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  1. Hi,

    I need urgent advise on this 2 pass.

    I have booked my accomodation in Osaka thru AirBNB.
    The house owner advise that I should purchase the Kintetsu Rail Pass and then take the train till
    Imazato Kintetsu Station.

    From my research for the pass 1-2 months, I notice 2/3 days Kansai Thru Pass also cover Kintetsu railway and it actually better. I can take train to Himeji using Kansai Thru Pass.

    But as I do more research I become confuse.

    IMAZATO(KINTETSU) -> Tsuruhashi
    Using Kintetsu Nara Line Local for ¥150

    Using Osaka Loop Line(Inner loop) & JR Special Rapid Service
    for ¥1,660

    For example above. I will take Kintetsu Nara train from Imazato till Tsuruhashi. And then I need to switch to Osaka Loop Line till Osaka and follow by JR Special Rapid Service to reach Himeji.

    If I am using a Kintetsu Daily Pass, I will need to pay ¥1,660 for the ride from Tsuruhashi till Himeji. Am I right?

    If I am using Kansai Thru Pass, do I need to pay anything? or I just need to show the train station officer my Kansai Thru Pass and they will let go?
    Or with Kansai Thru Pass, I need to pay the Kintetsu Nara Line Local fee but I do not need to pay for Osaka Loop Line and JR special Rapid Service.

    If both these Pass is not suitable, can you advise the best plan I should take?

    Also if I use JR Pass, it should only cover my last train Osaka -> Himeji. From Imazato till Osaka, I need to pay. Right?

    Thanks, Arigato go daimas

    1. Hi Man Fai,

      I think Kansai thru pass is better choice than Kintetsu pass. As you think, Kansai thru pass covers not only Kintetsu but also other railway. But it does not cover JR. Please see the link below to find more info about JR train network and non JR train network in Kansai area.

      If you use Kansai thru pass, you can take Kintetsu, Hanshin and Sanyo railway to get Himeji. But this trip is much longer than JR train trip that you found. Please see the link below to find the info about access to Himeji:


      Takeshi /

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