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1622 Comments to “Forums”

  1. Jenn says:

    Hello Ken,

    Thank you for the speedy reply! So Odawara seems like the most convenient segway for this trip..

    From Tokyo to Hakone: using Kodama Tokaido Shinkansen (using the JR pass), stopping by Odawara and use the Tozan Railway for an extra 300 Yen destination to Hakone Yumoto.

    From Hakone to Kyoto: using the Tozan Railway again to Odawara; then take the Sanyo Tokaido SHinkansen (using the JR pass).

    From Kyoto to Tokyo: using the Kodama again (using JR pass)

    [[Tokyo (22-25th), to Hakone (25th-26th), straight to Kyoto (26th-29th) then back to Tokyo 29th, leaving June1st]]

    Does this itinerary sound reasonable to you?

    Thank you again!


  2. hithert says:

    Thank you for a most helpful site. Can you tell me if the JR West Sanyo-Sanin Pass covers the fare for the SL Yamaguchi train to Tsuwano? The JR West site says that seat reservation must be obtained, but doesn’t otherwise mention the fare for the SL. Thank you.

    • Hi hithert,

      In my understanding, Snayo Sanin Area Pass does not cover SL Yamaguchi because this pass covers only non reserved seat on rapid train.
      Actually JR West clearly said Hiroshinma Yamaguchi Area Pass does not cover SL Yamaguchi. But JR West did not say clearly about SL Yamaguchi by Sanyo Sanin Area Pass. If you intend to use this pass, just try to book by this pass. It may be accepted. Otherwise extra fare is 1660 yen for Shin-Yamaguchi to Tsuwano.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

  3. Jenn says:


    Reading your forums and Information is extremely helpful so I thought you can give me advice on my following intinerary..

    We are going to Tokyo (22-25th. stopping by jiro in roppongi!), to Hakone (25th-26th), straight to Kyoto (26th-29th) then back to Tokyo 29th, leaving June1st. I am trying to build the most efficient itinerary in terms of transportation. We were looking into the Romancecar, but we’d rather take the shinkansen (speed over scenic route?). Thinking of JR Pass as well. But we were thinking of getting it from 25th-1st since itll be significantly cheaper rather than getting one for the whole trip. What do you think? Can you please help us with a most efficient itinerary? Thank you so much in advance!!

    Best, Jenn

  4. Sharmaine says:

    Hi Takeshi-san,

    I am planning a roundtrip route from Tokyo to the Alpine Route, and back to Tokyo.

    I need some help figuring out how to get to Shinano-Omachi station to Matsumoto station. Hyperdia states that I can take the JR Oito Line (frequency – 1 hour intervals) on 1 May 2015, which is duringf Golden Week.

    As I have to reach Matsumoto Bus Terminal by 9pm, I need to reserve my tickets on the JR Oita departing Shinano-Omachi station at 7.02pm which will reach Matsumoto station nearly an hour later. However it seems that I cannot book tickets for this timing on the JR East website. Do you think there will be availability when I reach Tokyo and purchase it a day before at Tokyo Narita?


  5. DL says:

    Hi – I’ll be arriving at Narita, activating a 14 day JR pass, and then have to find my way down to Kumamoto in Kyshu. Since my flight lands in the afternoon, I was planning to stay overnight maybe in Himeji. Any advice on the best train route/lines to take from Tokyo? I think I read that the Hanshin line in Hyogo may not be covered by the JR pass?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  6. WL says:

    Dear Takeshi,
    I will travel to Tokyo in early May via Narita airport, and travel to Isohara site on the next day (which may take Hitachi express).
    Will spend 5 days in Japan, in view of this, is it worthwhile for me to get the JR East Pass.

    Looking forward your sharing. Thanks

    Best regards,

    • Hi WL,

      It depends on how you will use the pass when you stay in Isohara. If you will see around Isohara only, you can use 2 X Kanto Area Pass. The cost is 16600 yen and covers 6 days. It’s cheaper than JR East Pass. As long as you use 2 passes for different periods, you can purchase two passes at same time.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

  7. nippon says:


    could you kindly advise to whether am i on the right path.I would want to visit kyoto from tokyo.
    So i can actually get the 7days JR rail pass, take Hikari on shinkansen line to kyoto. From tokyo train station or something? please correct me if im wrong. Thanks!

    • Hi nippon,

      You are right.
      You can take Hikari at either Tokyo station or Shinagawa station.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

      • nippon says:

        Dear Takeshi-San,

        I’ve done up an itinerary, i would very much like to seek your opinion on it. Please do guide me along. Ur help is very much appreciated.

        Sept 11 – 14, – Tokyo
        Covering shibuya, shinjuku, ginza, harajuku.

        Sept 14 – 16, – Kawaguchiko,
        Sengen shrine, Kubota Museum, The Five Lakes, Oshino Hakkai, Music Forest, Caves.

        Sept 16 – 19 – Kyoto
        Covering Downotown kyoto, southern Higashiyama, Arashiyama, Nishijin.

        Sept 19 – 22 Osaka,

        Covering Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi, Hozen-ji, Kuromon market,
        Osaka castle.

        Sept 22 – 26 Tokyo,
        Exploring and Shopppinnnggggg~~! .

        Question Time For Takeshi-San~~! =]

        Ill will be using 7 Days Jr pass from 16 sept to 22 sept, Which covers me from Kawaguchiko to osaka. And i plan to buy a 1-way ticket from osaka to Tokyo ( last stop) . Please correct me if im wrong on this.

        Will i be able to activate 7days JR rail pass beforehand, For example, if i reach at Sept-11, can i activate it for use on 16 sept?

        For 1 way train tickets. For example, From toyko – Kawaguchiko, and from osaka – tokyo, Do i have to do an advance booking for it or can i just get it in the train station before train departure time.

        For normal transportation in tokyo, osaka, kyoto,Can i use a SUICA card to move around these areas using trains and subways?

        Your guidance will help alot! Sorry for the long post, and many thanks for helping Us newbies to get our facts right.

        Domo Arigato,

  8. net says:

    If I bought train ticket with reserved seatIs. Is it possible to change to the early train? Now, my ticket is to ride on Ltd. Exp. (wide view) HIDA 11 on 1st May 2015, departing Nagoya at 12:48 and arrive Takayama at 15:06. I would like to change to Ltd. HIDA 7 departing at 10:48 – arrive 13:11.

  9. Yen says:

    I will arrive in Hanedo airport on July 26th at 5am. I would like to go to Kamisuwa station to meet my son. Please advise about the trip by train. Thanks

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