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  1. Hello Takeshi san,
    I will be staying in Kyoto, and I’m planning to go to Amanohashidate. I choose to take the LTD. EXP Kinosaki to Fukuchiyama in the morning (Because this train is more early than LTD. EXP Hashidate ). Then when arrived at Fukuchiyama, I plan to catch the LTD. EXP Tango to Amanohashidate. The question is I don’t have any JR pass, so I wonder that could I use ICOCA when I travel from Kyoto to Fukuchiyama?, or I have to buy a single journey ticket? And then after arrived at Fukuchiyama, I plan to use the Amanohashidate pass to go to Amanohashidate.

    I wonder that whether or not I understand it correct.
    Thanks in advance.


  2. Hello Takeshi,
    Inspired by your posts on the Kyushu sightseeing trains, my boyfriend and I have decided to do the same on our upcoming trip in November. We’re starting in Kagoshima (after visiting Yakushima) and will take the Hayate no Kaze to Yoshimatsu (9:26 – 11:11), the Isaburo / Shenpai to Hitoyoshi (11:49 – 13:05), and then the JR Hisatsu Line Rapid to Kumamoto (13:30 – 15:00). We have two questions:
    1. Is the JR Hisatsu Line a sightseeing train? We could not find the Kumagawa 3 you mentioned in your blog post.
    2. We are planning this for Nov 23, a national holiday. Is this a popular route for Japanese travelers on that day? We land in Tokyo on the 17th, will we have a good chance of getting reservations or will it be sold out a month in advance? We could move it up to Nov 22 if that’s better.

    Thank you so much for all your help, we really appreciate your website!
    Nancy & Andrew

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Kumagawa is no longer available unfortunately. Regular rapid train will take place of this limited express train but these rapid trains are not special. Some of rapid trains are operated by same fleet as Isaburo/Shinpei.

      By the way, JR will revise timetable sometimes in October. I don’t think it will be a big change. But I recommend you to check the latest timetable before you go at the link below:

      Nov 23 is a holiday as you know. I don’t think it will be very busy day. I think you can make it after you arrive in Japan.


      Takeshi /

  3. Dear Takeshi

    I am keen to purchase Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist 5 day Pass. I have a few questions and I hope you could assist me:

    This is my plan:
    1st day : from Kyoto station to Kanazawa by Thunderbird (I understand that I can make a reserved seat on Thunderbird up to 4 times per pass)

    2nd day : from Kanazawa by Nouhi Bus to Shiragawa-go (covered by the pass roup trip)

    3rd day : From Shiragawa-go to Osaka (covered by the pass

    5th day : From Tennoji Station to Kansai airport by Hanwa line (covered by the Pass???)

    Question 1 : I understand that the pass cover Kansai airport station. I wonder could I use it from Tennoji Station to Kansai Airport by Hanwa Line?

    Question 2 : I will be staying near OCAT Namba. What is the best route and station should I get off and connect to JR Namba station? Any train that I can board to reach JR Namba station which is closer to my hotel? From the web, I could only find the best route is from Shin-Osaka station to Namba station by subway Midosuji line.

    Appreciate your help and thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Melissa,

      1. Yes, you can. You can take either airport rapid or non reserved seat of limited express Haruka. Both trains run between Tennoji and KIX. But Haruka is munch better because rapid is sort of commute train.

      2. Actually OCAT and JR-Namba are located at same place. JR Namba is located underground OCAT. I wrote about Namba stations in the link below. You will find more info about many stations in Namba.


      Takeshi /

  4. Hi
    I need help on transportation plan .
    Which suitable passes to fit my plan?
    My itinenary as follow:
    1. Kansai Airport to Kyoto Station (stay 3 nights)
    2. Kyoto Station to Kinosaki Onsen ( stay 1 night)
    3. Kinosaki Station to Osaka (3 Night stay). Which station area for easier transportation & move ard?
    4. Osaka to Kobe (day trip)
    5. Osaka to Kansai Airport

    Thank you

  5. Hi Takeshi

    I planned to do the following to maximise the JR East 5-day Flexi Pass (Nagano, Niigata), but I am not sure if the pass covers all the train rides.

    1) When I arrive in NRT, I intend to use the JR East Flexi Pass (Day 1) to get on the NEX and continue on to Kofu.

    2) We will stay in Kofu for 2 days (see Shosenkyo, etc), before moving on to stay in Shiojiri for a night (because Shiojiri looks like the place I have to pass on the way to Magome and then on to Hakuba via Matsumoto).

    3) In the morning, from Shiojiri, I will check out and leave my luggage with the hotel (near the train station), and use the JR East Flexi Pass (Day 2) to get to Nakatsugawa (Magome) and do the walk to Tsumago (yes, aware of the two bus transfers not covered by the pass). From Nagiso, we will return to Shiojiri to pick up our luggage (because it seems there is no luggage transfer service between Magome and Tsumago during winter) and head on to Hakuba via Matsumoto. So all those train trips uses the JR East Flexi Pass (Day 2).

    Does the JR East Pass (Nagano, Niigata) covers all those train rides above?

    Thank you very much.


    1. Hi Rin,

      Shiojiri-Nakatsugawa and Nagiso-Shiojiri are not covered. Other routes are covered by this pass.
      I think Matsumoto is better place to stay than Shiojiri. Matsumoto is bigger than Shiojiri and there are many more hotels. And Matsumoto castle is one of the best in Japan.


      Takeshi /

  6. Hi, Takeshi,
    This is my first time to Osaka. If I have a Suica card, do I still need to get Osaka Amazing Pass?

    1. Hi Renise,

      It’s not required. But Suica does not give you any discount. And you have to pay admission. If you have another way to use Suica, Amazing pass may be better.


      Takeshi /

  7. HI Takeshi!

    If I buy the Osaka Kaiyu Ticket Osaka City version, does it include the Keihan line and Nankai Line in Osaka in the “unlimited ride in Osaka City”? So that I know if I can use it to go to Kansai International Airport from Kyobashi using this route:

    thank you so much!

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