheaper than single fare for Narita-Tokyo, Tokyo-Hiroshima and Hiroshima-Osaka. You still can use JR Pass in Tokyo, trip to Kyoto and Nara from Osaka. You cannot take Nozomi by this pass but you can take Hikari.

      If you can start using this pass just after you arrive in Narita, take Narita Express to Tokyo or Shinagawa and then move to Hamamatsucho. Skyliner is not covered by JR Pass. Please see the link below to find the coverage of JR Pass in Tokyo and Osaka.

      For your daughter, actually there is no deals available for city to city transfer, such as Tokyo-Hiroshima, Hiroshima-Osaka. She has to pay regular fare.

      She can use Suica or Pasmo in Osaka.

      At last, Nankai railway is the best choice to get Kansai airport. JR Pass does not cover this but you can take Nankai by Suica or Pasmo. If you want to take express train “Rapi:t”, the following deal is available for everybody and cheaper than using Suica/Pasmo.


      Takeshi /

  4. Hi Takeshi, me and my friend going to travel Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka city, i wonder can you help me give suggestion which train and station from beginning which is our arival 08:50 on Haneda airport mid December 2016 headed to our stay near Tokyo Station.
    Our question is …
    1. From airport haneda to tokyo station …>to which train ?
    2.Which prefer if we go to osaka first or kyoto ?, but we will go back to tokyo again … because our flight home in haneda also.
    3. and from to tokyo to kyoto/osaka using shinkansen from tokyo station ? am i right? the cost?
    4. during our time in tokyo we would like to go Mt Fuji can you tell which train and direction etc



  5. Hi Takeshi

    Thank you for writing a detailed explanation on the types of railway system in Japan. I am planning an 8 days trip to Tokyo with my husband and my 4-year old son. We will be staying at Hotel Gracery Shinjuku. Can you please advise on which train system/types of ticket should I purchase (see following questions below) :
    – We will be arriving at Narita Airport at 3:40pm. Which train system should we take to our hotel? I checked on google map there is a fair distance to walk from Shinjuku train station to out hotel since we have a 4-year old travelling with us.
    – During our stay in Tokyo we would be travelling to Disneyland, Glibli Museum, Ueno Zoo and probably other towns like Asakusa, Harajuku and similar places around Tokyo. What would be the best train pass to get? Note: I don’t think we will be hopping on and off the train many times to all these places in a day. The most is going to our destination and returning back to our hotel within a day.
    – To make life easier, I think Suica or Passmo card would be the easiest for us as we don’t have to worry if we bought the wrong pass that does not cover the areas we want to go. However you mentioned, we would not be getting the best deals if we were to use the Suica card. What do you think?

    Thanks in advance for all your tips! They’re definitely helpful!

    1. Hi Melanie,

      You can take Narita Express to Shinjuku and take a taxi to get your hotel to avoid walking. You may use NEX Tokyo Round trip ticket for round trip by Narita Express.

      Suica is the best way for your stay. Subway pass or other unlimited ride pass does not suit your plan because you don’t hop on and off the trains. Suica covers all trains and it’s the easiest way to go around.


      Takeshi /

      1. Thank you for your suggestions Takeshi.
        Much appreciated.
        How do I estimate how much of credit I should put in the Suica card for transportation – just in case I put too little or too much in. Do they calculate per stop or otherwise differently?


        1. Hi Melanie,

          I think you can start 3000 yen at the first. You can put more fund at the vending machine in any JR stations. Minimum is 1000 yen and you can increase by 1000 yen.

          Fare is raised by the distance. So when you tap when you enter and tap when you exit the station, the fare is calculated and deducted from Suica automatically. You can find the balance in the card at the vending machine if you want.


          Takeshi /

  6. DearTakeshi,
    You helped me plan our trip to Osaka last year – so grateful for that!
    This year, my family and I are going to Tokyo (5 days) + Kawaguchiko (2D1N in late Nov. Hope you could advise me on the following :
    1) Our flight arrives at Narita at 5:30 pm. We will be staying at Shinjuku. I plan to take the Nex (to avoid traffic jam) so that we will not arrive too late at our hotel. From online articles, I’m a bit confused whether the Nex goes to Shinjuku (with a stop at Tokyo station) or goes to Shinjuku with a change of trains at Tokyo? By all accounts, it appears Tokyo Station is huge and confusing?!

    2) We check out from Tokyo hotel on our second-last day. I plan to take bus from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko. On the following day, we go to airport from Kawaguchiko, for our flight home which departs at 9:40pm.
    Is there any direct bus from Kawaguchiko to Narita (I see last year there was – yes?) or do we have to take train from Kawaguchiko to Shinjuku and take the Nex from Shinjuku to Narita? Even if there is a direct bus, will the journey be longer than if we were to take train via Shinjuku? As we will only have such a short time at Kawaguchiko, we would prefer the mode of transport which allows us to have slightly more time there (meaning, depart later from Kawaguchiko). Aim to arrive at Narita by 6:40pm (3 hours before departure).

    Will be really grateful for your advice!


    1. Hi PM,

      Welcome back!
      I’m glad that you will go to Japan again. 🙂

      1) You can get Shinjuku by Narita Express directly. Please see the link below:

      Most of Narita Express have two destinations, Ofuna and Shinjuku/Ikebukuro. Technically two trains are coupled and run between Narita and Tokyo. At Tokyo station, these two trains are uncoupled. One goes to Ofuna and another goes to Shinjuku/Ikebukuro. All seat are reserved in Narita Express. When you purchase a ticket for Narita Express to Shinjuku, you will be assigned the seat in the train to Shinjuku. So just stay in the train at Tokyo and it takes you to Shinjuku directly.

      2) Direct bus runs between Narita and Kaawguchiko. But there are only two round trips. The following link is in Japanese but I put it just in case.

      If you use this pass and arrive by 6:40pm, you have to leave 11:52 and arrive Narita at 15:50 to 16:00. I think it’s too early. If you don’t like it, you can take a bus to Shinjuku and take Narita Express again.


      Takeshi /

      1. Dear Takeshi,

        Thank you very much for your reply. I have the following additional questions – hope you can help :

        1) I have just read your latest posting :

        So it looks like there is a Nex train from Kawaguchi to Narita on 3rd Dec, departing 14:18 and arriving 17:57?? That sounds just right for us!
        1) Do we need to pre-book tickets for that?
        2) Would you know the fare?
        3) If we take this train, then we cannot use Nex return tickets – yes? Whereas if we take the bus back to Shinjuku and fromShinjuku take Nex, then we can buy return ticket for Nex, right?

        I have now booked Sun Members Hotel in Shinjuku. Our flight arrives at Narita Terminal 2 at 5:30pm. From the link you provided in your reply (above) to me, I expect the earliest train we can catch would be Nex#46 (18:48pm), otherwise Nex#50 (19:50pm). We will arrive at Shinjuku Station at 20:16pm or 21:19pm. After that, we still need to find (walk) our way to Sun Members Hotel.
        I read that the Airport Limousine bus stops in front of Washington Shinjuku Hotel, which is very near Sun Members Hotel. I am considering taking the Limousine bus instead – we might arrive later, but at least less walking in the night to look for our hotel.
        What do you think?

        Lastly, although I have read your posting on the various Tokyo subway tickets available, I am still unsure if Suica/Pasmo card or Tokyo 1-day subway pass is more suitable for us. Our tentative itinerary is :
        Tues 29 Nov – Sightseeing in Tokyo
        Wed 30 Nov – Disneyland
        Thurs 1 Dec – Sightseeing in Tokyo
        Fri 2 Dec – Bus to Kawaguchiko.

        Our top priority when sightseeing in Tokyo is to visit the various Fall Foliage places (Gingko Avenue at Showa Kinen Park, Tokyo Korakuen Garden, Shinjuku Gyoen). Would the Suica/Pasmo be more suitable for us then? For Disneyland on the 2nd day, we buy a separate ticket to Maihama – yes?

        Thanks once again for your kind assistance!!


        1. Hi PM,

          If you take Narita Express from Kawaguchiko to Narita airport, the fare is around 7000 yen (base fare and seat fee). You have to book the seat in advance when you are in Tokyo. You can book it at Shinjuku station or can book it even when you arrive in Natita.

          Limousine is easier in my opinion. Shinjuku station is quite large terminal station. You may be overwhelmed even to find the right exit to your hotel.

          I think subway pass is better choice fro Tokyo but it’s hard to say which one is better, subway pass or Suica/Pasmo. You have to find how many trips you will make a day if you really want to know which one is cheaper. Roughly, if you make 5 or more trips by subway, subway pass is cheaper.

          Single ticket is your choice for trip to Disney.


          Takeshi /

          1. Hi Takeshi,

            Just trying to do some costing here:
            (We arrive 5:30pm. Assuming we take 1 hour or more to clear Customs & Immigration, it will be near 7pm then)

            Option 1: Limousine bus from Narita to Shinjuku Washington (arr almost 10pm): 3,200¥ per person

            Highway bus fr Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko : 1,750¥ pp
            Nex from Kawaguchiko to Narita : 7,000¥pp
            (Depart Kawaguchiko at 2:18pm, arrive Narita T2 at 5:57pm)
            Total cost : 11,950¥ pp

            Option 2: Nex to Shinjuku JR (arrive say 9:19pm ) 4,000¥ pp ( return ticket)
            Taxi to Sun Members Hotel (say 1,500¥ per taxi / 3 pax = 500¥ pp)
            Bus to & from Shinjuku & Kawaguchiko 1,750x 2 = 3,500¥ pp
            Nex from Shinjuku to Narita (return ticket already paid)
            Total : 8,000¥ pp.
            (Depart Kawaguchiko by bus at 3:10pm are Shinjuku 4:55pm; then Nex #47 at 5:39pm arr Narita 7:01pm).

            Option 3 : Nex (1-way) to Shinjuku 3,000¥ pp
            Taxi fr Shinjuku Station to Sun Members Hotel 500¥ pp
            Bus from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko 1,750¥ pp
            Nex from Kawaguchiko to Narita 7,000¥ pp
            Total : 12,250¥ pp.

            Have I got the costings right?

            Due to the lower cost plus slightly later departure from Kawaguchiko, I’m leaning towards Option 2. But still need to be aware of the pros and cons.
            Is there anything I should be aware of, if we choose Option 2? Eg:
            1) Is transfer time of 40mins or so at Shinjuku Station (from Highway bus terminal to Nex platform) a comfortable time, bearing in mind we will be pulling a big bag each?

            2) Taking taxi from Shinjuku JR to our hotel at 9:30-10pm – any possible difficulty there?

            Will really appreciate your advice. Thank you so much once again!


          2. Hi PM,

            You calculated the total fares.

            1. 40 minutes is enough to change train and bus. You will have round trip NEX ticket. So you don’t need to purchase a ticket before on board. 40 minutes is okay just changing train and bus.

            2. You can catch a taxi at Shinjuku easily.


            Takeshi /

  7. Hi Takeshi,
    Could you please help advise me the best option from Narita Terminal2 to Hotel MyStays Hamamatsucho? At first I was planning to take the NEX to Tokyo Station and change to Yamanote line to Hamamatsucho Station. But I just found out that Skyliner round trip + metro deal is cheaper. So I was wondering if I could get off the Skyliner at Nippori and change to Yamanote line? Is it as convenient as NEX at Tokyo station? Which transfer would you recommend?
    Also, do you happen to know the validity of the Skyliner & metro deal? For example, if i buy the round trip + 2day metro deal, is it only valid for 48 hrs, or can we activate the metro card later on in the trip? I am going to Japan for 10 days and will be going to Kyoto the 2nd day, so i would like to use the metro card on the 4-5 day when I will be in Tokyo.
    Thank you in advance for your help!!

    1. Hi Jason,

      Nippori is the easiest place to change the trains. You may use subway pass later in your trip. So use Skyline to Nippori and use single fare to Hamamatsucho to take JR Yamanote line. This is the best and the easiest option.


      Takeshi /

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